The San Carlos Ice Cream – Yummy!!!

Whether you’re celebrating something, hungry for dessert or just in desperate need of some comfort food – ice cream always hits the spot. So where are the best places in San Carlos CA to grab some of that cold creamy delicious goodness? I mean, how could we be in “The City of Good Living” if we didn’t have ice cream options?

Baskin Robbins

The king of San Carlos ice cream has to be Baskin Robbins – it’s all ice cream! Now, sadly at the time this was written, our San Carlos Baskin Robbins was closed due to flooding damage from the February 2023 rainstorms. The great thing about this place is choice, they do call it 31 flavors. You also get choices like shakes and toppings plus various cone types. But you probably already know this… everyone knows this place!

Tip: If you’re getting a custom ice cream cake with writing on it though, you might want to double check that things are spelled correctly though. See the “cloesed” sign below.

Located at 1648 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070.



Marianne’s Ice Cream at Plantation Coffee

Another great San Carlos ice cream place is the Plantation Coffee Roastery because they carry Marianne’s ice cream! Marianne’s is a local company, and they make super creamy and rich high quality ice cream.  With Baskins Robbins currently closed, I’d head over to Plantation for some San Carlos ice cream. I will also add the Plantation is a super cool local hang out spot that serves great coffee, bagels and pastries so don’t limit yourself to visiting them only for ice cream.

Tip: this place is fattening!

Location: 784 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070


OK, this is supposed to be about San Carlos ice cream and Gelataio serves gelato, which is not really ice cream, but man is it good! However, it’s not really that much different than ice cream either. Ice cream typically contains more air than gelato and therefore tends to be lighter in texture. However, gelato typically offers fewer calories, less sugar and lower fat content per serving than ice cream. So, it’s health food!

Gelataio is like an ice cream store and they have many of the same flavors you’d find at one too. So, plenty of familiar choices to savor plus some new ones too.

Tip: order a smaller cup or scoop than you would with ice cream because this stuff feels really rich and a small amount seems to go a long way.

Location: 644 Laurel St Suite B, San Carlos, CA 94070

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