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1101 San Carlos Ave. 94070
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Breakfast & Lunch Menu
Sweets $8.00 PANCAKES (HALF) Buttermilk Pancakes, Gluten Free Pancakes, Red Velvet Pancakes $15.00 PANCAKES (FULL) Buttermilk Pancakes, Gluten Free Pancakes, Red Velvet Pancakes $2.25 ADD TOPPINGS Strawberries, Banana, Blueberries, Chocolate Chips, Blacknberries $15.00 FRENCH TOAST Whipped butter, berries, powdered sugar, whipped cream, on brioche bread $18.00 CHICKEN AND WAFFLES House made fried boneless chicken thighs on a crispy golden waffle, topped with maple syrup and powdered sugar $22.00 NASHVILLE STYLE CHICKEN AND WAFFLES Sweet, spicy and savory fried boneless chicken thighs tossed on a Belgian pecan waffle topped with powdered sugar $8.00 FRESH MADE Cinnamon Rolls Keep it Lean $18.00 SMOKED SALMON AVOCADO TOAST Fresh sourdough, lined with cream cheese, sliced avocado, smoked salmon, capers, pickeld onions topped with micro greens $17.00 BACON AVOCADO TOAST Fresh sourdough, sliced avocado, cream cheese, poached egg, chopped bacon, red onion smoked paprika topped with micro greens $18.00 COBB SALAD Mixed greens, tomatoes, egg, blue cheese crumble, bacon, avocado, olives, red onion choice of dressing $13.00 OATMEAL Irish Oats, brown sugar, mixed berries topped with California honey $16.00 BURGUNDY BOWL Acai, granola, strawberries, blueberries, banana, honey, coconut flakes $17.00 QUICHE Eggs, gruyere cheese, bacon, carmalized onions, spinach with side Drakes salad $17.00 AVOCADO TOAST E.V.O.O. Fleur De Sel, avocado, mixed greens, side of seasonal fruit, Drakes salad $26.00 CRAB STUFFED AVOCADO Crab stuffed whole avocado, on bed of sauteed bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, jack cheese, drizzled with house made spicy sauce Friends with Benedicts All meals served with choice of country potatoes, tater-tots or Drakes salad Gluten Free available $1.5 $18.00 CLASSIC BENEDICT Poached eggs, Canadian bacon, English muffin, hollandaise $22.00 SMOKED SALMON BENEDICT Poached eggs, English muffin, smoked salmon, hollandaise $25.00 CRAB BENEDICT Poached eggs, English muffin, UNGENESS CRAB, sliced grilled tomatoes, hollandaise $20.00 CALIFORNIA BENEDICT Poached eggs, English muffin, spinach, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, hollandaise $19.00 CORNED BEEF HASH BENEDICTS Poached eggs, English muffin, corned beef hash, whole grain mustard hollandaise Drakes Favorites $18.00 CHILAQUILES Two eggs your way, fried corn tortillas, guajillo sauce, sliced jalapenos, pico de gallo, crema, guacamole, queso fresco, topped with cilantro $17.00 CLASSIC BREAKFAST BURRITO Scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, cheddar cheese, country potatoes, sour cream $17.00 SPICY BREAKFAST BURRITO Scrambled eggs, country potatoes, jalapeno, Mexican chorizo, pico de gallo, sour cream, Monterey jack cheese, topped with house made spicy sauce $17.00 BREAKFAST SANDWICH Toasted Sourdough, two eggs your way, bacon, chipotle aioli, cheddar cheese, we are sliced avocado $18.00 CROQUE MADAME Brioche, ham, gruyere cheese, Mornay sauce, topped with a sunny side up egg $25.00 BRUNCH BURGER Brioche bun, Snake River Farms Wagyu patty, bacon, garlic aioli arugula, gruyere cheese topped sunny side up egg choice of side $17.00 BLT Toasted sourdough, bacon, lettuce, tomato, garlic aiolo $17.00 BREAKFAST TACOS Flour tortillas, refried beans, scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, crema, cotija cheese with crispy bacon, topped with cilantro San Carlos Classics $18.00 BPR BUILDERS COMBO Two eggs your way with toasted sourdough and choice of bacon or sausage, pancake and country potatoes or tater-tots $22.00 "OLD COUNTY'S" COUNTRY FRIED STEAK Two eggs your way, fried steak, smothered in sausage gravy side country potatoes or tater-tots $18.00 "INDUSTRIAL'S" BISCUITS AND SUASAGE GRAVY Two eggs your way, milk sausage gravy, FRESH MADE biscuits and choice of country potatoes or tater-tots $18.00 "BURTON PARK'S" CORNED BEEF HASH Two Eggs your way, HOUSE MADE hash served with whole grain mustard hollandaise and side country potatoes or tater-tots and sourdough $30.00 "DEVONSHIRE'S LITTLE STORE" STEAK AND EGGS 10oz New York PRIME STRIP cooked your way, with two eggs and sourdough bread, choice of country potatoes or tater-tots Eggscellent $18.5 MEXICAN OMELLETE Mexican chorizo, cotija cheese, onion, avocado, crema $18.5 CHEF OMELLETE Truffle mushrooms, gruyere cheese, spinach, chives $18.50 CALIFORNIA OMELLETE Bacon, avocado, spinach, tomato, Monterey jack cheese $18.00 DENVER OMELLETE Ham, onion, bell pepper, American cheese, cheddar cheese $26.00 CRAB OMELLETE Crab, jack cheese, onion, smothered in hollandaise sauce $18.5 "JOE'S" SCRAMBLE Seasoned ground beef, mushrooms, spinach, onion, tomatoes $18.00 VEGGIE SCRAMBLE Mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, onion, avocado
Breakfast & Lunch Menu (Beverages)
Coffee $4.50 DRIP COFFEE $7.00 COLD BREW $5.00 ESPRESSO $6.50 AMERICANO $6.50 CAPPUCCINO $6.50 LATTE Mocha, Caramel, Lavender Not Coffee $5.00 STRAWBERRY LEMONADE $5.00 ORANGE JUICE $4.00 2% MILK $4.5 CHOCOLATE MILK $6.5 SPARKLING MINERAL WATER $4.00 HOT TEAS Black, Chamomile, Oolong Mocktails $8.00 MAUI FIZZ Strawberry, lemon, lime, pineapple, soda water $8.00 HONEY BEAR NOJITO House made honey mint syrup, lime juice, soda water $8.00 BLOOD ORANGE LEMONADE Organic blood orange puree, lemonade, soda water Bloody Mary $15.00 CLASSIC BLOODY MARY Filthy bloody mary mix, Hetchy vodka, garnished with bacon, celery, olives, lime Wines Rose $13.00 BERTRAND France $12.50 THE PALM France $12.00 SOURCE OF JOY France $14.00 MIONETTO PRESTIGE PROSECCO ROSE Italy $12.00 SPARKLING RUFFINO PROSECCO Italy Pino Grigio $12.00 OYSTER BAY New Zealand $13.00 ACROBAT Oregon $14.00 BLANC DE PINOT NOIR CHANDON Ca Sauv Blanc $15.00 JOHN ANTHONY SAUV BLANC Ca $18.00 ROMBAUER Ca $14.00 KIM CRAWFORD New Zealand Chardonnay $14.00 JOSH CELLARS CHARD CRAFTSMAN $15.00 WENTE VYDS CHARDONNARY $12.00 STONE CAB $24.00 ROMBAUER CHARDONNAY Mimosas $13.00 MIMOSAS pomegranate, orange, grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple Spritzers $13.00 CLASSIC APEROL $14.00 LUXARDO APRICOT $13.00 CHANDON GARDEN $15.00 ST. GERMAIN ELDERFLOWER Breakfast Cocktails $14.00 HONEY BEAR MOJITO Bacardi Rum, honey, fresh mint, lime juice, soda water $15.00 ESPRESSO MARTINI Kettle One Vodka, Mr. Black, simple syrup & espresso $14.00 CRUNCH MILK House made cereal-infused oat milk, Brown Sugar Bourbon, demerara syrup $15.00 DRAKES OLD FASHION Elijah Craig Whiskey, cold brew syrup, bitters, topped with bacon $14.00 EARLY GREY MARTINI House made earl grey syrup, The Botanist Gin, fresh lemon juice $14.00 TRIPLE B Brown Sugar Burbon, milk, early grey syrup, vanilla extract, boba $14.00 MATCHA MINT JULEP Hetchy Vodka, matcha, demerara syrup, fresh mint $15.00 BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA Don Julio Tequila, blood orange puree, sweet & sour, agave, lime juice $14.00 PINEAPPLE MARTINI Bacardi 5 year, pineapple juice, demerara syrup, coco lopez, lime juice, passion fruit foam $12.00 BREAKFAST SHOT Teelings Whiskey, butterscotch liqueur, side of OJ and bacon Frozen Cocktails $13.00 PALOMA Cazadores Reposado, grapefruit juice, lime juice, orange juice, simple syrup $13.00 FROSE Rose, Grey Goose Vodka, lemon juice, strawberry, simple syrup Beer $8.00 LEAD DOG IPA $7.50 GILMAN LAGER $7.00 MODELO ESPECIAL $7.50 MANGO CART $7.00 LOCAL ROOTS COMBUCHA $7.00 VICE SOUR $7.50 FORT POINT KSA $7.50 805 $7.00 COORS LIGHT $8.00 ROTATING HAZY IPA $8.00 DESCHUTES FRESH SQUEEZED IPA
Dinner & Dessert Menu
Sharable's $8.50 SPICY GARLIC EDAMAME Edamame, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chili flakes, topped with toasted sesame seeds $14.00 FRESH SPRING ROLL Rice paper, lettuce, Thai basil, carrots, rice noodles, shrimp with house made peanut dipping sauce $23.00 MUSSELS Steamed mussels, Spanish chorizo, shallots, garlic, fresno pepper, white wine, with side French crostini $21.00 FILET MIGNON POUTINE Tater-tots, French fries, filet tips, red wine beef gravy, jack cheese, topped with blue cheese and pickled onions $17.00 CHICKEN WINGS Choice of buffalo or garlic parmesan side carrots and choice of house ranch or blue cheese dressing $22.00 AHI POKE Sesame wonton chips, wakame salad, sushi mayo, avocado, grilled pineapple, topped with toasted sesame seeds $12.00 MY GIRLFRIEND'S NOT HUNGRY Side order of buffalo wings and fries $12.00 GIANT PRETZEL Locally made giant pretzel topped with sea salt house made cheese sauce $25.00 DRAKE'S PLATTER Grilled tenderloin, roasted garlic, bell peppers, onions, burrata french crostini, side chimichurri on bed of arugula $18.50 CRAZY FRIES Corned beef hash, sauerkraut, Montery jack cheese, green onion, topped in house made thousand island dressing Kids All meals served with tater-tots or fresh fruit $12.00 CHICKEN TENDERS Boneless fried chicken with side of house made ranch sauce $12.00 CHEESE FLATBREAD Mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil $12.00 MAC AND CHEESE Cavatappi noodles, covered in house made cheese sauce $10.00 KIDS QUESADILLA Flour tortillas and mozzeralla $12.00 NOLI'S PICK Grilled chicken, white rice and avocado $12.00 SLIDERS Two beef sliders, mayo with American cheese Smalls $17.00 GRILLED CHEESE & TOMATO BISQUE Local sourdough bread, munster, sharp cheeder, pesto, toasted parmeson crust $18.50 SEASONAL SALAD Grilled chicken, roasted beets, strawberry, glazed pecans, burrata cheese, mixed greens, topped with champagne vinaigrette $18.00 CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD Romaine lettuce, Napa cabbage, red bell peppers, cucumbers, cilantro, sesame sead wonton strips, crispy chicken $24.00 CALAMARI SALAD Spanish octopus, onion soubise, capers, onion, parsley, mint, dill, micro celery tossed in red wine vinaigrette $18.00 PROSCIUTTO FLATBREAD Prosciutto, mornay sauce, mozzarella with fresh arugula $13.00 CAESAR SALAD Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese, tossed in house made caesar dressing $15.00 ICEBERG WEDGE Iceberg lettuce, bacon, shaved red onion, hard boiled egg, blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing $15.00 CHICKEN STREET TACOS Three corn tortillas, cilantro, red onion topped house made tamatillo salsa $17.00 FRIED AVOCADO TACOS Butter leaf lettuce, fried avocado, chipotle aioli topped with pickled onions and cilantro $16.00 MARGHERITA FLATBREAD Mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil $17.00 ROASTED BOSC PEAR SALAD Roasted pears, glazed pecans, goat cheese, mixed greens tossed in champagne vinaigrette $18.00 COBB SALAD Mixed greens, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, avocado, red onion with choice of dressing $13.50 BAO KOREAN TACOS Two Bao buns, spicy Korean pear infused beef, topped with house made slaw $17.00 WAGYU BEEF SLIDERS Three local brioche buns, SRF wagyu, gruyère, grilled onions, arugula, garlic aoli $17.50 CHICKEN PESTO FLATBREAD Grilled chicken, pesto sauce, mozzarella with red bell peppers and onion Mains $16.00 DRUNKEN NOODLES Rice noodles, green onion, fresno pepper, garlic, shallots, Thai basil $18.00 CHICKEN SANDWICH House made fried boneless chicken, chipotle aioli,sliced pickles, side tater-tots $20.00 NOT NT GRANDMA'S GNOCCHI Gnocchi, creamy pesto, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, parmigiana $23.00 DRAKES PASTA Cavatappi bolognese, Italian sausage, SRF wagyu beef, topped with parmesan and fresh basil $25.00 DRAKES BURGER Brioche bun, Snake River Farms wagyu beef patty, thick cut bacon, garlic aioli, arugula, heirloom tomato, gruyère cheese, garlic parmesan, with side of truffle fries $18.00 IMPOSSIBLE BURGER Brioche bun, garlic aioli, red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, grilled onions & mushrooms, jack cheese with side of fries $24.00 POKE BOWL Sushi rice, kimchi, cucumber, crispy onion, carrots, ahi poke, sushi mayo $24.00 FETTUCCINE ALFREDO Local made fettuccine, blackened shrimp, freshly grated parmesan, garlic, fresh thyme $35.00 NEW YORK STEAK 10 oz Prime Grade Steak, fried yukon potatoes tossed in garlic & cilantro, jumbo asparagus, topped with fresh chimichurri sauce $26.00 TERIYAKI SALMON 8 oz pan seared salmon, broccolini, wild mushrooms on bed of white rice, drizzled in house made teriyaki sauce $18.50 VEGETABLE PASTA Ballerina pasta, house veggies with a hint of chipotle topped with parmesan
Dinner & Dessert Menu (Beverages)
Craft Cocktails $14.00 PAPER PLANE Elijah Craig, aperol, Amara Nonino, lemon juice $14.00 LOVE ME SEXY Makers Mark Bourbon ,peach syrup, basil, honey, lemon juice $14.00 HONEY BEAR MOJITO Bacardi Rum, honey, fresh mint, lime juice, soda water $15.00 ESPRESSO MARTINI Kettle One Vodka, Mr. Black, espresso, demerara syrup $14.00 HUMUHUMUNUKUNKUAPUA'A Basil Hayden bourbon, orgeat, orange bitters $14.00 BEAR TRAP Titos Vodka, fresh berries, lime ginger beer $15.00 COCONUT MARGARITA Cazadores Cristalino, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, lime juice, agave $15.00 BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA Don Juilo, Blood Orange, agave, lime, cointreau $14.00 PAIN KILLER Plantation 5 year, pineapple juice, OJ, cream of coconut $15.00 SNOZZBERRY Grey Goose, Chambord, demerara syrup, cointreau, lemon juice $14.00 ONO MAI TAI Bacardi 4 Year, Plantation OFTD, orgeat, orange curacao, lime juice $14.00 EARL GREY MARTINI The Botanist, lemon juice, house made Earl Grey syrup $15.00 SMOKE ON THE WATER Mezcal Tequila, lemon juice, blue curacao, honey syrup $15.00 DRAKES OLD FASHION Elijah Craig Whiskey, cold brew syrup, orange bitters, bacon Beers $8.00 MODELO ESPECIAL Pilsner-style $7.50 ROTATING SOUR Ask Server $8.00 ROATING HAZY IPA Ask Server $7.50 COORS LIGHT Light Lager $7.50 805 Blonde Ale $7.50 FORT POINT KSA Blonde Ale $8.00 LEAD DOG IPA $8.00 MANGO CART Light Wheat Ale $8.00 DESCHUTES FRESH SQUEEZED IPA Frozen Cocktails $13.00 PALOMA Cazadores reposado, grapefruit juice, lime juice, orange juice, simple syrup $13.00 FROSE Rose, Grey Goose Vodka, lemon juice, strawberry, simple syrup By The Glass Rose/Sparkling $13.00 SOURCE OF JOY France $12.50 THE PALM France $15.00 RUFFINO PROSECCO Italy $14.00 MIONETTE PRESTIGE PROSECCO SPARKLING ROSE Italy $14.00 CHANDON BLANC DE NOIR California Sauvignon Blanc $15.00 JOHN ANTHONY Napa Valley $18.00 ROMBAUER Napa Valley $14.00 KIM CRAWFORD New Zealand Pinot Gris $13.00 ACROBAT Oregon $12.00 OYSTER BAY New Zealand Chardonnay $12.00 AVA GRACE CA $14.00 JOSH CELLARS ESTATE COLLECTION Napa Valley $23.00 ROMBAUER Napa Valley $15.00 WENTE ESTATE COLLECTION Monterey Blends/Merlot $16.00 UNSHACKLED RED California $13.00 CHARLES KRUG MERLOT Napa Valley Zinfandel $20.00 ROMBAUER California $13.00 BALLARD LANE Central Coast Ca $13.00 BRASSFIELD California $14.00 SERIAL Paso Robles Ca $18.00 QUILT Napa Valley Pinot Noir $16.00 DAVIS BYNUM Russian River Ca $14.00 BANSHEE California $15.00 BOEN California
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Our History

The history behind the restaurant name: In the 1920’s, Mr. Fredrick Drake also known as “Father of San Carlos” donated money to pave the way for the city. With Drake’s donations, San Carlos was able to begin developing the city’s infrastructure. Mr. Drake also named multiple streets, built homes and coined the San Carlos City slogan “The City of Good Living.” Join me over the coming months in starting this new chapter of my life in building a stronger community and to celebrate life!


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