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677 Laurel St Suite B. San Carlos CA 94070
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The Livin Room : Dining Experience in a Stylish Living Room

Update: The Livin Room is now permanently closed until further notice.

A Reason to Wake Up

The Livin Room is a place where you can chose your style of livin room and then sit back and relax! We pour your drinks, we prepare your food and we clean it all up. All you have to do is book it and bring your friends!

How It Works

We welcome you to your very own Livin Room where you can hang out with friends, family and business colleagues and not have to lift a finger! You can relax with a cocktail in a room of your choice! Order without asking anyone and not have to leave your room. The best part of this is that you have this for a minimum of 2 hours for only 200.00. It’s a two for two lol..

How does it work? Well, you can call us at (650)232-7965 to book it. Or you can visit our website at to book online. We have made it ultra-simple to have fun and relax.

The requirements are very accommodating, and make booking arrival and departure a piece of cheesecake! (with berries no less) We ask that you fill out the reservation form with a credit card authorization for 200.00. This gets you a firm booking for the date and time you requested.

You have up to 48 hours to cancel before it is nonrefundable.(we do offer other options in certain circumstances) A number of requirements are needed to be followed in order to be fair to you and our other guests.

  1. Arrival time is firm. If you are late we cannot add time your departure time.
  2. Departure time is firm. We have other guests waiting and it is important we have time to accommodate their firm arrival time.
  3. We allow your 200.00 to go towards any food and beverage you wish. It does not apply to tax or gratuity. That means if you order nothing, it is still 200.00 plus tax and gratuity. We have great food and craft cocktails. We recommend spending it ail on them! Yum
  4. If you walk in with no reservation we are happy to accommodate you if a room is available. The rate and requirements remain the same. We will charge you the 200.00 prior to seating.
  5. All items in your Livin Room are to remain there. We cannot sell or allow you to remove anything from your room. This will effect the next guests in the room. Please observe this as additional charges could apply. We review the room with you both at the beginning and after your stay.
  6. We observe all the legal rules and regulations for serving and drinking alcohol. Therefore any minor found drinking in a Livin Room with an accompanying adult will be asked to leave and room charges will not be refunded. We do not allow minors in any of our rooms without and accompanied adult present.
  7. This is a ring your own service. We supply the necessary orientation to you both on the website and when you are seated. Your concierge and manager are available to you your visit though out


The Rooms

Fee: 2hours – $200.00 Includes room/Food & Beverage up to 200.00 in value. Tax & 20% Gratuity not included.

From Official Website


Posh Livin Room Opens in San Carlos CA

Blog by Mark Martinho

The newest night life attraction opening in San Carlos CA on February 3, 2023 is the posh Livin Room Bar and Lounge. They are designed for people to gather in small groups and socialize to their hearts’ delight.

Talking to the owner Ted Cutting, this venue has exceptional staff ready willing and able to deliver great service and a unique experience to patrons. You can find the new hot spot at 677 Laurel St, San Carlos CA which is right in San Carlos’ fabulous downtown.

How the Livin Room Works

The Livin Room is made of sections with couches, side chairs. coffee tables plus TVs and fireplaces in most cases in a big open concept room.

The idea is to simultaneously create a cozy environment for friends to socialize with each other while offering the ability for conversations with other groups nearby to occur organically.

They offer patrons a wide array of alcohol choices (from wines, beers and mixed drinks) plus food such a kabobs, wings, salads, pizza and various other entrees.

Unlike a standard bar/lounge though, the Livin Room must be reserved in 2hour blocks for $200 for groups of up to 6 people.

The $200 though is not a fee, it can be credited towards the food & beverages consumed during that period and parties can extend their gathering for additional 2-hour blocks with another $200 reserve.

Taxes and a 20% gratuity are not included in the $200 fee. According to the owner, the $200 fee for the two-hour blocks guarantees the Livin Room experience is well staffed so they can deliver exceptional service to their patrons.

For more information about the Livin Room or to reserve a section for your group, visit

Top Reviews


Haydee N. | San Carlos, CA

I had a great birthday dinner with my daughter and parents. We booked the Game Room Living Room and my girls had a blast! The food was plenty. The staff was warm and friendly and very attentive.

Very cool new trendy place to hang out in San Carlos…I highly recommend it!


Ginger P. | Glendora, CA

Came here for their soft opening. Cool new place in San Carlos, explained to us as a new age social experience! Different kind of bar you can sit and relax but still get superior service. The staff here is great!

They are funny and are quick to help with any needs we had. Tons of postable picture opportunities here, pretty sure we will start to see this all over Instagram.

All in all, we had a great time and would definitely return. The cocktails were fabulous and food was tasty.

Thank you to all the staff, you guys were great! See you soon LivinRoom!


Amanda H. | Daly City, CA
This was a great experience! I walked in one night without a reservation n just wanted to check it out. They have cute seats up front so I sat by the window.

The hostess Shayna was super sweet and walked me through how to order.

I ordered the prosciutto wrapped asparagus and a empress shaker cocktail. The aspparagus seemed super simple but it was delicious served with a pesto aioli. The empress shaker drink was so well balanced and refreshing.

The space was very cute and very Instagrammable. Server was attentive and kind but not overwhelming.

Seems like a good time for a group to hang out and individuals looking for a nice drink to decompress. I’d totally come back with friends next time and reserve the modern room. Very cute.


Jacqueline K. | San Carlos, CA
My friend and I were at the Livin Room last week for their soft opening.

The bar/restaurant is set up as several different rooms without walls. Each has a different theme and décor. Each seats up to 8 guests. The lack of walls gives a feeling of community while you enjoy relaxing and socializing with your own group in your special room.

It is a different concept than any bar/restaurant that I have ever been to. It is meant to be an after Pandemic social experience, which my friend and I were definitely appreciating after so much isolation for so long.

There is no bar with bar stools. You just enjoy your drinks in your own room with very attentive service. It is a great place to meet your friends for a drink and a delicious platter, before going to a Concert, or other special event.

I noticed online that they are introducing a brunch and specialty dessert menu in March. I am looking forward to enjoying both.

The staff there is great! Miles was our server extraordinaire. He was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. Miles explained both the items on the food and the drink menu in detail and answered all of our questions. I will certainly ask for him to be our server on our next visit. His kind of attentive service is hard to find anywhere these days.

We had a great time and have been telling all of our friends about our great experience at the Livin Room.

Both the specialty cocktails and all the food that we tasted, which was a lot, was exquisitely presented and tasted delicious.

We even had a chance to meet the owner, Ted, who sat down in our room to explain his vision for this and his other restaurants which include one similar to this in Paris, France.

I fell in love with the furniture in the “Game Room”. The sofa, loveseat and chair were all an ultra-modern design made of soft leather.

The owner had the furniture and decor custom-designed for each of the rooms in this location and is was shipped from Paris.

So much thought and creativity went into planning this bar/restaurant and I am certain that it will be extremely popular and successful.

Thank you for such a memorable experience. See you on Super Bowl Sunday.

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