Last Saturday, San Carlos Life and friends were feeling a little “crabby” with a need to satisfy their appetite for crab. And so they decided to go to the nearest Crab Feed in town: the Friends of the ACC Crab Feed Fundraiser. And what better way to eat crab, than to eat crab wearing crab hats!

Mind you, the Annual Friends of the ACC Crab Feed is **always sold out** every year. Now we know why – because it’s one of the most fun events you can go to – a dinner where you can wrestle these crustaceans together as seasoned friends. But the real treat was knowing that every challenging bite was helping to support the Adult Community Center’s vital programs.

What Happened at the Friends of the ACC Crab Feed

The festivities kicked off at 4:30 pm with a no-host wine and beer bar. By 5:30 pm, hungry guests were all seated and ready for battle. Tickets for the event were a steal at $70 per person, offering attendees the chance to feast on all-you-can-eat crab and a spread of delectable sides: pasta, salad, garlic bread, and dessert.

Friends of the ACC Crabfeed 2024 Food and Wine Glass

Our group was one among a throng armed with bibs and a steely determination to conquer their crabby foes. Some approached their prey with the finesse of a surgeon, extracting crab meat with surgical precision, while others went full-on barbarian, sending shell fragments flying in every direction.

And oh, the crab bibs! Those colorful pieces of armor weren’t just for show – they were a line of defense against the inevitable spray of rogue crab bits. It was a sight to behold, with bibs tied tight and faces adorned with expressions of sheer determination mixed with a dash of confusion (crab anatomy can be tricky, after all). And let’s not forget the occasional battle cry of triumph as someone finally freed a particularly stubborn piece of meat from its shell.

Friends of the ACC Crabfeed 2024 Viv Kelvin

As the evening wore on and the crab carnage reached its peak, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie in the air. Strangers became friends over shared tales of a lifetime filled with love and adventure, of shell-cracking triumphs and buttery blunders, forming bonds that would last long after the last crab had been cracked.

So here’s to the San Carlos Adult Community Center and their crab-tastic fundraiser – may your shells be forever cracked and your hearts forever filled with laughter. Until next year, keep calm and crab on.

(And of course, most of the details in this article are an exaggeration, but the fun we had at the Friends of the ACC Crab Feed was real)

Friends of the ACC Crabfeed 2024 Myles and Viv Kelvin

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Friends of the ACC Crabfeed 2024 Venue Location

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