Sky Kitchen

Mon – Thu, 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM | Fri – Sun, 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM
620 Airport Way, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States
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Sky Kitchen: The Perfect Breakfast In the Skies

About the Sky Kitchen

The Sky Kitchen is a hidden gem that’s not just for aviation enthusiasts but also for families craving a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re drawn in by the thrill of watching planes take off or enticed by the promise of delicious comfort food, this charming diner delivers on all fronts.

Family-Friendly Fun

For parents seeking a unique outing with their little ones, Sky Kitchen is a dream come true. Just ask any kid who’s visited – it’s like Disneyland for plane-loving youngsters! The excitement of watching aircraft take flight is only rivaled by the joy of indulging in their mouthwatering pancakes.

With outdoor tables offering a front-row seat to the air show, every meal becomes an adventure in the skies.

Delicious Fare for All

While the kids are busy marveling at the airplanes, adults can delight in one of the best breakfast plates in town served up by Sky Kitchen. From hearty Greek Omelettes to satisfying Breakfast Burritos, and with generous portions that harken back to hometown diners, every bite feels like a taste of nostalgia.

With perfectly cooked eggs, crispy hash browns, and an array of mouthwatering options, it’s no wonder Sky Kitchen has become a beloved staple for locals and visitors alike.

Warm Hospitality, Quick Service

What truly sets Sky Kitchen apart is its warm and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of a bygone era where hospitality reigned supreme. The friendly wait staff treats every guest like family, ensuring a dining experience that’s as delightful as it is delicious.

Rave Reviews from Patrons

Don’t just take our word for it – patrons rave about their experiences at Sky Kitchen. From picky eaters who can’t get enough of the kids’ menu to adults who return time and again for their favorite dishes, the consensus is clear: this place is a winner.

Bonus Activity: Hiller Aviation Museum

As if the dining experience weren’t enough, a visit to Sky Kitchen comes with an added bonus – easy access to the Hiller Aviation Museum. After satisfying your cravings, why not extend the adventure and explore the fascinating world of aviation history? It’s the perfect way to round out a day filled with excitement and delicious fare.

Whether you’re a family seeking adventure, a couple craving a cozy meal, or a solo diner in search of friendly faces and fantastic food, Sky Kitchen has something for everyone. With its unbeatable combination of delicious fare, warm hospitality, and thrilling atmosphere, it’s no wonder this quaint diner has captured the hearts of all who visit.

So why wait? Head on over to Sky Kitchen and let your culinary journey take flight!



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Top Reviews

Malley D.
What a hidden gem! If you have kids, come here immediately. It’s like taking them to Disneyland. My son is obsessed with watching the planes take off and with their pancakes. Outside tables are a front row seat to the air show!

As adults, the food is excellent, and the service is wonderful, too. Can’t beat their Greek omelette or breakfast burrito. Extensive menu of options and everything is tasty. Good, big portions as well. Feels like a hometown diner because the wait staff is so friendly and welcoming. Always busy, but you can usually find a seat and they turn over tables quickly. Head over to Hiller aviation museum after as a bonus activity!


Lorenzo K.
I came here a few times after work with co-workers! The staff is always friendly and we love coming here for team building. All the food we’ve eaten here has been great and they have the food ready very quickly!! Give them a try it’s an excellent place for breakfast.


Richard A.
Good basic diner with views of airplanes on the ramp and runway. What’s not to like?


Lisa L.
This little diner is the best of its type. The service is caring and attentive and the food is just what you expect. I always leave here satisfied. Good for your aunts and uncles and the kids, too.


Dave Y.
Classic diner-style place with comfy stools, a counter, and booths. Lots of light and a view. Great club sandwich. Lovely service. Fun location.


Kendel C.
Awesome!! Cute place attached to small private airport! A throwback to old time diners! Service was an A+, food was cooked perfect, order cam up quick! Good stuff! Can’t go wrong here!

Diner counter. Good view of the planes!


Tami H.
Took my kids to the Hiller Aviation Museum and the staff there recommended we grab lunch here. This little place did not disappoint! My kids (picky eaters) really enjoyed the food. One had the kids menu nuggets and the other one had a full breakfast. I was impressed that my daughter finished the two pancakes that were the size of her face as well as her sausage and eggs. I enjoyed my Eggs Benedict too. The kids enjoyed it so much we went back again two days later. They ate the same thing but I tried the tuna melt this time. So good!! Service is great too. Would recommend if you’re in the area.


Alan W.
The best kept secret in San Mateo county
Excellent fresh made breakfast
Prompt service
Coffee refills


Tiff W.
We absolutely love this place! We’ve been coming with our kids since we moved to Belmont four years ago and love the food and the kind people who work here. Super family friendly– the kids can watch planes taking off and landing from large glass windows or outside near the runway. I also used to come to work on my laptop and was never rushed out. A true hidden gem.


Jay F.
This place is great! Our go to for American breakfast and lunch. If you wants omelette, scrambles, hash browns and decent coffee! Burgers are tasty too. Wife got the Greek goddess scramble. I got the Italian sausage omelette and a size of waffle. Son got the French burger. Good stuff. Staff are friends and service great. We come here all the time. Highly recommended.


Alex K.
Food, people, servers, atmosphere.

Food it great and alway test homemade

People are kind and feel like family to me

Servers always kind especially Pamela she is super kind.

The atmosphere always is good


Joey N.
So thankful that Sky Kitchen survived the difficulties associated with the pandemic. This place is a gem in Redwood Shores. Thanks to all who work so hard there to bri g us a great place to have a hot cups of coffee and filling breakfasts.


Leanne C.
We recently started going here for breakfast. Very friendly staff, we have not had to wait too long for anything. On a nice day we sit outside and watch the planes come and go. The food is really good. My husband is picky on how his eggs are cooked. And they manage to get get them perfect each time and the hash browns are nice and crispy just the way we order them.