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The Omelette House San Carlos : The #1 Most Delicious Omelets in town

Welcome to The Omelette House San Carlos

– A cherished gem in the heart of San Carlos, CA, where the time-honored tradition of hearty, flavorful breakfasts is celebrated daily, combined with exceptional service and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’re enveloped by the welcoming aroma of freshly prepared breakfast delights. The ambiance strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. The decor, featuring modern chairs and tables, hints at the establishment’s dedication to comfort and style, while the old-school diner vibe reminds you of simpler times. It’s a place where everyone from families to solo diners feels right at home.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the bustling yet friendly energy that fills the restaurant. The Omelette House is always buzzing with activity, a testament to its popularity among locals and visitors alike. Despite the rush, the staff’s dedication to providing top-notch service never wavers. You’re greeted with a warm smile and an eagerness to make your dining experience special from the moment you step in.

The Menu

The menu at The Omelette House may look like your usual breakfast menu, but don’t be fooled by its simple demeanor – every omellete is absolutely and uniquely DELICIOUS! With an extensive selection to choose from, you can enjoy everything from the simplest ham and cheese omelette to more adventurous combinations like crab and avocado with Jack cheese and green onions. Each omelette boasts a symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Beyond omelettes, you’ll find an array of breakfast staples that cater to all tastes. Pancakes, buttery and delicious, are a favorite among patrons, often praised for their perfect texture and flavor. The country fried steak, another standout, is celebrated for its crispy exterior and flavorful gravy, making it a must-try for first-time visitors.

Families particularly love The Omelette House for its accommodating nature and kid-friendly options. The Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes are a hit with the younger crowd, and the staff’s attentiveness ensures that even the littlest diners have a great experience. For large groups, like the party of twelve mentioned by one happy reviewer, the restaurant’s ability to efficiently and cheerfully serve is commendable. It’s a place where special orders and substitutions are met with a smile, ensuring everyone leaves satisfied.

Friendly Service

Service is a hallmark of The Omelette House experience in San Carlos. Review after review highlights the exceptional friendliness and efficiency of the staff. Whether it’s Melanie, a server who’s praised for her kindness and attentiveness, or the unnamed waitstaff who ensure coffee cups are always full, the personal touch adds to the overall charm. One guest even noted the seamless service during a busy Mother’s Day brunch, a notoriously tricky time for restaurants. Despite the crowds, the food arrived hot and fresh, drinks were promptly refilled, and special requests were handled with ease.

The ambiance at The Omelette House San Carlos is another significant draw. It manages to be lively without being overwhelmingly noisy, creating a perfect setting for a relaxed meal. The restaurant maintains a clean and inviting environment, from the sparkling restrooms to the well-kept dining area. The community feel is palpable, with regulars exchanging friendly banter with the staff and new guests quickly feeling like part of the family.


Affordability is another reason why The Omelette House San Carlos stands out. Despite the high quality of food and service, the prices are reasonable, ensuring that a delicious meal won’t break the bank. One satisfied customer mentioned enjoying a delectable grilled ham and cheese sandwich with added egg and fries for just around $16, highlighting the great value offered.

The Omelette House is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where memories are made. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick breakfast, enjoying a leisurely brunch with family, or having a business meeting over a hearty meal, it caters to all occasions with grace and warmth. Patrons consistently return, drawn by the consistent quality and the welcoming atmosphere that makes every visit special.

In summary, The Omelette House is a beloved establishment that combines the best of culinary excellence, exceptional service, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place where every meal is an opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and good company. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of The Omelette House, make sure to stop by and discover why it’s a favorite among so many. From the delicious omelettes to the friendly service, every aspect of this hidden gem promises a delightful dining experience that you’ll want to repeat again and again.



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Top Reviews

Lynnelle E. | Daly City, CA
I passed by this place a few times and always wanted to stop by and try it. Finally, I got to try it, and this place is amazing. Upon entering, it seemed super busy. It looks like the place has been here for a while, but the chairs and tables looked modern. Not worn out and faded looking like some places.

I was warmly greeted, right away. She looked like someone who enjoys her job. She told me that he chicken fried steak was the special today. So naturally, I had to order it. The portion was just right. It was crispy and so flavorful with the gravy.

The other item we ordered was a ham and cheese omelette with pancakes. It looked so basic, but the flavor was amazing. The pancakes were buttery and delicious.

I highly recommend this hidden gem. It is definitely worth it. It was reasonably priced, and the portion was just right.


Brenna S. | Foster City, CA
Delicious food, quick service & love the old dining feel!
The Omelette House is always a good choice!


Shambhavi R. | San Francisco Bay Area, CA
The food was really good!
The ambience was nice too… the service provided was good. Staff was humble and polite and that made all the difference


Elisa H. | Burlingame, CA

Came back in today for Sunday brunch with my family! to my utter delight The Omelette House had hired one of my favorite servers from Nini’s. We had impeccable service today.

I got my crab and avo omelette with jack and green onions. My sister had a chicken bacon, cheese and avocado omelette and the kids had the mickey mouse chocolate chip pancakes. I am blanking on our sweet servers name! This place is a true gem and seems to di a great job finding and retaining good wait staff.

(Previous Review)
Five stars based on Mother’s Day Brunch for 7, which is a good litmus test for service, quality and wait time. Brunch can be tricky and the best brunch places generally have a crazy long 90 minute or more wait.

We were seated at a large booth within 15 minutes of arriving as there was only one large party ahead of us. Once seated our sweet waitress was unbelievably accommodating. We had special orders, substitutions, split order, all were met with a smile and accommodation. Drinks were constantly refilled. Restaurant was lively but not too noisy.

My crab, Jack cheese and avocado omelet was delicious and the hash browns were crispy and not too greasy, clearly butter was liberally used. Ambiance is great, family vibe, clean bathrooms, not too ” sticky” ( one of my peeves about breakfast places) . Portions were large- I was shocked that my 5 and 7 year old niece and nephew finished every bite of their egg, pancake, bacon and sausage. My sister raved about the crispiness of the bacon and next time, I will order some. Iced tea tasted freshly brewed.

Finally, most brunch restaurants over-salt their food or food has been under heat lamps, resulting in rubbery eggs, or else has been sitting unattended for too long before arriving at the table, resulting in food that is too cold. None of these issues were an issue on Mother’s Day. Pace was quite busy, but host had a perms- smile and maintained banter with staff and regulars.


Victoria D. | San Mateo, CA

The wait staff was helpful with making our selections. They checked on us regularly and always had a smile. The food was delicious and arrived quickly. Great restaurant for a family meal. We had a party of 12 and they seated us easy enough. I recommend stopping by for an omelet or one of the many other great items on the menu.


C Q. | Turlock, CA

This place came recommended. We were quickly seated. The menu was huge. The prices definitely affordable and won’t break the bank. The staff were super friendly and nice.

I ordered the grill ham and cheese sandwich with added egg along with fries. This sandwich was DELICIOUS! I could eat this sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With a soda, my total was around $16 and dime change. Not bad at all.

Would I come back? You betcha.

Delicious between two pieces of bread.


Merl S. | Daly City, CA

My girlfriends and I went here in one of brunch dates after the place we were supposed to go to was close. I’m so happy that place was close!!!! The food here was so delicious!

I ordered one of the specials of the day, the country fried steak. It was so delicious! Everything from the egg to the gravy was so delicious! I wound up asking for more gravy so I could dip my bread in it. LOL!

From the moment we sat down, Melanie our waitress was so nice. She and another waitress checked on us often. They made sure our experience from beginning to end was great. They didn’t rush us and was there making sure our coffee and water cups were kept full.

I am for sure going to share this little gem of a place with my family and friends.


Jon C. | Daly City, CA

Great Service, great food and real nice people. I highly recommend the omelette house for breakfast !


Collette A. | Burlingame, CA

Great cheesy omelette I love sitting at the bar. The service is exceptional and personable.


Steve W. | Foster City, CA

Great food and service. Old school vibe. Lots of omelette options and you can always add more toppings.


Miguel C. | San Francisco, CA

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this restaurant. Last time was with a bunch of my buddies after riding motorcycles in the hills all morning.

This morning was different. It was a business brunch with my partner. The food was as awesome as I could remember.

I’ll be back again soon.


Rossana C. | Aptos, CA

Breakfast is my favorite meal without a doubt. I’m glad that I live near this spot. I’m always driving by The Omelette House and I finally had a chance to try their menu last Sunday.

The best omelette that I’ve had so far. I almost made a mistake ordering another item at their menu. My friend said if it’s called The Omelette House, I needed to start trying their specialty.

We built our own. My omelette had avocado, Swiss cheese, cream cheese, ham, and bacon. Omgosh I don’t know how they can make a simple breakfast sooooo delicious. The cheese was melting in my mouth. Avocado was fresh, and everything was tasting very good. It comes with potatoes and bread. I chose wheat bread and hash browns. Their Hash browns was golden and absolutely delicious.

The service is outstanding, everybody was so friendly and my mug was full of coffee all of the time! Thank you for making my Sunday so happy!

I built my own! Avocado, bacon, ham, cream cheese, and Swiss cheese.

My friend built his own!


John M. | San Francisco, CA

Great omelettes and great breakfast at a great price in a very cozy diner setting. Also a very comforting burger selection.


Carolina P. | Santa Cruz, CA
The food is delicious, pretty large portions but the waitress was the best part! They’re super nice, very attentive and always accommodating. Check this place out for a yummy experience!


Shawn F. | San Francisco, CA

A great local Gem. Love the corned beef has breakfast. Great omelettes. Friendly and very attentive service. Its one of the best, non pretentious breakfast places in the peninsula.


Mathew O. | Van Nuys, CA

Early breakfast and it was great. Simple, clean, friendly, and fast – veggie omelette was delicious. Good coffee too!


Mitchell N. | San Carlos, CA

Always good food for a fair price. It has the old diner feel and excellent service. That is why I am a long time customer.

If you cannot find an omelette to your liking from the extensive omelette menu then you are obviously in the wrong place.


Ella C. | San Mateo, CA

This is by far our favorite breakfast spot. The staff are all friendly and welcoming and we have a great experience every single time we go.

We try to go at least once every two weeks and I always get an omelette and it’s always consistent and delicious. My husband changes his order every time and he’s never been disappointed by anything he’s ordered.

We absolutely love The Omelette House and we will continue to go as long as they’ll have us! Definitely recommend to anyone in the area for a delicious meal every time.


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