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Pylos – Greek Food!

At Pylos, we have a focus on dishes on dishes with the flavors of Greece and the true Mediterranean.

We make everything homemade in the kitchen and only use top quality items imported directly from Greece and Turkey so our customers are getting high quality fresh and healthy food. Our menu consists of Greek classics such as Whole Lavraki, Souvlakia, Pitas, Pastitsio, Moussaka and traditional dipping sauces such as Tzatziki, Kalamatiano, Tirokafteri, etc.

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Marie W. a month ago on Yelp
We ate there tonight ! The food was wonderful! The service was amazing ! JJ read my Open Table Reservation and saw I was GF and made sure I was aware of what I could have on the menu . This place is a must try for Greek Foos.


Judy H. a month ago on Yelp
We stumbled upon this little Greek restaurant while in downtown San Carlos. I don’t know why we’ve never been here before. It’s located on Laurel street in the section that you can still drive down (i.e. not blocked off for pedestrians only), so that makes it easy to get to and you can park nearby. I had the Pastitsio which was probably the best Pastitsio I’ve had in a long time. The bechamel on top was like a cloud, and both the pasta and meat sauce were well-seasoned. The table next to us had the Pastitsio too and they were raving about it so I was in good company. Bravo on this dish. My husband had the lamb souvlaki wrap. He completely cleaned his plate. The lamb was tender and delicious. The server (possibly owner/manager?) was super friendly. It’s a cute little restaurant downtown, with seating indoors and outside. We can’t wait to go back here.


Craig W. a month ago on Yelp
When you receive an incredibly warm and friendly welcome followed by exceptional service, delicious food, a constant flow of warm pita bread to scoop up the wonderful treats that keep appearing on the table…. what more can you say other than OUTSTANDING!


Ellie M. 2 months ago on Yelp
My husband and I have eaten here a number of times now, together and separately, and it’s been a great experience every time. Delicious food, nice ambiance, a full bar, and delightful service, especially from the owner.


Anna Molinero 4 months ago on Google
A truly amazing experience. Everything we tried was delicious. The spreads are genuine and tasty. The chicken shawarma gyro, Greek fries and soup were absolutely fantastic. Service is charming and on point. A true gem of Laurel St. Going back very soon!


Anna M. 5 months ago on Yelp
Truly amazing quality food. All we ordered was an A+. We tried the dried tomato dip with warm pita, it was crazy good. The chicken lemony soup was fantastic and tasted homely and nutritious. The garlic Greek fries are ones of the best I tried in the Bay Area. Finally the gyro wrap is the best I have had. Literally. All waiting staff is super attentive. Ambiance is relaxing, we seated outdoors and had traditional Greek music on the background that transported me to Mykonos. Coming back soon! And adding it to my rotation!


Elaine P. 5 months ago on Yelp
Great food and excellent staff. They did not rush us,accommodated all requests, made good suggestions and recommendations. This is my third time at this restaurant in the last twelve months and their quality and service are consistently excellent.


Elisa H. 6 months ago on Yelp
Gorgeous girls’ lunch today at this new- ish Mediterranean place! The starters including the Octopus and spanakopita shone. Produce was fresh and everything was spectacularly but simply prepared . Service was attentive- my iced tea glass was consistently full. When I went to the restroom, I got a peek into the open-ish enormous kitchen. Everything was neat, organized and the produce looked so fresh. Someone on staff has OCD and the restaurant is the beneficiary because everything is so meticulously organized. My niece loved her seafood pita and the gyro plate, resplendent with olive oil drenched veggies was better than the sum of its parts.


Vipul B. 6 months ago on Yelp
5 stars for Food & Service. I think I would rank Pylos #1 on the Laurel Street at the moment. Very flavorful Greek cusine, and just really good warm people serving you food. We all have very busy schedules these days and to go have a good meal end of a busy day – you want this! Kids ordered skewers and mac/cheese off the kids menu, and my wife and I had gyros plate and chicken souvalaki. Greek beer recommendation was spot on. I recommend this place to hang out with dear ones and enjoy a peaceful San Carlos downtown dinner. Cheers!


Xiaoying S. 6 months ago on Yelp
Came here with my partner on one of the days with a heat wave going on. We were the only two customers inside and were warmly welcomed by the staff. We ordered the daily special shrimp salad and grilled octopus. The octopus was a bit overcooked and hard to chew, but after the chef (?) talked to us and we communicated this issue with him, he nicely offered to recook the dish. The second time the octopus was in a very tasty and optimal condition! We appreciated it!


Alexei D. 6 months ago on Yelp
Amazing and friendly service. The food is good 8.5/10 when compared to authentic Greek food, it’s has some Italian blend that I’m not super existed about. they also have rotating special dishes and I’m always inclined to order, since I’ve tried everything on their basic menu


Linda Rosenblum 7 months ago on Google
Had a delicious meal with three friends here last night. Their Greek food choices are authentic and delightfully served . We also enjoyed their wine and cocktail choices. I highly recommend their 3 dips appetizer, the Moussaka, and the Bronzino. Will be back to try more menu items. Do not leave your meal here without trying their chocolate Baklava dessert served with vanilla ice cream. Total yum!


K G. 8 months ago on Yelp
I had a craving for Mediterranean…specifically chicken skewers w/veggies and rice. My husband and I went to Pylos and they delivered. We started off with the Spanakopita which was HEAVEN: the fluffiest and flaky phyllo with a generous filling of feta and spinach. My chicken souvlaki was PERFECT: the chicken had great flavor and was unbelievably juicy and tender; rice was fluffy and the veggies not overcooked; my husband ordered the Falafel Plate: falafels were crispy on the outside and light/airy on the inside…not greasy at all. Then the Baklava for dessert…Baklava is one of my favorites and it was decadent: flaky, sweet, perfect chewiness between the phyllo, honey and pistachios. All in all…Pylos provides a wonderful dining experience with traditional Greek flare. We will definitely be back and tell others about it, as well.


Debbie T. 8 months ago on Yelp
Excellent food and jovial efficient service. Worth the drive from San Francisco. The lamb souvlaki was well seasoned and cooked through perfectly as ordered. My friend enjoyed the beyti. Soft pita bread that came with a delicious spread. The price was fair under current economic conditions. The quality of the food was terrific. Worth a return visit.


Sl B. 8 months ago on Yelp
Wonderful Greek restaurant. Very fresh food on a comprehensive menu that does not shoot to cover the entirety of Greek cuisine. Really generous portion sizes – great for sharing. Nice cocktail selection including original inventions. Ample wine list with Greek vintages worth trying in addition to more local fare. Relaxed atmosphere with a super friendly family-like staff. Ask for suggestions. I tried a really nice light Greek white wine at the waiters recommendation. It paired great with our appetizers and dinner.


Ang P. 8 months ago on Yelp
Healthy fresh Greek Mediterranean cuisine served with gracious comfortably polite and genuine honest service. The waitress Gina ( I think I’m spelling it wrong and it starts with a C ) who waited on us is from Turkey. She was so friendly and helpful. She checked on us and provided extra plates and refills before we even asked. Her recommendations were excellent from appetizer , accompanying wines, entrees and dessert. I loved the food and everything was so fresh and healthy. Favorites : Whole Branzino with orzo, the dips too amazingly fresh ( excited they weren’t too salty too) to order as an appetizer with the Zuchinni cakes which are delicious. We surprisingly love the lemon cake made with lemon oil and olive oil. So moist and refreshing in the summer ( not too sweet)


April U 9 months ago on Google
Fresh delicious hummus and pita; I had the pita wrap with falafel and fries and it was a lot of food and the best falafel I’ve had. Vegetarian options: I asked for a vegan falafel pita wrap and they included an olive spread that I could add. The arugula and beet salad was very substantial and can be made vegan if feta cheese is left out.


Michele C. 10 months ago on Yelp
This restaurant is classy as soon as you walk in. On one side the walls have some type of modern geometric color canvases in muted colors, and at the other end are paintings of traditional Greek interiors and buildings.Greek music plays in the background. It really does set the mood, and the seating is comfortable.For starters there is fresh pita with a red brushcetta spread. Not too spicy but good.. I decided to try the beef and lamb wrap with the avogolemono soup. The avgolemono soup was tangy with the added lemon, and had nice chunks of shredded white meat chicken. The wrap had tasty, fresh flatbread, and the meat had lots of seasoning. The lettuce and tzadziki completed the flavor. The service was attentive and friendly.


Carolyn H. 10 months ago on Yelp
I came here last week for my birthday. I couldn’t be happier to find an excellent Greek restaurant near San Mateo. Our waiter was helpful and pleasant. The sun dried tomato dip with pita bread was so tasty that we ordered a bowl to bring home. I ordered the zucchini pancakes which were perfect. My moussaka was the best I have ever eaten. The eggplant was not breaded and fried (thank goodness) and the flavors were wonderful. I had the warm baklava and ice cream for dessert. Can’t wait to go back!


Dillon L. 10 months ago on Yelp
The beef souvlaki is probably one of the most delicious things I have ever had. While the portions are not large, they are cooked well and seasoned perfectly. The wait staff was super attentive and very helpful. If you’re in the market for greek food in San Carlos, look no further.


Sean Irby 11 months ago on Google
One of the nicest Greek / Mediterranean restaurants I’ve ever been to. Beyti kebab is my favorite but I love it all. We go to lots of other casual/cheaper Mediterranean places for everyday take out, but Pylos is the best for a fine dining experience.


Connor N. 11 months ago on Yelp
Pylos is fantastic! I enjoyed everything about this place. The service was excellent and accommodating to our needs. Will return when I’m in the area again! Lamb souvlaki and the fish was excellent. Very flavorful and generous portions. Come try Pylos if you have not yet.


Rafael L Castro Jr a year ago on Google
I don’t have much experience with Greek cuisine, but I went with both my sisters (the first time there) and they told me the food taste matches what they have paid for in other places. For the appetizer I had the horiatiki (Greek salad), dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves, herb/rice mix) which was so full of taste and falafel which were moist and not very dry like I have found in other restaurants. I’ve ordered now, various times, the chicken souvlaki (pictured here) which are skewered chicken thighs, very juicy, not over cooked with roasted veggies and tzatziki (cucumber yogurt sauce). My wife had the sea bass which was moist, not over cooked, not over salted (pic here). Since I have gone back now for an anniversary dinner, at the end of dinner, JJ the the waiter surprised us with Baklava with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream which was just wonderful (I blew my calorie counting for that day). He even put 2 candles on top. JJ is a very animated waiter, he is very friendly and will check up on you to see if there is anything else he can do for you. There is also outside seating. Parking is on San Carlos Avenue or Laurel Street. I’ll be going back there soon.


Jeff H. a year ago on Yelp
What an amazing experience! My colleague and myself decided to have Greek cuisine tonight as we both enjoy the cuisine. Make no mistake, Plyos is AMAZING in all categories! From the staff (and owner) through the Tawny Port for dessert, this was a 5-Star dinner! Starting with the Ouzo…a grand presentation. The, of course, the Saginaki…opa!!! A very tasty salad, then the just amazing Lamb Shank. As I travel coast-to-coast often, thus was one of the best Greek cuisine experiences I have had in years. I highly recommend trying this restaurant and sharing in the experience. Kudos!!!


Lisa C. a year ago on Yelp
My husband and I enjoyed a lovely lunch here, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to really eat well…. we had beautiful sandwiches with salad and fries with feta… Everything was delicious and the service was really great. Looking forward to returning for a more leisurely evening meal. Noticed the strings of lights out on the Parklet. Authentic Greek


Rebecca D. a year ago on Yelp
Dropped by sort of on accident and also ordered something not on the menu – a spicy margarita – and it was amazing!!! Baba ganoush was the best. I’ve ever. Had. And Ive and tons across turkey and Greece! Plus the hummus and pita were phenomenal and the staff the most gracious of all. 12 out of 10 recommend, will definitely be back!!


bay area cosplay bac a year ago on Google
The waiter was great! I ordered steak and my son ordered filet mignon which we said medium well. The waiter suggested for us to try it medium that way the meat would taste better and juicier. He was so right, couldn’t be happier. He also made sure that the chicken was separated from the frys that my daughter ordered because she has extreme food allergies. Over all the food was delicious and the service was great and genuinely friendly. I highly recommend this spot.


Dr. B. a year ago on Yelp
The best greek restaurant since I’ve lived in california . I got the flaming saganaki, and main was the lamb chops. This was absolutely the best lamb I’ve had since living in California. This restaurant makes amazing cocktails. Prior to california, and about 20 years ago i lived In chicago- where there were a dozen or more greek restaurants in a neighborhood called greektown not far from the Loop In chicago. This greek restaurant was as good or better than any greek restaurant that I’ve ever been to in Chicago Next time I’m in San Carlos I will return to this restaurant Id give 100 stars – yelp only lets me give 5.


Rossana C. a year ago on Yelp
If you want to feel like you are in Greece without having to go there you should visit this place. It was my first time here and I have to say that I am going back soon. Really great food, delicious cocktails and the wine by the glass selection is terrific. I started with Kalamatiano and Tzatziki, both are absolutely delicious. For appetizers, I highly recommend Garides Ouzo and Falafel, they taste very good. I also had delicious entrees, I got their Beyti and Impossible Pastitsio. Pastitsio is a Greek version of Lasagna and a traditional Greek dinner recipe. Please don’t miss their Ouzo Cocktail, I got the blue one, I love beautiful and delicious cocktails! Ouzo is the national drink of Greece and undeniably one of the most famous Greek drinks. Outside dining is so charming and they also have a great service, the staff is warm and welcoming. You should definitely check it out!


Lisa D. a year ago on Yelp
We had a lovely birthday lunch yesterday. Food and service were excellent! Started with zucchini cakes, which had the texture of crab cakes, perfectly done. Delicious entrees. Our waiter was very accommodating and kind. Will definitely return soon!!


Brad M. a year ago on Yelp
Went to Pylos for our anniversary dinner last night and they did not disappoint. Everything was great from our cocktails to appetizers to brizola grilled steak. Attentive and polite staff, everything very clean. Produce was wonderful. Looking forward to our next meal here and will be recommending to friends and family.


Celia Patricia a year ago on Google
Today was my first time at this restaurant. The food was delicious, the service outstanding and it was great to sit outside. The pricing was reasonable and the excellent food quality. Great addition to Laurel Street. Strongly recommend it!


Anna S. a year ago on Yelp
This is a great addition to Laurel Street. We loved the grilled octopus, and dip sampler (hummus, eggplant, and tatziki) to start, and the whole sea bass and ribeye were delicious for mains. The have an extensive Greek wine list and wonderful service. Can’t wait to return!


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