Devonshire Little Store

Open Daily, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Devonshire Little Store, 20 Devonshire Blvd, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States

It’s Love that Makes the Devonshire Little Store the Greatest

The Devonshire Little Store is literally an icon in San Carlos.

The shop is a a precious English Tudor-style cabin that’s been turned into a Mom n’ Pop store right in the middle of a suburb – something you don’t see very often. Built probably in the 1920s, it came about just when the hunting lodges were in the area.

Today, its a “sweet spot” for kids and adults looking for a candy fix. It also holds the memories of people in San Carlos who grew up buying candy from it as they walked home from school. Today, it still serves traditional items such as sandwiches with A&W Rootbeer

The store also offers all kinds of staples and beats having to travel and line up to purchase a few things you need in Safeway.

But it’s not the history, nor the candy that makes this store most special. It’s the owners who run it –

Articles Online

“Despite shocking murder, 85-year-old Bay Area corner store remains beloved community spot” – The Daily, Oct. 27, 2020
“Arrest finally made in 29-year-old Bay Area cold case involving murder of San Carlos store owner” – The Daily, March 25, 2022

Top Reviews in Yelp

“The owners are what makes this little store 5 stars. Yes, you cannot go full on grocery shopping here but if you need something quick, pop in and try your luck. I once needed 2 eggs for a recipe I started making halfway then stupidly realized I couldn’t continue. They didn’t sell any eggs at the store but the owner went upstairs and got 2 eggs from his own refrigerator and gave them to me.

I also see him looking out for the neighborhood kids walking home from school and calling out to say hi to the traffic workers and regulars who come by for quick refreshments. Hope this stays here for a long time.”

David R.
San Carlos, CA

“My grandparents have brought me to Little Store for as long as I can remember! For such a little store you wouldn’t expect much but boy are you proven wrong. The owners are some of the funniest and sweetest people you will ever meet . They will always greet you warmly and take the time to talk to you. Better than just going to any typical Safeway.”

Shaylene L.
Bay Area, CA

“I’m new to the Devonshire neighborhood, and at first didn’t know what exactly to make of this place. It’s small, and stocked mostly with basics (candy being a basic in my book). But I learned today what a gem the place really is, and why you should go there. I was setting off on a bike ride and had just whizzed down the long hill above the store – only to realize I’d forgotten my water bottle.

I had no money on me at all; but not wanting to climb back up the slightly grueling hill, I explained the situation and asked the proprietor if I could take a bottle on credit. And he – never having met me – said sure. Try THAT at Safeway.

So you may not be able to get your week’s groceries here, or find your favorite brand of gluten free muffins or nuac nam sauce or whatever, but every neighborhood should have a store like this. Long may it last.”

Ann A.
San Carlos, CA

“The Suns are a neighborhood fixture, know the goings-on, and always greet with a smile.I wish more business owners were as personable as this (literally) Mom ‘n’ Pop. Open 8:00 to 7:00 I think. I also appreciate that Mr. Sun helps keep an eye on the ‘hood.”

Sam S.
San Francisco, CA

“…I can’t say enough about the owners. Literally years will pass and I will pop in and they will remember my face like it was just yesterday. I love stopping in for my soda or candy fix discreetly and then driving 30 seconds further to my house.”

Anna G.
Vallejo, CA

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