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GROOMING We offer curbside service for grooming appointments. We will come to your car to get your pet upon arrival and we will bring your pet to your car upon completion, if so desired. Being entrusted with ones pet is something we take very seriously. Each person and each pet is unique and we try our hardest to accommodate the needs and wishes of each client. We groom dogs and cats. Grooming includes bath, brush, haircut, blow dry, nail trim, anal glands expressed and ear cleaning. You can also bring in your pet to have any of the following done individually- brush out, nail trim, anals expressed. Grooming is done by appointment and is available 7 days a week starting at 8am. Pricing is determined by many different factors, including the condition of a pet’s coat, and for that reason pricing is done only when we are able to put our hands on the pet. NAIL TRIMMING/DREMEL FOR DOGS AND CATS Done while you wait No appointment necessary but do call if coming in after 4pm to confirm availability. VETERINARY CLINIC VipPetcare Community Clinics offer low cost vaccination clinics and are held at our Menlo Park and San Carlos locations. San Carlos clinic are every Sunday from 1:30-3:00 NUTRITION EXPERTS Our diet selection is constantly evolving with introduction of the newest diets. Different pets thrive on different diets and we are happy to help find the best fit for your pet. Please visit us for dietary advice from any of our knowledgeable sales associates.
PET FOOD BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Acana – Bixbi Rawbble – Blue Buffalo – Bones and Co Pet Foods – Canidae/Felidae – Canine Caviar – Dr. Harvey’s – Evangers – Fro – Honest Kitchen – Merrick – Natural Balance – Nature’s Variety – Nature’s Logic -Nutro – Open Farms – Orijen – Petcurian NOW/GO – Petkind – Primal Raw Diet – Royal Canin – Science Diet – Small Batch Raw – Sojourner Farms – Solid Gold – Spot’s Stew (HALO) – Stella & Chewys – Steve’s Real Food – Taste of the Wild – Tiki Cat – Wellness – Weruva – Wysong – Ziwi Peak and more… PET LITTER BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Carefresh – Cat Country -Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract – Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat – Everclean – Feline Pine – Fresh Step – Jonny Cat – Litter Pearls Premium Choice – Swheat Scoop – Yesterday’s News – World’s Best and more… TREATS BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Bosco and Roxy (bakery) -Daisy Delights -Primal – Vera – Wild Meadow – Wileys Pet (local) and more… TOYS BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Fab Dog – Huggle Hound – Hex bug (cat) – Goli (cat) – Jax and Bones – Neko Flies (cat) – Pet safe and more… BEDS AND BOWLS BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Animal Matters – Bowsers – Doca Pet -Harry Barker (containers) – Unleashed Life – Urban Paw – Petware Pottery and more… PET CLOTHING BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Dogo – Fab dog – Hip Doggie – Pets First (sports jerseys) – Tanner and Dash and more… TRAVEL AND TOTES BRANDS Some of the brands we carry Love thy beast – Noztonoz Crate – O’donnel Car Seats – Pet tote – Teafco – Wag wear – Sleepy pod – and more… HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS Some of the brands we carry NuVet – Plaque Off – Nordic Naturals – Wholistic pet organic – Pet Releaf (CBD) – Brunos good and gear – Ez dog toothbrush – Pet Kelp – Harry Barker – and more… LEASHES, COLLARS AND HARNESSES Some of the brands we carry Finnegan 33 – George – Gwen Gear – Trish Hampton – Shed – Wag Wear – La Cincopelca – Found my animal – and more… TRAINING AND CALMING PRODUCTS Some of the brands we carry Wonder walker – Ruff wear – Pet safe – Thundershirt – Pet corrector – Pet Correctors – Comfort Zone – Pet Relief cbd – Treatibles cbd – and more… SPORTING AND WORKING PRODUCTS TRAINING AND CALMING PRODUCTS Some of the brands we carry Ruff wear – and more…
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Bow Wow Meow, your #1 Adorable Pet Store in the Bay Area

At Bow Wow Meow our goal is to offer the most beneficial products and services to caring pet guardians.

We achieve this goal by continually introducing the most advanced products in the pet industry along with products manufactured by small, local purveyors. Offering an array of services, including grooming and training, helps ensure that one’s pet is healthy and happy.

The bond people share with their pets is something we all understand at the deepest level and with this in mind we always strive to make your experience at Bow Wow Meow as comfortable and enlightening as possible.

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Top Reviews from Yelp

Kenia I. | Oakland, CA
Such a cute store!!! We had been looking for some cute dog shoes for our little shih tzu and we found that and so much more! As soon we walked In they greeted us and were so nice on asking what we were looking for. They have a huge selection of clean organic treats, food,apparel and more. They also do nail trimming &more fyi! We got our little baby some food,treats and fish oil. We will definitely be back soon.

Erika R. | Cerritos, CA
This place has the best variety of cat toys and supplies! A lot of their products are local that you won’t find at petsmart or petco. They also carry high quality scratchers that have plush carpet and solid, sturdy posts. I love coming by to browse what they have, even if I’m not looking for anything specifically.

Malissa M. | San Mateo, CA
I bring my puppers here for nail trims and special treats. The staff is always so nice and helpful. I had bough a treat for my guy who has a sensitive tummy / GI issues and they were kind enough to let me return it with the receipt of course. They have cute toys and accessories for us crazy dog parents and high quality food and treats.

Rebecca G. | La Cañada Flintridge, CA
The cat grooming services are the absolute best! Speaking with Bow Wow Meow, it is clear that they care about the comfort and well being of the animals. They will leave ample time for the grooming in order to ensure that the cats are not scared by the blow dryer. Also, they communicate that they cut the nails first for safety- and two professionals are with the cats at all times.

When I speak with them, they are knowledgeable and accommodating. I recently adopted a second cat. They found a way to see both of my cats, even though I only had an appointment booked for one cat. After the grooming experiences here, my cats are even more confident going into their carriers. After being groomed and having the brush out treatment here- my cats were extra cuddly and happy. Communication is key, and this place exceeds all of my expectations!

Candy Q. | Foster City, CA
I came here for the first time to pick out a gift and find some cake for my dog’s first birthday! I let them know it was his birthday and they allowed us to pick one cookie from the barrel that they had.

They offer doggy cakes, doggy cookies, doggy ice cream for special occasions!

I noticed the Foggy Dog collections and a lot of items from small-owned businesses. Lot of choices to choose from. Toys, Pads, Bowls, Collars, Leashes Clothes, you name it! Will definitely be coming back!

Miggy Z. | Palo Alto, CA
We had our pups second cut/grooming with Kristen and the service and outcome was Amazing! His first place we took him to for his first cut was not a good one but I was so happy and impressed with the outcome here, she listened to exactly what we wanted and not wanted for his cut.

I’m seriously happy with our Louis’s cut/look and he did not have any bad after effects from this grooming visit. Thank You Bow Wow Meow for the great service, we will be back!! I totally recommend this place.

Melissa P. | Gilroy, CA
Bow Wow Meow is my go to place for my dogs nail trimmings! Never a long wait & no appointment needed. We have been coming there for about a year now & They’re always so gentle and loving with my senior dog & he always has a relaxed time there. He also gets a fun treat at the end which he loves:). Thank you Bow Wow Meow & we will see you in a few weeks

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