Orchid Room

Mon, 11AM-2AM | Tue-Sun, 6AM-2AM
678 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States
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The Orchid Room is Where Old-School Fun Happens

At the Orchid Room, you can pick up a game at the old-school shuffleboard table, or you can kick back and relax with the sounds of the jukebox.

This classic dive in San Carlos serves cheap beers on tap and strong cocktails all day, and, because of a loophole in the law, actually allows smoking inside (don’t say you and your clothes weren’t warned). To get the most bang for your buck, go for a gimlet, which is really just gin with a pinch of lime here, and pick up a game at the old-school shuffleboard table. If it’s already occupied by some of the OR’s many regulars, you can kick back and relax with the sounds of the jukebox. (from Thrillist.com)

Top Reviews

Andrea K. | Yelp
Five star dive bar!! Imagine if you will – Howard sterns whack pack congregated into a very single bar. THIS IS THE PLACE – full of REAL life strange characters.

My prior and only visit to orchid room was moons ago and u could smoke in the bar far past California allowing such things – fast forward to 2019. No smoking allowed, ditsy blonde about 60 with nose in jute box every 8 minutes as the conductor and gate keeper – she makes patrons wait while she pushes buttons on jute with an arrogant air of a 26 yo … painful very very very painful – I had to wait nearly 10 minutes for my 2nd vodka tonic.

I wanted to leave but the people watching was too damn good! Had my vape pen in hand and asked where I could smoke … I was pointed in the direction to the back = a to benign dark back alley with “no smoking” heavily scrawled in chalk on ground and overflowing trash cans down the alley = score for total dive bar … points to the obnoxious adjacent business owner just tossing boxes into mid alley at bar patrons – kind of mind blown at the love shown between neighbors.

The characters outside were quite interesting; Pirate nose hole guy with surfer long hair and an arrogant air like he thought he was Johnny Depp. The nose hole, in a word disturbing (like fix it weirdo) – was the size of a dime —- (don’t know whether to admire or be offended by his not caring on gape of nose hole size of Nebraska – it was disturbing) approaches me as I suck from vape pen – Joined by another guy in some type of service industry uniform with gross SUPER black pirate chicklet teeth about ready to drop out of mouth aka forget about floss he has not bushed since 2008 ….

Toss in Portly pontificating black dude saying he works at Stanford with mustard on his shirt smoking a cigar = whack pack = it is brilliant – impressed!!! But wait it gets better … Gal with nose ring joins in chain smoking, dandruff all over her shirt Chinese servants aka bus boys from the adjacent restaurant, running back and forth with 40 lb sacks of rice up and down the refuse strewn dark alley.

One stops to puff on a cigarette behind the chain link fence, he is careful not to mingle with the whack pack! Return inside to escape from the strange folks outside, and the characters continue Retired cop with 81 yo gal hanging on bellowing on loudly trying to talk over blaring 1980’s music (Culture Club) Little Dwarf guy with buggy eyes who is either painter or drywall guy who knows, he was shouting on about his day for all to hear – he is 5’5 and acting like he owns place with reasonably attractive girl which has me perplexed?? – perplexed, perhaps he is coke dealer?

Nothing makes sense here? And that is what makes the place brilliant — Bonus points for shuffle board and pool table! Lesbians, did I mention the cute lesbian couple playing games on the bar top video game! Score the place 5 stars/5 hearts on dive bar scale!!!!


Eric V. | Yelp
Bartenders are awesome and super friendly, classic dive feel thats sorely lacking in a snoody town. If you’ve written a bad review your bad experience was probably of your own doing. If you’re looking to get away from the suites and trust fund kids this is the place!


Michal S. | Yelp
Best bar around San Carlos! Chilled locals mixed with down to earth young crowd. They’ve got pool and shuffleboard table called “Silicon Valley”.


Francesca S. | Yelp
Shuffle board and cheap drinks. Who could ask for more? Highly recommend this place. It seems intimidating to enter at first, but it’s super chill inside!

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