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Mon-Fri, 6:30AM – 2PM | Sat-Sun, 7AM-2PM
605 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070-3111, United States, San Carlos, CA, United States, 94070
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House of Bagels : #1 Most Delicious Bagel in the Bay Area

Philosophy of House of Bagels

At the House of Bagels, we believe in fresh, quality ingredients that we bake in-house daily, making for light and chewy textured bagels that are perfect for sandwiches, toasted with one of our delicious cream cheeses or eaten just as is. Make us the best part of your morning!

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“Quite Possibly the Best Bagel in California!”

Mark Martinho, San Carlos Life

I’m not particularly ashamed of the fact that I am a beigel (some people spell it this way) addict and snob. I believe them to be a superior culinary delight over the inferior doughnut. First, they are more flexible, they can be used basically as sandwich bread and they don’t stain anything they touch. Slice them up and add some lox and cream cheese or even all kinds of sandwich fixings and voila you got a lunch… you can’t do that with a donut, although I imagine some have tried. After they started deep frying Twinkies, all culinary rules went out the window.

Beigels have a wide assortment of real flavors too unlike doughnuts, which primarily only offer different levels of sweetness and challenges to your waistline. Now don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy the occasional doughnut, but I can’t resist the softy doughiness of a great bagel covered in just the perfect crust… yes crust! A good beigel needs a light crunchiness to its crust, it can’t just be all mushy.

Now if you are a connoisseur like me and are lucky enough to live in San Carlos CA then there’s only one place to go and that’s the House of Bagels on 605 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070. Truth be told, even if you live in some of the surrounding communities, you should still come to San Carlos for them because you don’t have a House of Bagels. As far as I’m concerned, you couldn’t call yourself The City of Good Living if you lacked the perfect beigel shop. They got all your different flavors, and the friendly staff can slice, dice, and toast them followed by squeezing just about anything inside. What’s important here is that you start with a good culinary foundation – the perfect beigel. Myself, I’m a purist, just give me a plain one, still warm from the oven and I’m in heaven.

So, if you’re a beigel snob too then call us to find a home for sale in San Carlos CA and join us for a beigel on Laurel Street for the perfect breakfast/lunch/snack food.

From “Finagle a Great Bagel in San Carlos CA” Blog Post in San Carlos Life

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Top Reviews


Randy Rubin | Google
Visiting San Carlos for a couple of weeks visiting family. Went to Starbucks and saw House of bagels in San Carlos. My wife and I decided to walk in and try it. Coming from New York New Jersey area I’m always skeptical of bagel places. This place did not disappoint. Bagels are very tasty just the right amount of cream cheese and the staff is very friendly and quick to get your order out. I will definitely be going back throughout my stay.


Amy S | Google
Delicious bagels and a wide variety of combinations to choose from. Staff is very friendly, the place is very clean, and they have a quick turn around. You don’t have to wait longer than 3-5 minutes for your order. We’re visiting the area on vacation and I’ll be sad to leave these bagels, we’ve come multiple days in a row!


B Jams | Google
Thoroughly surprised and impressed! We got the standard whipped cream cheese and salmon cream cheese with a few bagels too. It’s super fluffy, light, and smooth. I’d definitely come back here and pick up some more.Food: 8/10Value: 6/10


Gina Lauricella | Google
Absolutely love love love this place!! So glad I found it and got away from Noah’s. Can’t get enough of their egg/sausage salt bagel, it’s a favorite. Customer service is excellent, this place never disappoints!! TY !!


Brian Hamilton | Google
Wow, hadn’t been to a HoB in years. Right next to a Starbucks, the garlic was fresh and tasty, the cream cheese was smooth and flavorful, and the french roast robust. To top it off, it was quick and reasonably priced.Glad I walked past SBUX.


Derek Overbey | Google
Great sausage Bagel sandwich. Good prices too. I would highly recommend. The staff is very friendly too!


Falak | Google
Tried for the first time, absolutely loved it. Friendly staff, great bagels and a quick service with tonnes of options.


Freddy Wesly | Google
This place is amazing! Sandwiches are always quality, bagels are delicious, and staff is friendly and quick. Infinitely prefer it over chains like Noah’s. Definitely try it for yourself! (Turkey avocado is my fav :P)


Cody Leviloff | Google
Best bagels in the bay, make sure you call ahead to order. I seriously haven’t noticed a change in quality in 10 years, it’s still so good.


Angelikah C. | Yelp
got a delicious egg bagel (blueberry bagel with Mediterranean) for breakfast walk date with a friend. it was warm and toasty when I got it! the bagel has a really nice chew and the blueberry had a nice sweetness to it 🙂 I will def be coming back soon


FY C. | Yelp
We’ve been in San Carlos for close to a decade and this has been our bagel spot the entire time. Yes, ownership has changed but I actually think for the better! The bagels have a better crust which our family prefers. Under previous ownership, we’ve had bagels that were raw inside a few times. In addition, the place generally looks and feels cleaner with an updated credit card payment system. I’m seeing some new, fun items show up as well. The new team is friendlier and clearly trying their best. I agree that there are signs that they’re still trying to transition and learn (e.g. with timing of bagels coming out from the back, training cashiers), but that is to be expected. I’m confident they will find their groove soon.


Joshua L. | Yelp
Wow… how have I never tried this place? I got salmon lox bagel sandwiches to go while waiting for a car repair to finish. As I was walking back to my car I took the first bite and immediately regretted only getting 1 order for myself. Almost had to find an excuse to justify eating the one I got my wife you know… I “dropped” it. Jk. So fresh – the tomatoes, the sprouts, the smoked salmon. They dice and prep on the spot and that subtle choice makes a huge difference in the quality of final product.’


Joey M. | Yelp
I’ve been coming to this place for 10+ years. Their #2 (bacon egg cheese) is always a great way to start my day and give me strength through a stressful morning. That being said.. today I got a different bagel than i have come to expect over the years. First and foremost the bagel i got was soft and did not have the nice crust on it like a jewish new york style bagel 🙁 this is what really set house of bagels apart imo (plus their excellent service) Secondly they changed the cheese to cheddar from American, which melts way better. Please don’t go changing a good thing! it just didn’t hit like it used to. The people working were very nice though. I had never seen them before today (possibly new management). Still 5 stars as i support the owners but I feel like i lost one of my favorite breakfast foods. There’s also a location in Colma worth checking out!


Vera Mendes | Google
Great local bagel house. You can find a great variety of bagels and ingredients for a reasonable price. It is quite a ritual around San Carlos, people stop by in the morning to get their bagel. Service is quick, but you might find a little queue at the entrance, it should not take you longer than 10/15min max I would say. Worth it to try!


Nina B. | Yelp
i’m impressed their bagels are just the best and the salmon loch is my fav order ,i never knew this place existed till one Sunday morning when i was looking for quick and easy breakfast.I stumble in yelp and recommended this place and i saw a lil line and if i knew ahead of time i would have pre order but wait time is under 15 mins and orders comes quick and i cant wait to come back and buy a dozen plain bagels .Love it! thank you


F A.  | Yelp
This place has been consistently great for many years. Owners are a nice couple, who work hard and fast, although there is a line sometimes. While I am a fan of more authentic (and much more expensive) bagels, these are consistently fresh and tasty, and so are their spreads. So much better than the former House of Bagels close to where we live further north.


Julianne T. | Yelp
Bit of a wait early Saturday morning (~10-15 mins), but it was well worth it. They have a great selection of bagels and spreads, and the bagels are very fresh. Nice and soft on the inside with a bit of a chew on the outside. Next time I might try to call my order in ahead of time if I’m in a hurry 🙂 Everyone was wearing masks and everyone in line to order was properly distanced.


Fran N. | Yelp
Came right before closing. Luckily no line. I ordered the turkey bagel sandwich with no mustard or tomato and asked to add cream cheese. The sandwich was huge and covered with generous amounts of cream cheese and turkey. Very sweet older Asian couple who I think own the business. Love supporting local businesses!


Katie L. | Yelp
Hands down THE best. I will drive out of my way to come here! We not only get the bagel sandwiches but we’ll usually buy half to a dozen bagels to take and enjoy at home!! We have been coming here for about five years if not longer. The owners are some of the sweetest people and they have the sweetest family. 100% would go here over other house of bagel locations as this location is always clean, friendly and efficient! They are also very COVID-19 safe, following all county regulations!


May L. | Yelp
I should have written this review long ago. The owner is so kind to us. She will always spot me in line and immediately check if my usual bagel options are available. Even during Covid times, she’ll recognize me in line with mask on and tell me if my bagels are available. This morning, they were out and she called out to the kitchen for them to make more. As soon as I got to her, she tells me it’s being cooked. I was more than happy to wait. I am over the moon appreciative of their attentiveness and dedication. Their bagels are amazing with the outer skin having that pop when you bite into it and it’s soft and yummy inside. These guys do bagels right and take care of their customers. You can see that reflected in the lines. Please continue to support this family run business.


Sarah N. | Yelp
Whats better than walking in and having your order already being prepared before you can even say it? Nothing really. I’ve been coming to this place for well over 15 years as its located right by my job. They open bright and early (6:30am) where you can smell the fresh bagels seeping from the vent outside. Selection is never dull or low and you can count on them to have your favorite spread. I love their veggie spread, chive, and cinnamon sugar. Great selection on drinks especially the Martinelli and Naked flavors. Don’t get me started on their lunch selection. My go to is their chicken salad with a dab of pepper on a sourdough bagel. If I’m not in the mood I’ll get a bagel dog. Nice and plump splattered in mustard. Owners are friendly and very accommodating.


Nicole M. | Yelp
There is nothing better than your favorite bagel and shmear to start your day, that is unless you come here and meet the Chiu’s. I have never met more hard working people in my life. Even under our current situation of sheltering in place, they have done what it takes to keep their doors open and continue to serve not only their regulars, but offer delivery on their own to local mommy groups who are busy at home balancing work, family and now homeschooling to their days. They were set to open their second location in Colma and have been unable to due to Covid. They are working hard to serve as many peninsula customers as possible and always with a smile on their face. If you are having a craving for a bagel, want to donate food to your local first responders or healthcare workers please consider ordering bagels from here. Every order helps and you won’t be disappointed.


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