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Daily, 11AM – 9PM
711 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States
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Tea Hut is the #1 All Natural Milk Tea Shop in the Bay Area

At Tea Hut, all products are ALL NATURAL with no added nonsense!

We use totally different tea leaves from most other boba shops. These tea leaves serve a greater purpose that goes beyond our milk teas, which may lead to a difference in taste & feel. We offer customized teas and our fresh fruit is delivered & prepared everyday to ensure that our customers are getting the best stuff possible in their drinks.

Our intention is to provide tasty & refreshing drinks that bring something new to San Carlos and the Bay Area’s boba industry. That refreshing feeling is achieved with our selection of ingredients, from the milks we offer to the teas we brew.

All of our milk options—half-and-half, whole milk, soy, almond, & oat—will have a lighter and healthier feel than the powder that is traditionally found in other milk teas.

When it comes to our teas, we like to focus on quality and innovation. The tea bases were specifically chosen to complement our fruit teas, and as a result, our milk teas might be unlike the kind you’re more familiar with. Our green tea, for example, is crafted from a specific jasmine flower & roasting method that are unique to mainland China. This high-quality jasmine tea is quite rare & distinct, making it an essential part of what separates our drinks from the rest of the pack.

How sweet are the drinks?

Since we don’t use any artificial flavorings, our drinks are generally less sweet than other boba shops—their 50% is our 100%. Certain fruit teas may even taste quite bitter if ordered with no sugar, so it is recommended to get them at least 50% sweet for a more enjoyable & satisfying experience. That being said, we still have the sugar-free option for anyone who is watching their sugar intake.

What’s seasons tea?

Seasons tea is a type of oolong tea from Taiwan, distinguished by its signature floral scent.

What’s golden tea?

Golden tea is another type of oolong with an osmanthus floral scent. It has no relation to golden turmeric tea.

Why is the wait so long?

Business is greatly affected by time, day, & weather. If the shop is empty on a rainy Tuesday morning, expect to wait only a minute or two for a small order. If there’s a long line on a sunny Saturday afternoon, expect to wait at least 25 minutes and please be patient.

It’s also important to recognize that we receive large orders (sometimes 20+ drinks!) as well as online orders from various delivery services, such as UberEats, which may cause some delay for in-store orders.

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Top Reviews

Ee Vonn Y. | Yelp 
One of the best boba places I’ve been to recently! Located in the downtown area so parking may be challenging during peak hours but totally worth the trip.

Strawberry Energy – Delicious strawberry slushy for a hot day. Sable Grape (seedless black grape, apple, tea, ice) – Grape slushie with massive chunks of grapes.

Next time try – Sesame mochi milk tea, cheese pinky lychee, coco melon


Mia S | Yelp
I love tea hut. I always get the soy mochi milk tea. It’s more savory than sweet and I really love how creamy the soy foam is on top. I love getting the mochi. This drink is my go to and I always crave it.

My kids usually get the watermelon caffeine free drink and I split it into two smaller cups. Tea hut is my new go to boba shop!


Lorene D. | Yelp

Cheesy Pinky Lychee: my go to! Its not on the big screen menu but it’s listed on the ordering tablet. It tastes like straight lychee w/ a little bit of cheese foam every so often. I saw them use real lychee, not sure if it’s fresh or what but it’s the actual fruit 🙂 I’m not sure what makes it pink though. The crystal boba tastes typical but the only problem was that it was stuck in a huge chunk so i finished the drink before getting any crystal boba.

Strawberry Milk Tea: tastes like a healthier version of strawberry nesquik w/ tea.. not sure how to describe it besides that! It was really good though.

Service/Atmosphere: they were very very quick to make the drinks & seem to have a good system going on despite only having two people! The interior was very aesthetically pleasing with the bamboo/light wood. They even have a choice between bamboo straws or plastic straws!


Olykenav R. | Yelp
Tried this place today since it’s next to my job and it’s pretty good! Asked the cashier about sweetness level and she was very nice and helpful! I’ll probably come more often to try other stuff.

I had: Jasmine Milk Tea + Cold (24oz), Light Ice ($0.75) + 75% Sweet + Traditional Milk Tea + Regular Boba ($0.55) (I drank some in the photo lol)


Kevin L. | Yelp
My favorite milk tea place in the peninsula. Some places have hit or miss days with their pearls, but tea hut has always been consistent with perfect pearls.

Their black milk tea with regular dairy is the perfect amount of tea (a little bit stronger than regular boba places) and creamy.

Tip: you can order ahead online without an extra charge to skip the line is there is one.


Nancy C. | Yelp
Got a cheese pinky lychee. Expensive, but good. I’d return and try something else. Liked that they have both plastic and bamboo straws!


Better B. | Yelp
Let me tell you, when I went to this fine establishment, I was welcomed with nothing but open arms. The workers were so kind, and even offered to speak to me in my native tongue (Spanish).

Furthermore, when I asked for my drink with 50% boba, they actually gave it to me, unlike boba guys who spit in my drink when I made the request.

Also my husband who came also got spoken to in Chinese, proving their inclusivity. I hope the manager the best wishes and am so happy to be drinking their boba. Honestamente, era tan 綺麗 y espero que yo pueda venir otra vez!!


James W. | Yelp
My son’s YouTube channel just got 1000th YouTube subscribers yesterday, so we decided to celebrate at Tea Hut.

I just came back from Taiwan, the hometown of boba drinks, but our whole family agrees that the best boba drinks in the world is still Tea Hut!! Tea hut drinks are really healthy, and the drinks look REALLY BEAUTIFUL!

Their flavors are creatively and freshly made. Even their cups are super high quality. I have hard time to throw them away because they are nice quality cups.

They also have really elegant interior deco. Very original. And their service is really top of the line also. They even have printed sign saying “giving free drink if the order was made incorrectly.” In short, we love tea hut, and highly recommended!


Nick A. | Yelp
I always had to travel to SF to get tea hut since their boba is to die far. You can imagine how happy I was when they opened their San Carlos location.

They always use fresh fruits in their teas and you can really taste the strong flavors. My favorite every day flavor is the Strawberry Energy with cheese cream, but their seasonal flavors are phenomenal. Lately, they’ve had the mochi milk tea, which is Hong Kong style tea served with 3 mochi balls on top of milk foam.

The Emerald Grape tastes similar to their Sable Grape flavor, but still tastes amazing. This location is relatively new compared to their SF locations, so they may still have logistical difficulties with orders on occasion, but my experiences have been good so far. I highly recommend bringing your friends so that you can try the various flavors together.


Vincent C. | Yelp
What I like most about Tea Hut is that you can really taste all the fruits, and that they are cut fresh! It really makes a difference in the flavor of the overall drink.

In addition, the drink was the perfect amount of sweetness and I thought the cream cheese topping was an excellent touch. I also thought the shop was super cute and the wait was really short!


Elsa G. | Yelp
I had the jasmine green milk tea (with oat milk). Simple, but delicious, and the service was fast. They didn’t run through a script like some tea places, so if you want a different level of sweetness or ice than normal, make sure to remember to say that when you go up to place your order.

I forgot to say 25% sweet, so my tea was sweeter than I prefer, but it wasn’t overly sweet like some places. They use snap on lids that have a plug so you can seal the drinking hole when traveling.

The plug is attatched to the lid with a thin piece of plastic so you don’t lose it, but that made it spring around and fling drops of tea, so that’s not ideal. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and will be back to try their taro milk tea.


Philana C. | Yelp
Tea Hut is one of my favorite boba places! I’ve been to their two locations in San Francisco and loved their drinks. With their new location in San Carlos, their drinks are just as good!

I ordered their Mango Dreamer with less sugar and they filled it to the top of the cup. Their Mango Dreamer is a blended drink made with tea and fresh mangos. Super delicious and refreshing. The drink is a bit thick, but not too sweet with the reduced sugar.

Pricing is a little bit high but understandable since they use fresh fruits. Employees are very friendly. Definitely will be back for more at this location!


Kathy L. | Yelp
Came across the newly opened boba shop accidentally while strolling along on Laurel Street.

Not knowing what to order, the staff person suggested trying the black sesame mochi milk tea (with a soy cream on top)–never had mochi balls in my milk tea. It was definitely something different from the traditional boba milk tea; this was a thicker consistency, but not a like a smoothie. The mochi balls were skewered, 3 on a stick and presented in a cellophane bag.

Instinctively I wanted to drop the mochi balls in the drink, but I think it’s better to dip it in and enjoy with the drink–a bite of the mochi ball and a sip of the milk tea. I thought it was a good idea to dip/dunk and sip and not drop it in–you’ll have to fish it out from the bottom. It was a delightful experience and I would order it again (it’s a seasonal drink, so it’s not offered now).

I tried the Coco Melon drink (with coconut pudding, watermelon & tea) and it was also very delicious. The drink was very pretty–pink & white. You can’t go wrong with any drink and I definitely will be returning.


C C. | Yelp
A welcomed boba shop addition to San Carlos. This shop is on the hip/modern side, more line with the boba guys vs. quickly vibe.

I tried the golden milk tea with oat milk + boba the other day and it hit the spot. It’s great that they have options for milk substitutes. Just wish they opened a little later. Will be back to try out other drinks.


James N. | Yelp
This was one of my go-to places back when we lived in SF. It was a pleasant surprise when they opened in the Peninsula.

I usually stick to the the classic black milk tea; strong tea flavor with chewy boba – can’t go wrong w/ that. Stopped by again yesterday… and had three drinks. It was pretty hot outside, so these drinks just kept me hydrated and refreshed lol.

Passionfruit Orange – light and tangy Sable Grape – would like to try this again w/o the lychee jelly, since the lychee overpowered the grape.

Mango Dreamer – first time having this and it was great; fresh blended mango and tea, what more can you ask for


Daniel K. | Yelp
I think I found my favorite tea joint, move over boba guys. I’m a big fan of milk tea and Tea Hut’s Four Seasons Milk tea was absolutely delicious. I would definitely go back and get it. Strong Jasmine taste but not too sweet.

I also got their sable grape which was kind of grape slushy was really good. I really enjoyed. I’m not a boba guy no pun intended so don’t know how their Boba tastes. I’m curious to try more of their flavors.


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