It’s called ‘The City of Good Living’ for a Reason!

San Carlos CA - Good place to live

Is San Carlos CA a Good Place to Live? Yes it is, let’s explore why that is!

Low Crime Rate

The City overall has a low crime rate for the State of California, but still higher than the national average. Most of the crimes that occur in San Carlos are theft related. The few violent crimes that do occur tend to be between domestic partners. So, you’re likely safe in San Carlos, but your stuff not so much. For more information on Crime in San Carlos, visit

Great Schools

The City is known for its great schools. White Oaks Elementary School ranks #5 out of 7,163 Californian Elementary Schools. All of its elementary school wereDistinguished School Award recognized as Distinguished Schools by the California Department of Education in 2023. For more information on San Carlos schools visit

Expensive Housing

San Carlos can be pricey when it comes to housing. It’s difficult to find a single family home below $2.5m and rents are also high. There is a great variety of types of homes and topography in this City. One complaint is that many of the homes were built between 1930-1950s and only have single car garages and some streets can get narrow. For more information on San Carlos real estate visit

Lots of Things to do/Attractions

San Carlos is roughly located half way between San Francsico and San Jose, so there’s plenty to be done whether within the City or nearby. Want to catch a show, plentyFiloli Gardens of venues in San Francisco, Mountain View or San Jose. The areas around Highway 280 and 35 are full of hiking trails through meadows and majestic redwoods plus many roads are perfect for cycling.

Good Place to Live?

Yes, it’s a good, even a great place, to live. It’s right next to Redwood City which is known as a city with near perfect climate. San Carlos has  relatively low crime, great schools, a ton of things to do nearby, and it’s in Silicon Valley; one of the best places in the world to make a fortune if you have the right idea or get in early enough into a company that is developing the next big thing. Few other places have all this going for them!

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