Groovy Goose Coffee

Mon – Sun, 7:00AM – 5:00PM
1221 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States
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Groovy Goose Coffee: You Local San Carlos Coffee Shop

“It’s nice to meet you! We’re Nathan & Siera Conte, founders of Groovy Goose Coffee. Nathan is a San Carlos raised local who married Siera who has been working in coffee since 2015. We together with our family have dreamt up what is Groovy Goose, specialty cafe and coffee roasters.

The San Carlos neighborhood is a special place to us and we can’t wait to bring our coffee, passion, and treats to the streets starting summer 2023. We can’t wait to serve you soon!”


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Top Reviews

Bonnie G. | New York, NY

Such a cute spot! With an incredible holiday special – the cardamom-white mocha. Got it with almond milk in a big sunny mug and it was so creamy and lightly sweet and cardamom. Was tempted to get another one but didn’t want to get too buzzed, but already wanting it again this week!

They’ve got a hidden little outdoor table in the back that’s even quieter than the one on the street, highly recommend.

5 stars!!!!

Venus L. | San Mateo, CA

Totally groovy, y’all.

I woke up one morning and faced my darkest fear: out of coffee beans and no instant coffee to rely on.

The horror.

I was in the area at the nearby Homegoods store and thought the adrenaline of after Christmas sale would’ve kept me going… it did not. So, I did a quick search on Yelp for nearby coffee shops and Groovy Goose showed up. With a name like that, how do you not pay them a visit?

Parking is along the streets and timed and there are a couple parking lots nearby as well. The shop itself looked fun with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. I took a quick glance at the menu and opted for one of their holiday specials: cardamom white mocha with whole milk and their blueberry muffin warmed up.

The drink was great – the cardamom was not overpowering and the crumble on the blueberry muffin warmed up was delicious.

Overall, it was a great visit. The staff was friendly and efficient. The drink was worth the visit and I’d be down to come back again.

Erik A. | San Francisco, CA

Really nice place to grab a cup and a treat! I was able to chill out and get some work done and have a coffee (ok, two) and a snack. Very friendly staff and the coffee was excellent.

A few outlets inside to charge up, seating is two bistro tables inside + one outside + an inside wraparound bench.

Beans smelled great so I had to get some of those too. Groovy, man!

Nancy C. | San Carlos, CA

Tasty coffee, tea and pastries!

They recently added sandwiches and yogurt bowls.

Service is great too!

Johannes S. | Palo Alto, CA

This place in my home town has taken over the spot as my most favorite coffee spot in the world. This label was held for many years by the Sagafredo hole in the wall at the entrance staircase of Shinagawa station in Tokyo. Why travel that far to dream when it is front of my door step? Thank you for creating this space.

Leilani C. | Victorville, CA

Groovy and cute. I mean what’s not to love about a groovy goose. But let’s talk about the coffee at this shop. This self proclaimed coffee snob (me) would like you all to know. This is some damn good coffee! Like really good.

I got my normal iced lavender latte with oatmilk. The lavender is less on the sweet and more on the lavender which the sweet barista let me know and so I added a bit of sweetener they had on counter and both ways…perfect!

Brett A. | San Carlos, CA

From the moment I walked in…I felt welcomed! This was my first visit and look forward to my next. Service was amazing and provided with care. The staff answered all my questions and without hesitation. I purchased a fresh bag of espresso beans and enjoyed an espresso shot. Make sure to visit when you’re in the San Carlos area.

Mia S. | San Mateo, CA

So excited that groovy goose is finally open! San Carlos now has a groovy specialty coffee shop. It is located off of San Carlos avenue before Laurel St. There is street parking and parking lots close by.

The pastries looked delicious. We tried the cheddar bacon scone which was yummy and definitely recommend. For drinks we ordered the ice coffee, iced mocha, and iced matcha sweetened with vanilla. Everything turned out great and hit the spot for this warm day.

I love the disco ball to give it a groovy touch! And the gooses around the shop. Everyone was friendly and the drinks came out promptly. I found my new go-to coffee shop! Not sure what beans they use but will definitely look next time.

Constance L. | San Carlos, CA

I’m so excited that a craft coffee shop finally opened in downtown San Carlos. My partner and I had been joking that if no one opens one soon, we would take matters into our own hands and open one ourselves but thankfully Groovy Goose opened.

We checked out this place on their opening day. The space is bright and colorful, though at the time there appeared to be limited seating with a bench inside and a couple tables outside. The owner and staff were very welcoming and greeted us when we entered the store.

I ordered a chai latte since I already had a big cup of coffee that morning, while my partner got a cappuccino. There was a wait for the drinks due to a mishap with the grinder, though it was opening day so hopefully they’ll iron things out over time. I really enjoyed my chai – it was creamy but not too sweet.

I also tried my partner’s cappuccino, which was a bit bitter from what tasted like an overly extracted espresso shot. Since it didn’t seem like the beans themselves were bitter from being roasted too much, I attribute it to their grinder mishap and probably just needs more time to dial in their shots.

Groovy Goose is definitely a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. I look forward to visiting again in the future and trying their coffee once they iron out their workflow.

Zoe G. | Redwood City, CA

My sister got me going to Groovy Goose after our Barre classes and now I can’t stop! I always get the Groovy Greens smoothie and it’s delicious. Not acidic tasting at all, very easy to drink, all the ingredients are great.

My sister got a latte once, açaí bowl, and I got a cookie and all were tasty! Everyone there is really nice and fairly speedy and the decor is soooo cute! I’ll be back soon for my smoothie!

Brendan L. | Hauula, HI

Great coffee and I forgot to rave about Alexa! She’s totally awesome and treated us well!

Serena T. | Cupertino, CA

Great staff!! Good healthy options. This is a great spot to watch the city and maybe even get some studying in. Health coach approved.

Chris C. | Redwood City, CA

Good gosh. That lavender mixed caffeinated slurry was delicious. Loved the consistency and breadth of flavors. Can’t wait to go again. Place is a bit small to hang out but staff was friendly and inviting.

Lunell G. | San Pablo, CA

First time here and was greeted with friendly smiles. The place was quite lovely and airy. I ordered the vanilla rose latte with almond milk delicious and very smooth tasting. I also had the sourdough toast with blueberry jam. Very tasty. I’ll be sure to come back.

Alex H. | Redwood City, CA

Good coffee! Great açaí bowls! Just wish they offered more toppings for the açaí bowl.

Love the open window seating. Friendly staff. Nice addition to the neighborhood that is NOT just another Starbucks!

Maria F. | Santa Monica, CA

THE BEST SAUSAGE EGG AND CHEESE BISCUIT SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! Also really enjoyed the rose latte and the lavender matcha! It’s such a groovy vibe and they are quick! I don’t have a picture of the sandwich because I inhaled it.

Alex T. | South San Francisco, CA

This is gonna be a long review for two coffee- a story about the owner who makes the coffee for his customers.

Two nights ago, I was on my way to the ER, because my cousins’ Grandma is about to pass. I asked my cousins what I could get them and they said “two black coffees” as the night might be long.

At 9pm- all possible coffee places were closed because who drinks coffee at 9p? When I search google desperately, Groovy Goose showed up open!! I quickly navigate there and I arrived an empty parking lot. I did see a back door that says Groovy Goose, and lights were on. So even I was suspecting the door is locked, I tried to open.

Baaam! It opens, and I was inside an empty coffee house, all neat and cleaned up. I was like “hellllloooo”. No one. I said “hellllllloooo” again, and Nathan from the attic popped his head out.

“I am sorry, are you closed?” “Yes, we are. We close at 6p” said Nathan- with a smile and patience- without any sight of annoyance. I was disappointed, but I really want to be able to get my cousins their coffee for the night, so I quickly told my story to Nathan.

He quickly came down, restart his machines, and said”we will gladly make two coffees for them. Two large ones, 4 shots espresso ok?” I almost wanted to hug him when he followed,”it’s on the house.”

I of course did not want to get them free at an accidental after-hour transition, so when I got the two coffees, I left a $20 on the table and said thank you so much. He said,” no need. It’s on the house, or you can tip the barrister the next time you come!”

For such a kind-hearted soul and business owner, Yelpers please show him some love!!! He only started the business less than a week.

Oh- and about the coffee. My cousin said this,” coffee is really good. When the coffee is premium, you do not need to add any sugar or cream and can purely enjoy the coffee itself. Where did you get good coffees like this late at night?”

Well sorry, cuz, they do close at 6p after that night lol. P.s. grandma did pass that night- and the family will remember Nathan’s good deed.

Kai M. | San Jose, CA

I like this place! Really really good iced vanilla lattes. I got a very expensive vanilla latte from a cafe around the corner and it was bitter and couldn’t taste the vanilla. I was bummed and really craving an iced coffee on a hot day so I headed over to The Groovy Goose.

Hands down The Groovy Goose won the taste test! Their latte was smooth, milky and just the right amount of vanilla. So if you are in downtown San Carlos definitely get your coffee here!!!!

Steve D. | San Carlos, CA

In less than six months, Groovy Goose has become a San Carlos institution. As a locally owned craft coffee business that roasts its own beans, don’t expect GG to price match fast food chains (FFCs) such as Starbucks or Peet’s. They can’t. But the quality is much better.

My journey with GG started by enjoying their espressos. But now that I have a decent machine at home, I rely on them for stellar drip coffee.

Sierra and Nate continue to evolve the business. Each week seemingly brings something new. In particular, we enjoy their sourdough breads that come from a local wholesale baker.

If you go here with any regularity, you’ll see the same cast of coffee freaks showing up each day, which again speaks to the high quality of GG’s offerings and the dedication and strong customer service ethic of its employees.