Groovy Goose Coffee Grand Opening

Last Sunday, August 20th, a young family formally opened craft coffee shop “Groovy Goose Coffee” in 1221 San Carlos Ave – a dream come true for the couple Nathan & Siera Conte, locals who grew up playing in the neighborhoods of San Carlos; and now with two children of their own.

Standing up to their name, Groovy Goose most likely is the first family café in San Carlos (or even the whole world) with a disco ball, fun music, and groovy artwork to match the mood – a fun coffee shop serving fresh roasted coffee, espresso drinks, pastries, smoothies, bowls and paninis, all with a local touch and extra care you wouldn’t get from your usual chain coffee shops.

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The first five days must have been exhilarating for the staff and for the young “owner who makes the coffee for his customers”, as five-star reviews started to decorate their Yelp Page. But none of them seem more touching that the story below –

“This is gonna be a long review for two coffees – a story about the owner who makes the coffee for his customers.

Two nights ago, I was on my way to the ER, because my cousins’ Grandma is about to pass.  I asked my cousins what I could get them and they said “two black coffees” as the night might be long.

At 9pm all possible coffee places were closed because who drinks coffee at 9?  When I searched Google desperately, Groovy Goose showed up open!! I quickly navigated there and arrived at an empty parking lot.  I did see a backdoor that says Groovy Goose, and lights were on.  So even I was suspecting the door is locked, I tried to open.

Baaam! It opens, and I was inside an empty coffee house, all neat and cleaned up.  I was like “hellllloooo”.  No one.  I said “hellllllloooo” again, and Nathan from the attic popped his head out.

“I am sorry, are you closed?”
“Yes, we are. We close at 6 PM” said Nathan – with a smile and patience – without any sight of annoyance.
I was disappointed, but I really want to be able to get my cousins their coffee for the night, so I quickly told my story to Nathan.

He quickly came down, restart his machines, and said “we will gladly make two coffees for them.  Two large ones, 4 shots espresso ok?”  I almost wanted to hug him when he followed, “It’s on the house.”

I of course did not want to get them free at an accidental after-hour transition, so when I got the two coffees, I left a $20 on the table and said thank you so much.  He said, “No need. It’s on the house, or you can tip the barrister the next time you come!”

For such a kind-hearted soul and business owner, Yelpers please show him some love!!! He only started the business less than a week.

Oh – and about the coffee.  My cousin said “This coffee is really good. When the coffee is premium, you do not need to add any sugar or cream and can purely enjoy the coffee itself.  Where did you get good coffees like this late at night?”

Well sorry, cuz, they do close at 6PM after that night lol.

P.S. grandma did pass that night- and the family will remember Nathan’s good deed.”

Alex T. / YELP
South San Francisco, CA

Groovy Goose Grand Opening 4

We’d like to give a shout-out to Nathan and for all in San Carlos to get your morning coffee at “the Groove” next time you visit San Carlos Ave. San Carlos Life will be here to follow the story of the amazing Groovy Goose in years to come. A few weeks ago, one from our team, Viv Kelvin, had the pleasure of meeting him personally, and for sure we will meet again!


From the owners (from IG and Official Website),

“It’s nice to meet you! We’re Nathan & Siera Conte, founders of Groovy Goose Coffee. We together with our family have dreamt up what is Groovy Goose, specialty cafe and coffee roasters. With deep roots in the hospitality industry we have dreamt about building a coffee roastery of our own.

We couldn’t be more excited that it’s beginning right in our home town. The San Carlos neighborhood is a special place to us and we can’t wait to bring our coffee, passion, and treats to the streets starting summer 2023.

We can’t wait to get to share with you our Groovy moves!”

Nathan is a San Carlos raised local who married Siera who has been working in coffee since 2015.

Groovy Goose Grand Opening 1

Must-Try Items

For all you who will be visiting, here are some of the must-try items based on their Yelp reviews for the first five days –

Chai Latte – “Amazing!”, “Delicious and spicy and authentic!”
Iced Vanilla Latte
Espresso, especially the Double G
Chocolate Croissant and other Pastries
The Hot House Dip

Follow them at: Yelp | Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

More Yelp Reviews:

“SO excited about Groovy Goose coming in down the street from us! The espresso drinks and coffee is so delish. I am a super hater of Starbucks and Peets coffee and was so relieved tasting the amazingness of Groovy Goose. I know they roast their own coffee and it was apparent they know how to do it right! Barista’s knew what they were doing and took the right amount of time considering we went on the Grand Opening. Very peaceful and inviting ambiance.”

Shari M.
San Carlos, CA

I met some family here for coffee and pastries. It was great! I had an iced vanilla latte and a chocolate croissant. My Wife had a coffee and another pastry. Both were great, I highly recommend this coffee shop and roaster. I like that they roast their own coffee. The service was great and I liked the disco ball and fun music. The artwork was fun too. I will be coming back. I highly recommend 5-Star.”

Travis C.
San Carlos, CA

” For people who like drinking straight espresso, Double G appears to be a winner.

1. Stellar La Marzocco hardware and expertly roasted beans.

2. Kind and polite baristas.

3. An overall good vibe – the music, brightness of the room, and free-flowing cool air.

For a day one soft opening with service expectedly slower than it ultimately WILL be, it’s a home run.”

Steve D.
San Carlos, CA

“Finally! An amazing, non-corporate, family coffee shop in town. Atmosphere is clean, bright and super inviting. Even more exciting, the coffee is spectacular! Had the hot house drip and a iced vanilla latte and we can’t stop talking about them! This is going to be my new favorite place to be.”

John H.
Emmet, ID

“LOVE THIS PLACE ALREADY!!! San Carlos needed this…. Coffee is amazing and passionately made, ambience is great, such a fun little spot to meet with friends and grab a coffee/pastry. They make their own coffee on-site! Service too is exactly what you’d expect from a family-owned business.”

The Thinker V.
San Mateo, CA

“Finally a craft coffee roaster in San Carlos!! Today was the soft opening and the line was out the door and down the sidewalk! So many happy faces getting their coffee and treats. Get the chai latte! It’s delicious and spicy and authentic – not a sweet and sugary imitator. Can’t wait to see how this local community shop continues to flourish!”

Soula C.
Montara, CA

“Sunday was my first day ordering at Groovy Goose! I had a chai here and I normally don’t drink chai’s or order them from other places but it was amazing and very tasty! Definitely a 10/10!”

Chelsea S.
Moss Beach, CA

“Their espresso is really good, I think they were able to figure out some things during their soft opening, and I can say their cappuccinos are also pretty good! Looking forward to when they start selling beans”

Plinio C.
San Carlos, CA

“Just went to Groovy Gooses soft opening and absolutely loved it! Was so impressed with the warm service! The owners are so friendly and open to feedback. I got an iced vanilla coffee and it’s delicious and not too sweet. Once they open their full menu I’m sure it will be my new morning coffee spot!

Eva H.
Central City, Phoenix, AZ

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