San Carlos Centennial Celebrations 2025

“San Carlos – lets have fun 🙂 ” – this was the mood for the first meeting of the City Centennial Advisory Committee last Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at the 2nd Floor of the San Carlos Library. Comprised of individuals from different organizations in San Carlos, the Committee is responsible for organizing the greatest upcoming events and celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the City of San Carlos – set to unfold this 2025. For such an important milestone, it’s just fitting that the planning start one year ahead.

 San Carlos Centennial Committee 5

Members of the City Centennial Advisory Committee

The San Carlos Centennial Committee is composed of the following Members and Organizations (Arranged as “Organization :: Primary Member; Alternate Member (AM)”):

  1. Adult Community Center Member/Friend :: Louise Della Maggiora; Patti Brown (AM)
  2. Business Owner/Operator :: Allison Rak; Lesley Hoelper (AM)
  3. Chamber San Mateo County :: Paula Ebejer ¬Moffitt; Brian Perkins (AM)
  4. Community Foundation of San Carlos :: Will Strohl; Jessica Yang (AM)
  5. Community Member/Resident :: Cris Adair; Twisha Anand; Cori Carpenter; Joe Fimiani; Linda Garvey; Marci Lyzun (AM); Susan Rose (AM)
  6. Economic Development Advisory Commission :: Sailesh Mehra; Rajesh Krishnan (AM)
  7. Kiwanis Club of San Carlos :: Jay Stauss; Lucy Solberg (AM)
  8. Mayor of San Carlos :: John Dugan
  9. Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission :: Mark Maxwell; John Durkin (AM)
  10. Parks and Recreation Foundation :: Richard Armanino; Debbie Denton (AM)
  11. Planning and Transportation Commission :: Janet Castaneda; David Roof (AM)
  12. Rotary Club of San Carlos :: Ramesh Kamath; Neil Lundy (AM)
  13. San Carlos Education Foundation :: Scott Cleaveland; Jessie Myers (AM)
  14. San Carlos History Museum Board :: Gordy Burton; Ellen Bateman (AM)
  15. San Carlos Lions Club :: Jean Dehner; Connie Barba (AM)
  16. San Carlos School District :: Jennifer Gaboury
  17. Vice Mayor of San Carlos :: Sara McDowell
  18. Youth Advisory Council :: Sufiya Kaul; Maya Kacholiya (AM)

San Carlos Centennial Committee 1 San Carlos Centennial Committee 4 San Carlos Centennial Committee 2

The Meeting

The meeting commenced with warm greetings and introductions, as Committee members went around the room and greeted each other – some of whom have been residents of San Carlos for over two to three decades. Afterwards, to ensure everyone was on the same page, the City Clerk provided a short orientation.

Elected Chair of the Committee is Paula Ebejer-Moffitt, owner of Prima Printing and representative of Chamber San Mateo County, while Vice Chair is Sufiya Kaul, representative of the Youth Advisory Council. With leadership in place, the committee delved into discussions about the goals, and all were ready to have fun with planning possibly the biggest celebration San Carlos will see in 100 years.

Date of the Next Public Meeting

The City Centennial Advisory Committee is ready to set the stage for a year-long centennial celebration this coming 2025. The next meeting, scheduled for February 21, 2024, at 6:00 PM, will happen also at the San Carlos Library Community Room on the second floor.

What would you like to see during the Centennial Celebration? The meeting is open to the public, although online participation is not included. Please feel free to mark it on your calendars and be part of the planning! 🙂 You can view the results and agenda of the meetings in the City Portal for Public Meetings.

Stay tuned for updates and be a part of this historic milestone in the City of Good Living!

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