On November 25th, when Cuisinett’s closure was announced on Instagram, a wave of sadness swept through the community, tinged with the fond memories the restaurant had shared over its illustrious 12-year tenure. Nevertheless, Chef Geoffroy emerged with promising news of an upcoming project, injecting a ray of optimism into the hearts of loyal patrons and friends.

For more than a decade, Cuisinett had been a cherished restaurant and bistro for French Cuisine in San Carlos. However, the unforeseen challenges brought about by the pandemic and the closure of Laurel Street to traffic gradually took their toll. All in all, this compelling the team behind Cuisinett to bid farewell to their beloved location in search of new horizons.

Chef Geoffroy thanks everyone who has been part of Cuisinett for 12 years – staff and customers alike. Throughout the holiday season, he graciously shared glimpses of his adventures in France – in Paris and in his hometown Lille – offering glimpses of the inspiration that fueled his passion for food.


Interview with Geoffroy Raby, Owner of Cuisinett

In this interview, Chef Geoffroy shares with us glimpses of his life – the place where he grew up in France, his journey to the US, and small hints of his plans after Cuisinett. Arriving in the Land of Opportunity with little more than a dream and a determination to succeed, Chef Geoffroy’s journey in the restaurant business began with humble roots. Through hard work, perseverance, and a steadfast commitment to his craft, Chef Geoffroy was able to start his first restaurant – Cuisinett.


Lille of France seems like a romantic town, filled with beautiful streets and architecture – what was it like growing up there? What do you like the most from Lille?

Lille is the fifth largest city in France. Growing up there was great, since it is a city full of history. Our old town is really beautiful as well as the surrounding area. The real problem is the weather. It is very overcast and rainy most of the year. I was very fortunate to grow up in an area full of history. We would also often go to Belgium. Also, people from Lille and the North of France are generally known to be very welcoming.


Paris, France


You mentioned you had dreamt of coming to the US since age 15? What sparked this dream in you?

I have been dreaming of coming to the US since I was 15 years old and the simple answer is the “American Dream”. I have always felt that there were so many more opportunities in the US, especially the Bay Area. Today, I am very happy to confirm that the US provided me and my family a beautiful life.

Geoffrey And Vabrato

Geoffroy with San Carlos Life Hosts Viv Kelvin and Mark Martinho

How were your first years in the US? How was it like, going to school full time while working in restaurants?

The first few years were a bit tough as my English level was really low. I had to start in the 1st ESL class at the University but I could quickly catch on.

I studied Business Marketing and Finance and I wanted to be in New Product Development or Advertisement. However, to make money and live here in the Bay Area, I needed to find a job quickly. I started to work in a restaurant, and that prompted me to do most of my business projects at the University about opening a restaurant. That’s where I fell in love with the restaurant industry.

Going to school fulltime and working in a restaurant fulltime was not the easiest but it taught me discipline, hard work and learning how to balance school, work and personal life.


Was there a special moment in your life when you realized, you wanted to do restaurants?

I knew I wanted to open a restaurant after my 2nd year in college. I loved the excitement of working in a restaurant, the dynamics between servers, busboys, host, cook, chefs or even dishwashers. I love the hospitality part of owning and working in a restaurant. We open our doors to make people happy every time they visit our restaurant. We give wonderful gifts to our guests. It is not easy everyday and our industry is facing some tremendous challenges but the love of sharing food and experiences is so exciting.

Geoffroy with owner of Delizie, dining at Town Restaurant

Geoffroy with owner of Delizie, dining at Town Restaurant

Cuisinett has been in San Carlos for over 12 years, and I’m sure the loyal customers in San Carlos are waiting for where you will open next. Can you share with us, what do you love most about Cuisinett, and your most beautiful memories with your staff and customers?

The past 12 years in San Carlos have been so great and the community has been so welcoming. As my lease was getting finished and someone made an offer to buy the location, I knew it was time. Also, the fact that Laurel Street will remain closed to traffic pushed my decision to sell. It is great to take the time to reflect and work on what is coming next.

I do want to reopen a new Cuisinett Bistro but I am also open to exploring new opportunities within my industry. For now, I started to do some restaurant consulting while working on my projects. It might be a new restaurant or it will be either a product or a service to the restaurant industry. Time will tell.

Cuisinett Bistro

Cuisinett Bistro


How did you and your wife meet? What’s the best thing about being a father?

I met my wife in San Francisco. She was born in the Philippines but she grew up in Hawaii mostly, then she moved to San Jose. We met in the City. We’ve been married for the past 21 years and we have 12 years old twin boys. We live in Redwood Shores and love to support our community. You can find us after supporting our local businesses in Redwood Shores, San Carlos, Belmont, and other local cities.


Can you tell us more about your recent trip to Paris in terms of inspiration and the restaurants you visited? What dishes you enjoyed the most and the restaurants you visited?

My last trip to France back in January was great. My mom came to visit us for the holidays and I decided to go back to France with her for 10 days. It was our little mom-and-son trip. We had a great time visiting Reims (Champagne Capital), Lyon and Uzes. I then went back to Lille where I grew up to visit my father and my sister. We had a great time and I finished in Paris.

Every time I go back to France, I get a lot of inspiration about restaurant design and what makes a Bistro different from a Brasserie or a Café. I also love to eat our local specialties. For example, in Lille, the food will be completely different than in Reims or Lyon. This is what makes French Cuisine so good.


Lille, France


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