Which San Carlos Starbucks has the Best Coffee?

So, the age-old question persists, which San Carlos Starbucks has the best coffee? The one on San Carlos Avenue or the one on Laurel Street? I think you have to do an apples-to-apples comparison, so let’s just stick to talking about their signature drink – the Pike Place roast; caffeinated of course!

San Carlos Ave Starbucks

Now there are distinct differences between the coffee in these two locations.  The San Carlos Avenue Starbucks is slightly further north which means its closer to our Hetch-Hetchy water source and therefore its water is fresher and purer, none of that stale taste from the water having to travel an extra 500 yards down the street.

There are also some rich flavor blends that make their way into the coffee at the San Carlos Avenue location that are lacking on Laurel Street. These come from the aroma in the air from all the nearby restaurants plus just a small pinch of car exhaust from the store being located on a terribly busy street corner. This gives it a more upscale essence. It’s a more sophisticated blend with hints of superiority and self-indulgence.

The Laurel Street Starbucks coffee has some modest whiffs of drycleaner fumes and Bundt cake fragrance plus some cross pollination from other coffee blends due to its proximity to Pete’s Coffee. This coffee is more suburban, offering the drinker a humbler aftertaste with a perfect mix of regret for professional and life choices plus some minor heartburn. Here, you feel like the barista is shorting you some coffee because before you know it, the coffee is gone!

Overall San Carlos Coffee Experience

Laurel Street Starbucks

Besides coffee there are other factors to consider when deciding who has the best coffee; like how long must you wait for your coffee plus the likelihood that your coffee lid will pop off and cover you in a burning, hot, and dark staining fluid. Furthermore, the San Carlos Starbucks seems to be mostly patronized by individuals seeking their caffeine fix which typically makes for shorter lines. The Laurel Street Starbucks frequently has large squads of free-range school kids seeking caffeine to stay awake in class. Sometimes you get stuck behind these large loud groups and regret many decisions you already made that day.

However, the San Carlos Avenue store is 27% more likely to have a coffee lid pop off or at the very least leak down the side leaving you with a soggy hand and coffee drips all over your car and clothes.

San Carlos Starbucks

So Who Wins?

So which San Carlos Starbucks is the best? Some would say neither, Pete’s wins, but I disagree. I don’t always drink coffee, but when I do it’s… who am I kidding, I’m always drinking coffee! I say that the Laurel Street Starbucks wins! It’s the best San Carlos Starbucks simply because I find it easier to find a parking spot and it’s not next to House of Bagels which I can’t resist if I’m in the area and frankly I don’t need the carbs!!! Enjoy your coffee my friends! Stay awake and wired!

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