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Mon - Sat 10:00AM - 6:00PM | Sunday by appointment
740 Laurel Street San Carlos, CA 94070
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Owner of Sarrtori Men’s Apparel at Laurel Street, San Carlos CA. Photo by Sarrtori Apparel
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"My husband came in here to get a last minute suit, Fredy had such a great selection and his master tailor was able to turn around all alterations within a few days! The suit makes my husband looks like a million bucks. Much better than the run of the mill suits we used to get at the department stores. Stellar service, stellar suits!! Will be coming back here for more." Jennifer S. "By far the best shopping experience I have ever had when it comes to men's apparel (or any apparel.) Very nice selection, and I could not be happier with the service. From the second I walked in the door, Fredy was engaging and professional - Could tell my measurements just by looking at me, and when I told him what I was looking for (a suit for an evening date at the ballet) he pulled something perfect out and I immediately fell in love with it. He even stayed late to adjust the suit a bit for me so I could wear it out that evening. He has also done a great job of using the technology he has to speed up the "trying on" part of the process. I will be back here for my next suit, and have recommended it to all my friends with engagements coming up (interviews, weddings, etc.)." Andrew M. "Fredy is simply amazing. He came through for my son at such short notice. My son had an issue with his tux order at a different store and went to Fredy at the last minute. My son received so many compliments at his prom kudos to Fredy! He is the BEST!!!" Valerie M.
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Sarrtori Fine Apparel, located in San Carlos, California, offers fine apparel for men with a personal touch…

Fine Apparel
Explore our hand-selected collection of men’s fine apparel. From cashmere to mohair, Sarrtori prides itself on showcasing the finest styles trending in the globe.

Impeccable Service
We offer impeccable service, with a keen focus on detail, quality, value, service, and trust.

Always on Trend
Our stylists keep their eye on the pulse, constantly researching and pursuing the latest styles and trends.

About Sarrtori

Fredy Joudieh, owner of Sarrtori Fine Apparel for Men, attributes his Lebanese heritage for his sense of fashion, and his commitment to impeccable customer service. His formal education was at the Milano Fashion Institute where he graduated in 1982 with a degree as a fashion consultant and color coordinator. The completion of his studies best prepared him to meet the challenges of sizing and dressing individuals for any type of lifestyle needs from tailored clothing to upscale casual.
Prior to the opening of his own specialty store, Fredy assisted some of the finer men’s stores in the Bay Area. This experience included among others, personal shopping for many of the areas local celebrities.

In February 2000 Sarrtori opened its doors for the first time. Taking its namesake from the Italian word for Tailor, confirming Fredy’s belief that men should always look “clean and polished.” Sarrtori offers the finest Italian and American designer brands in fashion while Fredy continues to attend the Premiere Men’s Trade Shows constantly searching for new cutting edge product.

His belief in family first is most obvious when visiting Sarrtori, where you immediately feel like part of the Sarrtori family. Of his many philosophies Fredy believes that “being honest, and always putting your heart and soul into what you do” are keys to a happy lifestyle while “establishing personal relationships with your clients and offering customer service that has no boundaries” are vital to a successful business.

In Sarrtori’s short history Fredy has been successful in creating his own unique image, while continuing to solidify his place as a major force in the dynamic world of fashion.


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