Mints & Honey

Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
1524 El Camino Real San Carlos, California 94070
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Mints and Honey : Your Lovely Instagrammable Cafe

Mints and Honey is a beautiful neighborhood Cafe with delicious meals that are simply Instagram-worthy.

We are a gathering space for families and friends to unplug, connect, and celebrate. We believe a cup of darn good coffee and tea and healthy eats will bring people together. We believe in making things from scratch. We believe in using local bakers and vendors and supporting other local businesses everywhere we can.

We are simple. We are makers. We are your neighbors. Be sure to come by and say hello!

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Top Reviews

Renee L.| Yelp
What a cute little place and dog-friendly too! The toast sampler was a great way to get to try 4 different flavors. I ordered the avocado, rose jam and ricotta, creamy mushroom and egg and fig jam & prosciutto. I loved the rose jam. The avocado and mushroom were good too. I was pretty full after three toasts so I brought the fig jam and prosciutto to enjoy later.

My husband ordered the classic waffles. He said they were good, but they got too cold while he was waiting for me to take the pic (sorry!) Also he warns that the syrup is pretty sweet, as is the whipped cream, so go lightly. We got there right at opening and it quickly filled up by 8:30am


Tanzila S. | Yelp
My husband and I ordered the lavender latte, rose latte, avocado & egg toast, rose and strawberry waffle, and fig jam & ricotta toast. You’ll be glad to know we were stuffed because the portions are very filling. The ambiance is mellow and chill. It smells amazing in there! The servers and cashiers are efficient and friendly. The food was delicious! Definitely worth coming back.


Venus L. | Yelp
When I think of Mints & Honey, my mind refers back to the scene in Spongebob where Spongebob and Patrick are walking down the street like, “fancy livin’ here we come!” Why? Because this place is cute as heck and they have a toast sampler that I am guilty of getting every single time. They put combos on these toasts that I would never think I’d like together.

My boyfriend and I tried to do sit down here before, but the line was so long we opted to get TOGO and eat at home instead. Overall, a cute little spot in San Carlos. There’s street parking in the front of tons behind and around the block. I wish it was easier to get a table, but I’m okay with eating at home, too.


Eesir K. | Yelp
Absolutely loved this place. The food was delectable. I ordered the strawberry ricotta waffle. The portion size was perfect, the ricotta was light and airy, and the lemon zest, maple syrup, mint and strawberries all went perfectly together.

I was feeling a bit adventurous so l also got the rose latte, which definitely lived up to its name – very floral, though I’m not sure I would get it again. The ambience was great – cute, tucked away coffee/ lunch spot, and the service was awesome.

I placed my order and received it within 10 minutes, just as the hostess had promised. I’ll definitely return here soon!


Candi L. | Yelp
Came here last Saturday afternoon for a bridal shower and was amazed at how organized and helpful the staff was to the hosts. Such a cute space to hold a perfect even like this. Its large enough to have a so your not cramped but still very intimate to mingle with everyone in the room. The food was really good as well with an assortment of sweet or savory toast.

I wish there was more of a selection of things other than “topped on toast” even more selection of the light sandwiches or quiche were really good. Overall a great place to host an event!


Anuk B. | Yelp
Cute new spot in San Carlos that my friend showed me!! It’s on El Camino Real so Parking is easier on neighboring streets. I got the avocado toast sampler which was so good with so many options. I got the avocado and egg, egg salad, smoked salmon and tomato and ricotta. The egg salad was my surprising favorite.

You get 4 pieces of toast in the sampler. It is a little pricey but not out of the ordinary for the Peninsula. They have both indoor and outdoor seating and lots of space for dogs as well to eat outside! 100% recommend


N B. | Yelp
I love the atmosphere here. The staff is always nice and their food is so simple (but so yummy). I always order the rose latte (it’s fruity but not to floral) and a sweet toast or waffle. I tried this place because they had many options when it came to toast and waffles (my guilty pleasure lol).

They were what I have been looking for: a cute place with REASONABLE yummy food! I recommend the strawberry and ricotta waffle/ toast or the tomato and cheese toast. If you like choices get the waffle/toast sampler!


YJ L. | Yelp
Super cute spot to have a simple, quick bite! I’m in love with this place!! It’s definitely a hole in the wall–seems like it used to be an old house (located between two apartment/townhouse-like homes), and they used this in their favor! The decor was adorable, and it felt so cozy and homely being in this restaurant.

Ordering is closer to the back; I entered through the back and dined near the front of the house. You get a number, choose your seat, and they bring the food to you. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Food came out SO fast, and looked so cute I almost didn’t want to eat it!! — Food Smoked salmon toast: my friend who doesn’t ever finish his food was the first to finish eating, and ate ALL of the toast. He said it was really, really good; good mix of greens, hearty slabs of smoked salmon, and the toast was thick enough to hold it all up without falling apart.

Prosciutto + fig jam toast: what in nuts is this wonderful combination?! Prosciutto is really thin, so often times I’m disappointed when I order it because all the other flavors are too overpowering or there wasn’t enough prosciutto. Mints + honey created a wonderful balance between the amount of prosciutto and chose a really tasty jam to pair with it!! The jam was slightly sweet, and you could taste the prosciutto AND the jam in every bite!

I really wanted the smoked salmon, but then decided that I should try something more adventurous, and I have no regrets! New favorite. None of my friends and I left anything on our plates. It was all wonderful! — Drink Butterfly drink (can’t remember which): aesthetically pleasing, but not for me. So tart… I think it was too early in the morning for me to try such a tart, fruity drink. – Overall, love this place!

Of course, it’s a bit on the pricier side for food I can just make at home, but for a special occasion (it was a friends goodbye brunch) and for the homely ambiance, it’s more than worth it 🙂


Vivian D. |  Yelp
One of the cutest coffee shops in the area! I stopped in the morning and got the Matcha Rose latte. It had a strong rose flavor which I really enjoyed. Service is friendly and quick. After ordering, I went to wait inside and the staff was able to find me and hand me my drink with no issues. Can’t wait to come back next time and try their toasts!


Vivian H. | Yelp
Tried Mints & Honey today and thoroughly enjoyed it! I think what I liked was how you can pick and choose different toasts with the “Toast Sampler” for $14. You get to pick four (2 slices). Typical toast price is $6-8. Since it was my first time, I wanted to try their savory and sweet toasts so I got : – Avocado with egg – Egg salad – Strawberry ricotta – Peanut butter and banana

Everything was soo so good ! My only wish is that they had salt and pepper on the table to add because I think it could have helped bring out the flavors for the savory toast. But I still thought it was delicious overall. Ingredients were fresh and it was very sizable.

We also tried their passion fruit honey tea and yuzu honey tea. Both had the fruit and tea flavorings (maybe not so much honey, but not a big deal to me). All in all, a good place to eat something light and not overwhelming! Line can get long but the food and drinks come out quickly after placing the order. Definitely will be back!


Alyssa M. | Yelp
I feel like everyone in the Bay Area should know about this spot, but at the time, I love that they don’t lol. This is the perfect spot for brunch lovers, although the vibe is definitely different than the typical “brunch spot”. It’s cute, small, family friendly, and quick to serve. There’s two different entrances (front and back of the building) and both indoor/outdoor seating.

They have a serious variety of everything from drinks to different types of toast and waffles. I ordered the toast sampler because I honestly couldn’t decide what I wanted to try, and it all looked mouth watering good. With the toast sampler, you get to choose 4 different options and I decided to go with- the smoked salmon toast, the avocado & egg toast, the banana & peanut butter toast, and the strawberry & ricotta toast.

I’m drooling just typing this and I can’t even choose my favorite, it was all amazing!


Holland H. | Yelp
I was able to try their toast sampler of the following: 1. Avocado/hummus (hummus was not a lot but one of the best smashed guacs I’ve had) 2. Egg salad (egg was perfectly textured and seasoned and pleased to see this had lots of guac too!) 3. Fig and jam ricotta (they accidentally added prosciutto to mine, oh well! My bf liked the meat though) 4.banana and pb(though very basic of Me this was super good)


Christine S | Yelp
Based on the reviews I really wanted to try this place while my family and I visit the bay area. We went on a Saturday but ran late so didn’t arrive until 11-ish. We found parking easily on the side of the street (back door?) and walked around to the front of the store (in the alley).

The outdoor seating is cute but small with around 7 small tables? It is definitely dog friendly as we saw 3 or 4 dogs. The inside seating looks pretty big though. There was a line as expected but the wait was only 5min which was perfect amount of time to decide what to order.

We did have to go in to grab a menu while waiting so I think menus outside by the line area might be helpful. All the tables were taken so we decided to order the food to go.

While waiting for the food 2 small tables opened up so I went in to check on the food. It was probably 5-7min and my order was ready! Quick! The employees/owners were friendly and cleaned the tables quickly. We were able to sit down to eat because the turnover was good.

Now the food, wow, we opened the box of the sampler and my kids actually said “wow it’s beautiful!” It was very pleasing to the eyes with all the colors and it was decorated with a flower! The sampler you can choose your 4 toasts and we went with Banana and peanut butter, mango Tajin, prosciutto & fig jam and Nutella with berries. ALL of them were delicious!!

We also got the avocado&egg and classic waffles, again delicious! I wish I had gotten the full order of the prosciutto/fig and mango tajin. Too bad we don’t live in the bay area because I would come here every week!


Cal C. | Yelp
This place is really cute! I’ve been wanting to check it out since I’ve seen it on many local lists of coffee/brunch places to try, and while it has a small menu, it’s perfect if you want just something different, no frills, and good.

I tried their matcha mango latte on Friday and enjoyed their outdoor seating area. Other fellow diners included friends catching up and solo customers enjoying some alone time. I’d love to come back and try more of their menu!


Shreya J. | Yelp
Would never have thought to go here if I passed by but glad I did. The place has its own cute aesthetic. I got the Smoked Salmon Waffle, Apricot Scone (warmed and delicious with some syrup on top) and iced lavender latte (I got decaf with soy milk and it still tasted great). If you’re in the area, definitely try!


Sonya S. | Yelp
Cute place and the food is great! Even though it’s a bit more off the beaten path (outside of the usual downtown areas for cute coffee shops), it was still busy on a Sunday afternoon. They have a great variety of food (savory and sweet) and drinks (hot, cold, caffeinated, juice) to choose from so everyone is bound to find something they like.

We got the blackberry and lychee lemonades, hummus toast, and tomato and mozzarella toast. We also got the churro waffle, which was a good waffle, but only “churro” because they added cinnamon and sugar sprinkling on top. All the food was delicious! I’m not a huge tomato fan but these were flavorful and firm, and the mozzarella was fresh. Definitely happy to stop by here again.


Melanie N. | Yelp
Service and food was excellent. Lovely brunch with my teen daughter. Restaurant decor is sweet. Years ago, San Carlos had a small restaurant called the English Rose that I would brunch often with friends, even my bridal shower. This is a much cooler next generation spot. She was excited to tell her friends about it which really makes me smile.


Savannah P. | Yelp
Had the best morning here. Just the cutest. Delicious latte, exciting vegan friendly toast (all SO GOOD), and wifi/seating for working if that’s your thing. One of my favorite places in all of the bay area – I don’t live close by but can’t wait to come back!


Catherine S. | Yelp
I had a great experience at Mints and Honey! Such a cute location and great food. I had the most amazing employee, Sophia, who made sure my smoked salmon toast and butterfly coconut mango drink was absolutely perfect. She was so kind and knowledgeable. On top of that, I have hearing impairment and she was incredibly patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend Mints and Honey – awesome food, amazing employees, and a great atmosphere!


Sarah N. | Yelp
Off ECR tucked in an alley you’ll find sweet bliss. My sister has been bragging about this place for years and I finally understand the praise.

I ordered the Egg and cheese sandwich, egg salad toast (I was being greedy) and an iced matcha to wash it down. My sister ordered the Prosciutto and Fig Jam Toast, Quiche, and the Avocado & Egg Toast.

We would have ate there but it was getting pretty busy. Cute lil vibe and staff was friendly too. Now that I know this places potential I’m definitely coming back to explore the menu some more.


Vivian P. | Yelp
Mints & Honey is such a cute little cafe! I’ve known about this cafe for a long time but never got the chance to try it before covid.

My friends and I decided to give it a try the other day and they are offering both indoor and outdoor dining. They offer so many different items it’s definitely so difficult to choose however they help you out by letting you choose different options for the toast and the waffles! I ended up getting a toast sampler, a strawberry ricotta waffle and a hot matcha lavendar latte.

Service was very quick and the food was delicious. It is on the pricey side but it was definitely worth every dollar in my opinion. I can’t wait to come back!

Toast sampler $15 Fig Jam & Ricotta Toast 5/5- Sooo good, it was hands down my favorite. Nutella Berries Toast 5/5- Really yummy and the berries complimented the nutella.

Avocado & Egg Toast 5/5- Can’t go wrong with the typical avocado and egg toast.

Smoked Salmon Toast 5/5- Good!

Strawberry Ricotta Waffle 5/5- Really yummy and they give you A LOT of ricotta cheese, at first I thought it was whipped cream. I never ate ricotta with my waffles before but it was delicious especially with how the strawberries tied in the flavors.

Matcha Lavender Latte 3/5- I would pass. I mainly tasted lavendar and not so much matcha.

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