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Susie Cakes : Delicious & Timeless Cakes

Hello, Welcome to Susie Cakes!

At Susie Cakes, we sell more than cakes. Our personal in-bakery experience, time-honored recipes and comforting taste have enhanced celebrations throughout California & Texas since opening the first bakery in 2006…and now Susie Cakes is available nationwide.

What We Do

We create genuine connections, and turn milestones and everyday occassions into memorable celebrations

How We Do It

We bake the best-tasting, timeless versions of your most loved treats, all with simple, back to basic ingredients


Susie Cakes At First Bite

  1. Founded in 2006
  2. 26 Bakeries (and counting!)
  3. 330 Employees
  4. Susan “Susie” Sarich is our Founder/CEO
  5. We are now shipping nationwide!
  6. All our goods are preservative-free


About the Founder and CEO

“You most likely recall a cake as part of your life’s milestone celebrations. Cake has the unique ability to connect us with the people and events of our past. However, cake should not be reserved only for these special occasions. A delicious slice of cake can immediately bring a bit of celebration to an ordinary day. I hope you enjoy SusieCakes on your special occasions, as well as all the days in between.” – Susie Sarich

Famous for creating Susie Cakes, one of California’s top destinations for satisfying the sweet tooth, Susan Sarich is a twenty-five-year veteran of the hospitality industry. Upon graduation from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, she launched her hospitality career at Hyatt Hotels before being recruited to the famous House of Blues.

She then lent her talents to a variety of renowned hospitality groups, including the Mobil 5-Star Everest restaurant and Ian Schrager’s Clift Hotel. Ready for an entrepreneurial challenge, Susan moved to Portland, OR where she co-founded Zinc Bistrot, honored as one of Zagat’s “America’s Top Restaurants”.

Susan continued to reminisce about her Midwest upbringing and memories of baking alongside her grandmothers. She craved home-style, American treats made from scratch, with real ingredients. Combining her business savvy expertise with the treasured 3”x 5” recipe cards passed down from her grandmothers, Mildred and Madeline, she opened Susie Cakes in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2006.

Serving up everything from classic layer cakes to decadent cupcakes, Susie Cakes’ delicious desserts, superior service, and old-fashioned atmosphere quickly coined the bakery a neighborhood favorite along with a large celebrity following.

The company has since steadily expanded throughout Southern California, with bakeries now in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange & San Diego Counties and throughout Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Susie Cakes has branched out to Texas for a total of 26 locations with sights set on further national expansion. Most recently the Company launched nationwide shipping of their baked good to bring more cakes to more states!

Proving that success has no age limits, Susan is honored to be part of the 2022 Forbes 50 over 50 list. She is also the proud recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year ™ Award in Greater Los Angeles and now serves as a judge for the event. As well, she’s received the Junior League of Los Angeles Community Achievement Award.

She has been a Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer at Cornell University and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the California Restaurant Association. In her free time, she enjoys traveling in search of great baked goods and donating her efforts to supporting local animal and women’s causes.


Classic Ingredients

We bake using simple, back to basics ingredients, just like you would find in an old-fashioned pantry.

  • Creamy Butter
  • Whole Milk
  • Fresh Eggs
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Granulated Sugar


From Susie Cakes Official Website

Top Reviews

Zoe G. | Yelp
I’m an avid Susie Cakes fan and I can easily say I have never had a better snickerdoodle cookie anywhere. Everyone there is so nice and always greets you the second you walk in! Their cupcakes are great, I don’t think I’ve met one of their cupcakes I don’t like! I’ve tried random cake slices from them as well, I think my favorite would be marble. It has little chocolate chips in it! It always smells so good in the store, makes it very hard to resist! Writing this review is making me want to go get a cookie…


Craig S. | Yelp
If you are the designated “dessert” provider, getting a SusieCake will always be a hit. It doesn’t matter the occasion you cannot go wrong with their carrot cake……my fave….or anything else on the menu


Janean P. | Yelp
I placed an order for their combination cupcakes 8. My daughter just had surgery; Unbeknown to my surprise, my credit card was charged twice! Susie cakes called me immediately and let me know the situation. Not only did they take care of it, but I explained that my daughter had surgery, and they were so grateful they added 1 cupcake to make it a total of 9! Now just to let everyone know, I’ve had their cupcakes and cakes before, and they’re delicious, so I’ve given them five stars. Everyone should try Susie’s cakes, Whether they’re their cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. Did I mention they have some of the best items all year around novelty? Just hit up their website, and you can see their store. The street is busy with parking, FYI. Thanks for taking the time and reading my review. JP


Trisha O. | Yelp
NEVER going back to the cake companies that cost $100.00+ and need an order over 1 month in advance. Ordered cupcakes for my son’s 5th party and just stuck a themed flag in each one for a little pizazz! Everyone loved them and my son did, too! They were ready early on a Sunday/holiday weekend and the customer service in San Carlos was top notch. All cupcakes were fresh, boxed neatly and nicely made with cute frosting topping. Helpful tip: menu and online order template is very user-friendly and one can really personalize order! Thank you SAN CARLOS Susie!


ManiM | Google
We got the summer berry cake. I thought it was the most delicious cake I have ever had. So moist , fresh and light and not too sweet. Just delicious!!


Karen C. | Yelp
Fabulous cupcakes- they were extremely moist and flavorful – even though we bought them they day before our event. My aunt said the flourless one was the best gluton- free cupcakes she has ever had and the red velvet ones were phenomenal. Definitely worth the price for an important occasion.


Prasad Falke | Google
Somebody (I forgot their name) helped me send a surprise cake to a friend who was staying at the nearby hotels. She was very helpful for my request and her service was above and beyond. The cake and cupcakes were delicious, my friend loved it. Service date: April 01, 2022.


Pallavi C. | Yelp
The most amazing and wonderful staff of any bakery you’ll ever go to!!!! I bought a slice of marble cake today and was eyeing the German chocolate one but said I’ll come another time to try it. The gentleman behind the counter gave me a partial slice of German chocolate on the house! I was so touched! I had quite a week between work and family issues and just wanted a pick me up and SusieCakes’ staff once again made my day! Can’t say enough wonderful things about the San Carlos location and all the folks who work there. I have come here all for all cakes and sweets for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, for the past 6 years and am always super pleased with whatever I buy, highly recommend 🙂


Nerri Y. | Yelp
Walking into SusieCakes, I was greeted with the delicately sugar perfumed air of fresh cakes and confections. Even though it was a rainy day, the interior was bright and cheerful, as were the staff! My to go order of a dozen cupcakes was ready and waiting for me and I was in and out of the store in less than a minute. I only paused to linger at the display case admiring the beautiful cakes. The cupcakes themselves were so delicious and were a huge hit at my year end meeting. They were not overwhelmingly sweet and had a perfectly light moist crumb. My only minor complaint would be the packaging – the cupcakes were separated in the box only by parchment paper and slid together in transit. A box with cupcake cutouts would probably travel better. Nonetheless I was super pleased and will definitely come here again for a sweet treat!


Olykenav R. | Yelp
This is my second time visiting and the workers are always so sweet! I’ve tried a slice of their cake my first time and cupcakes today for my second visit and both have all been recommendations from the staff and both times they’ve been so delicious (,: the staff is so helpful and I’ll be coming here more often! Thank you (:


Maria V. | Yelp
Fantastic place to buy cakes and cupcakes. They serve a six layer vanilla celebration cake, red velvet cake and an awesome awesome carrot cake. The service was impeccable, definitely service with a smile. Everything is really clean also. For the less organized people, they even have party hats and birthday candles so it’s a one stop shop.


Jose Alvarez | Google
Susie Cakes does an awesome job when it comes to cakes, cupcakes and more. You can walk in or order yours online. I personally enjoy there red velvet cupcakes, I think it’s the cream cheese frosting that does it for me. Stop by and try something new.


Brian Z. | Yelp
I have to give a big shout out to Susie Cakes for saving a little boys birthday celebration! We had an unfortunate no-harm accident in the car and the writing on the cupcakes got all messed up. I turned the car around snd went back to the store and they fixed the icing accident right away…thank you Susie Cakes, we’ll be back again and again!


Matthew Kolar (Matt) | Google
I fell in love with their Vanilla Celebration Cake. The chocolate and lemon cakes are close behind it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the celebration cake is their top seller because I see it at every party and requested by colleagues and friends.


Mira C. | Yelp
LOVE THESE CAKES. I don’t normally eat icing period. I will scrape it off or opt for a whipped cream cake. I don’t know how but I will eat every part of a SusieCake. It’s so rich, moist, decadent and flavorful. I would regularly sneak forkfuls of the cake whenever I walked back into the kitchen. Just UGH. The cakes are super dense so unless you’re prepared for that you may not enjoy them. Every flavor I’ve had were a hit. Order of flavors from my favorite to least (though I’ve liked them all!): – Strawberry custard (seasonal) – Carrot cake – Red Velvet – Original Birthday – Chocolate – Lemon – Marble


Keishi F. | Yelp
Their dessert is obviously insanely good (I’m especially partial to their cheesecake), but the customer service is fantastic. We stopped in yesterday and ended up being 40 cents short so the employee used his own change so that we could still get our full order, and both employees helped us with huge smiles. Best cake in town + kind staff has us coming back again and again.


Brieanna S. | Yelp
I ordered my boyfriend’s birthday cake here, and from start to finish it was such an easy process. I called in the order, and they were very polite and accommodating, asking specific questions regarding the different frosting textures, designs, colors and writing options. The cake was ready for pick up on time, and with care instructions. I am still dreaming about how good it was! The frosting is perfect, not too sweet, and the cake itself is dense, soft and moist – hard to put down. They also called after to follow up and make sure we enjoyed our cake, which I thought was such great customer service! I will be returning for more!

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