Bicycle Complaints including 3 Foot Rule Violations in San Carlos can now be reported online at the SMCS Official Website

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The office of the San Mateo County sheriff announced May 11 that bicyclists in the whole Peninsula including San Carlos can now report 3-foot passing rule violations in the Sheriff’s online crime portal at

A category for bicyclists’ complaints has been added to the online report system, with exact terms of violation as “operating in unlawful manner, including not obeying the ‘three-foot rule,’” the portal says. Those filing a complaint are to provide their personal information and details of the incident, including the car’s license number.

After investigation, a warning letter will then be sent to the owner of the reported vehicle.

California’s 3-foot law requires the driver of a running motor vehicle to keep safe distance of at least 3-feet from bicyclists traversing on the side of the rode. If not enough distance is possible, the driver is required to slow down to a reasonably safe speed and is allowed to pass the bicycle only in circumstances that would not endanger the latter. The driver may not cross a double yellow center line, even to provide the required clearance.

A violation of this rule is punishable by a fine of thirty five dollars ($35). Should a collision occur between the car and bicyclist because of violation of this law, even causing some bodily injury to the cyclist, a fine of two hundred twenty dollars ($220) shall be imposed upon the driver.

Bicycle Complaints Online San Mateo County Sheriff San Carlos CA

Screenshot of the San Mateo County Sheriff Online Report Portal

To report a violation, please click the SMCS logo below:

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To know more about the California 3-Foot Rule visit this website:

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