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Mon – Thu, 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM | Fri, 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM | Sat, 9:00 AM – 2:00 AM | Sun, 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
1163 San Carlos Ave. San Carlos, CA 94070
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Discover the Charm of Molly O’s Irish Pub in San Carlos

About Molly O’s

Are you on the hunt for a cozy spot with authentic Irish vibes and mouthwatering cuisine? Look no further than Molly O’s Irish Pub in the heart of San Carlos – a place that has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Let’s delve into what sets this place apart and why it should be your next go-to spot for a fantastic dining experience.

Exceptional Service with a Smile

At Molly O’s, hospitality isn’t just a job—it’s a way of life. Their dedicated staff go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels right at home. From recommending the perfect dish to attending to your every need, their friendly demeanor and attentive service will leave you feeling pampered and appreciated.

Irresistible Culinary Creations

This restaurant has an impressive menu featuring a delightful fusion of Irish classics and California favorites. Indulge in crowd-pleasers like our beloved potato skins, flavorful lamb entrée, or classic fish and chips. And don’t forget to pair your meal with a refreshing cocktail or pint of Guinness for the ultimate dining experience.

A Gathering Place for the Community

Molly O’s has quickly become a hub for the local community. Whether you’re catching up with friends over Sunday football or celebrating a special occasion, there’s always a sense of camaraderie in the air. With ample space and cozy nooks, Molly O’s offers the perfect setting for creating lasting memories with those you hold dear.

Your New Favorite Spot in Town

In a city teeming with dining options, Molly O’s stands out as a true neighborhood gem. With its unbeatable combination of exceptional food, friendly service, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s no wonder patrons keep coming back for more. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, Molly O’s welcomes you with open arms and a hearty “Sláinte!”

Experience Molly O’s Today

Ready to have an adventure? Swing by this charming establishment in San Carlos and prepare to be wowed. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal, a refreshing drink, or simply good company, Molly O’s has everything you need for an unforgettable dining experience.

Join us and discover why this place is the talk of the town. Cheers to good times and great food at Molly O’s!

History of Molly O’s

“Molly O’s is an old Irish song – music has a special place in our hearts; it’s how we tell stories, express emotions, celebrate, and more. There’s no good night out that doesn’t end in a sing-song in our books.

Our place was named for our matriarch, Molly Mitchell. Molly was born in County Roscommon in 1933 and immigrated to San Francisco with her young family in 1958. Molly and her husband, Hugh, raised 5 children in the Bay Area, living in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and eventually settling in Burlingame.

Molly has a long history of creating community, and believes, “there is no such thing as strangers, only friends you haven’t met.” She is kind, quick witted, family-orientated, and loves to sing, dance and have the craic.

Molly embodies the spirit of Irish hospitality we would like to share with you. We strive to be a cornerstone of the community and to provide good food, drinks, music, sports, and craic.

Our roots are local but our spirit is Irish.”


Molly O’s Official Website, Yelp, and Instagram

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Top Reviews


Lalbie H. | Yel

Welcoming , clean, great looking bar. My waiter/ bartender was Bobby and he was friendly, interesting and makes a mean Irish coffee. Great menu- try the Spicy Irish . Fabulous corned beef sandwich .


Shauna M. | Yelp 

I love Molly O’s and happy they opened up in San Carlos! It is the perfect addition to the area.

Everything we’ve ordered so far has been really good! Their potato skins are the BEST I’ve had at any bar or restaurant and we order them every time. The lamb entree and the bangers & mash are both delicious too so you can’t go wrong with either. Can’t wait to try even more from their menu next time!

The staff is friendly and have made every visit a great experience. Tony has been our server a couple times and he is awesome. He is super nice and does a fantastic job – very attentive to the table and helpful with any questions or requests. Overall great service and nice atmosphere!

Great place to come on Sunday to watch football too!


Jennifer L. | Yelp 

We were here a few weeks ago for dinner on a cold rainy night and this place did not disappoint with a warm inviting atmosphere and friendly welcoming staff!!

The menu is amazing and the food was delicious! My sister had the fish and chips she thought it was delicious and fresh as can be!

I had the fried chicken sandwich with fries and it was amazing, my Aunt had the chicken sandwich as well with side salad and she said the salad was very fresh and delicious as well as her sandwich.

Definitely plan on coming back soon!


Vrushali N. | Yelp 

You want an Old Fashioned for $7? An amazing old fashioned for $7? Come see Ryan at the bar. OMG what a surprise find this place has been. Just go here guys!!

An incredible old fashioned and a Manhattan


Karne N. | Yelp 

What a great addition to San Carlos! We had a really nice meal at Molly O’s and enjoyed not only the food, but the general feel of the restaurant (we all think it feels a bit more like a restaurant than a pub).

We started with the Irish sausage rolls and the potato skins. The rolls were unexpected in that the filling was minced sausage not a piece of sausage, thus the texture was softer than we had assumed. Tasty but not our favorite.

The skins, on the other hand were unexpected (red potatoes) and wonderful – delicious mixture of cheese, bacon, tomatoes and onions. Yum. Our order of fries was huge, and, sadly, we ate them all.

The Irish stew is outstanding. Far more flavorful and full of tender beef than the version we had in Ireland. The corned beef and cabbage – wonderful lean corned beef, good carrots and potatoes, but bland cabbage.

The sliders were good, too – a mixture of beef and corned beef, etc. some of the flavors were hard to pick out. Bread pudding was excellent!

Our waiter, was excellent – Garek – friendly and helpful. Prices are not low but you get good food and service, friendly atmosphere, tv screens for sports events and clean bathrooms!!

Definitely coming back!!


Shannon M. | Yelp 

Very good food and attentive customer care elevate this new restaurant to five stars. They’ve got a lot of space including a second floor and some side booths.

The potato skins didn’t sound tasty but they were wonderful.

MY GRADE: A-minus


Susan M. | Yelp 

We have visited Molly Os four times now and are very happy to have this new spot in the neighborhood. There are plenty of screens for watching games, lots of beer options, and a solid food menu. The crowd has been lively as well, giving this spot a fun vibe. Staff have been attentive and professional, even during busy times.

Highly recommend the onion rings and a Guinness.

Onion ring portion size is excellent; batter is fluffy and crunchy at the same time – heaven!


M K. | Yelp 

Great bar. Friendly staff, delicious food, and solid drinks. Can’t ask for more. Ambiance is also nice and the weekend DJ is solid.


Mike D. | Yelp 

Fantastic Irish breakfast. Such a wonderful place! The people that work there are so nice!


James R. | Yelp 

Really glad we stumbled into Molly Os… The service was great, the food portions are generous and it is a welcome addition to the San Carlos restaurant scene. It is a comfortable, laid back sports pub, exactly what we have been missing.


Ric S. | Yelp 

My youngest son about to start on his Spicy Irish sandwich. He tells me he loved it, along with the wait staff and the ambiance. Happily we finally had the chance to try his terrific new addition to the San Carlos cuisine scene.

We had the Irish stew, corned beef & cabbage, and the spicy Irish sando. Sadly the combo app never made it through their POS system, next time, but we were definitely filled up by the mains, not to mention the delicious pints of Blind Pig.

The Irish stew was full of tender delicious beef, potatoes, carrots, and celery in a rich gravy redolent of Guinness, enjoyed the large scoop of mash in the middle of the large bowl, had to stop myself from licking it clean!

The service is very attentive and friendly, good vibes. Tons of TV’s, all tuned to college football yesterday, they have a schedule of all of the world cup of rugby playoffs on every table. This will become a new regular spot.


Greta R. | Yelp 

Our first time here. The food was excellent and the prices quite reasonable for downtown San Carlos. The service was attentive and friendly. We will definitely be back!


Athan R. | Yelp 

My favorites are the fish and chips with a Jameson and a pint of beer. I’ve added Molly O’s to my list of destinations in San Carlos.

Molly O’s is a genuine Irish pub. They have an excellent menu of Irish/California fusion meals of all sizes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a superb liquor selection.
At the time of my visit, The restaurant and bar were brand new, but it felt like there was already an established clientele. It has a friendly vibe; it feels like a part of the local community.

They have nice TVs for watching sports, and the seating arrangement is open, but there are these cute little semi-private seating areas at the front windows.


Aimee B. | Yelp 

My friend and I stumbled upon this spot on their first day of opening by total surprise! The menu was limited because they don’t fully open till June but what we had was great. We had the potato skins, quesadillas, and 2 fresh pints of Guinness!

The servers were very kind and helpful, as it was their first day, we asked a lot of questions and they responded the best they could. Also! This place used to be sneakers when i was growing up so you already know the ambiance had that nostalgic feel to it.

I’ll definitely be coming back!


Craig W. | Yelp 

SO happy to have Molly O’s as our neighbors on San Carlos Avenue. The food is fantastic with a great menu where everyone can find something to love. Prices are good, the people are lovely, and the atmosphere is perfect. Brunch, lunch, dinner or a snack with a drink are all a treat.

And, if you happen to run into the pub’s namesake, Molly, you’re in for a welcome beyond compare. We LOVE the hamburgers and fries. Friends rave about the Shepherd’s Pie, and a customer of ours just recommended the Chicken Nachos!


Jane K. | Yelp 

Amazing atmosphere, great service, tasty food and delicious drinks! San Carlos was missing a place like that for a long time. Highly recommend!


Maureen M. | Yelp 

ALL GREAT!!! Good was delicious, staff attentive. Will go back for sure.


Melissa G. | Yelp 

Food, service and drinks are always spot on. The servers are friendly and attentive. Relaxed fun environment, great place to meet up with friends.


Anne N. | Yelp 

We were heading to Drakes and passed by and decided to stop in instead. Nice friendly staff. The mushrooms were so crunchy and flavorful. Not sure what’s in them but love love love. Sausage rolls were also incredible with hp sauce for dipping.

We will definitely be back to try more items. Super clean bar restaurant was so inviting.

Sausage rolls, mushrooms and black and tans


TC S. | Yelp 

Wow, excellent food, AND great service! Julio is the man , Irish coffee better then The City……


Suzanne A. | Yelp 

We are soo excited for this new Irish Pub!! I Love this Beautiful Pub with very authentic Irish feel and food! My husband and I just came back from Ireland again and have been to every Irish Pub/Restaurant in Northern California and this is our new go to.

Oliver the owner was soo nice and friendly to talk with. We both had a very yummy lunch, perfectly prepared and great Irish whiskeys and Irish Coffees.

Can’t wait to go back for the Grand Opening next weekend!! Awesome Irish Craic!!


Chris E. | Yelp 

Friendly service and good food! Nice bar and a warm welcoming place to meet friends and watch sports on their multiple screens.


Kelley B. | Yelp 

Just like an authentic Irish pub! Similar to its sister restaurant in Millbrae, Fiddler’s Green, the traditional Irish food is wonderful, the Guinness pour is perfect, and the service is top notch (super friendly).

They have two “snugs” up front, which are private rooms if you are going with a group (interesting fact: traditionally in Ireland these were used to sneak women in, decades ago before they were welcomed into bars).

Highly recommend visiting Molly O’s and making it a regular spot!


Jane G. | Yelp 

Fabulous new Irish pub and Restaurant. Best Guinness pour for miles around and awesome pub grub. Definitely coming back Wednesday to try the fish and chips! Thanks for coming to San Carlos


Laura T. | Yelp 

Great food, great drinks, great hospitality! This family-owned Irish Pub is legit and just what the mid-Peninsula needs!


Mette S. | Yelp 

Excellent food and service! We’ve been going to Millbrae for years and just tried this new location. Not all our favorite items yet but everything was still very good and we will definitely be back!


Ryan G. | Yelp 

The fish and chips were 10 out of 10, paired with the Guinness on tap – I’ll be back. For reference I’m a none Guinness person but at Molly Os it just hits different. Great speedy service, plus highly recommend the onion rings as well.


Lisa M. | Yelp 

I had the Irish sausage and cucumber refresher cocktail. Great new place to hang out with friends. Can’t wait to go back.


Sabrina E. | Yelp 

Amazing place!!! Recently opened this locations as a sister location to Fiddlers Green! Celia C. has been a great bartender, always so sweet and attentive. Spicy Irish Sandwich and Fish N’ Chips was to die for! Will be coming back for more food and drinks!