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745 Laurel St San Carlos, CA 94070
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The Cobbler : Expert Advice on Everything Shoes

The Cobbler is a shoe repair shop in Laurel Street owned by Dave, an expert craftsman who will give you the best advice for your shoes.

We can say so much but the online reviews say it better than we do. On behalf of your family in San Carlos, thank you Dave!!

“I have known Dave for many years. I would not take my shoes anywhere else. Dave knows what he is doing and he is a decent, local family man and an asset to our community… I will tell you this. Dave is a straight shooting, honest person who will tell you the truth when you are being unreasonable. Personally, I like to know where I stand and I hate phonies who kiss up to me but don’t mean it, so I really appreciate Dave’s style and personality.

If you are the sort of person who prefers to be told white lies about how wonderful you are, then perhaps you won’t hit it off well with Dave. If you appreciate his trade and show even a tiny bit of mutual respect, he’ll return your humanity with very fair prices, excellent work and “go the extra mile” customer support. Business owners are entitled to have some personality! Sometimes I just enjoy stopping by to say hello and shoot the breeze with Dave. Really. Give him a shot! And tell him Mark sent you.” Mark M, from San Carlos

“I love hiking in the hills of San Carlos, but my seventy-year-old legs and feet aren’t always happy and sometimes I’m in pain afterwards. I wear orthotics, and they have been wearing out — not the plastic mold, but the covering which provides padding and protection from the hard plastic.

This week, I took them to the Cobbler and Dave put on new coverings, and with my first hike today I could feel a dramatic difference — more padding, less impact, more stability, and after my hike, I didn’t have the pain and soreness I had become used to. Don’t let your tired feet and old shoes stop you from walking and hiking — take them to the Cobbler and make sure you get the support you need.” David G.

“Can’t say enough great things about Dave. He’s the best! He knows shoes and he knows leather. I highly recommend you go see him for any shoe repairs or leather questions. He is a straight shooter and is reasonably priced for the outstanding services he offers.” Gee W.

“It is rare to find a true cobbler that exceeds at his trade and Dave takes his business and customers care with as much compassion as he does his family. This store has been open for over 100 years and has passed down the Italian art for generations. High quality work for very reasonable prices. Highly recommend and will be returning for all of my future shoe repair needs.He was able to fully repair my Prada shoes, sowing on new soles, polishing, and water proofing all for $25.” Mikael O.

“Very personable and customer-oriented! Brought a handbag in to see what Dave could do to fix the edging on the straps that had worn away. I was so pleasantly surprised when he told me it would be much cheaper to do myself! So I bought Fiebings Edge Kote online and did – really made me feel good about their honesty and customer care. He also told me to at least bring in my boots…that’s not a DIY project.

I brought 3 pairs of boots & shoes in the next week and thought they were all in really embarrassingly bad condition, but he said they were fine, just needed a little TLC. When I picked them up I was so happy how they turned out! These were shoes I was about ready to trash but loved too much and was trying to hold onto. Now I can – Thanks Dave!” Kathyrn B.

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