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Silicon Valley Open Studios at Art Bias 2024

Silicon Valley Open Studios: Featuring Amazing Artists at Art Bias

May 11 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Join us as 30 local artists* will open their studios at Art Bias, for Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS) on May 11th and 12th, 2024, from 11am – 5pm..

  • 30 participating artists!
  • Refreshments.

Silicon Valley Open Studios is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest and most popular fine art shows. Featuring a spectacular range of artwork from hundreds of local artists, SVOS attracts appreciative art lovers from all over who enjoy visiting the artists in their creative studios and galleries.


You Don’t Need an Invitation

You can visit a Gallery of the artists and their work on the web site. Browse or purchase art by artist name or media type. Plus, connect with them via their contact information.

Silicon Valley Open Studios is non-juried, so it is more inclusive than many other art events or exhibits. Rather than have a committee judge what you can see, you be the judge of what you like. Being non-juried, it attracts many emerging and first-time artists who have chosen Silicon Valley Open Studios as their first exposure to the buying public. In fact, this is why many of Silicon Valley’s finest gallery owners and museum curators tour the event incognito searching for exciting new artistic talent.


A Different Event

Silicon Valley Open Studios, whether in person or virtual, has some distinguishing qualities:

You can see a large body of work by many artists. Each artist is free to show what they do best – there is no jury committee. You are the juror of what is good, not someone else.

Get to know the artists. They welcome interaction with visitors and are happy to talk about their art. Feel free to contact them by email, phone, or video chat.

Discover some hidden artistic talent. Silicon Valley Open Studios is an incubator for young and emerging artists. Every year there are many artists showing for the first time. If you’re a collector, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor.
Begin your art collection and discover the next Picasso!

This year’s exhibiting artists include:

Fred Aron

Architectural And Fine Art Photography – Fred is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, third generation photographer specializing in architectural and fine art images. His work includes images of architecture, luxury residences, natural and built environments, and landscapes. Fred studied fine art and architecture at the California College of the Arts, and structural engineering at San Jose State University, and became a full-time professional photographer after retiring from a 20-year career in bridge design and engineering.

“My love for photography stems from the elusive nature of capturing what is beautiful or intriguing about a scene, and the challenges of interpreting that in a two-dimensional medium. Expressing the essential qualities of a subject requires an integration of mind and spirit that is satisfying when it succeeds, and frustrating when it does not. It is that struggle which drives me to always look for new ways to experience, understand and interpret my environment.”

Website: https://www.fredaronphotography.com/


Renata Aryanti

Born and raised in Indonesia, Renata is a contemporary fine artist based in San Francisco Bay Area. An engineer-turned-artist, Renata incorporates different media and tools in her paintings. Through her art she hopes to spread joy and beauty while inviting you to reflect on your own life journeys. She has done various exhibits in the US and her work can be found in private residences as well as offices around the world. Her work is available for purchase as original paintings, one-of-a-kind embellished prints, wearable art fashion, and various home decor items.

Website: https://www.vegaria-art.com/


John Barrows

Artist John Barrows started painting at age 5. At age eight he studied the Jon Gnagy (Famous Artists School) books. He took art classes from 7th grade through seven years of college where he got a degree in traditional illustration from the San Francisco Academy of Art University. He is a perpetual student constantly looking for something new to learn that will further his skills as an artist. He’s a member of four different art societies, has taken over fifty art classes, taken around ten art workshops, subscribes to two art magazines, and has over two hundred art books.
After graduating he studied in Italy as a mentee by Fiorello Tossoni, who taught him the classic techniques of 19th Century Macchioli plain air oil painters. He has experience with most mediums but always returns to traditional oil paint as his preferred one.

John experiments with his work in realms of both realism and fantasy. From illustration to fine art, his work can include the strange and imaginative as well as what’s familiar to everyday life. He enjoys Plein Air painting (Alla Prima) the most because he loves nature and all of the components are there unlike with illustration. The demands of being an illustrator has greatly developed his drawing skills. Plein Air painting has further developed his ability to work alla prima. To keep his skills sharp John draws at least an hour a day, every day. He’s a firm believer that drawing is the most important component of representational art followed by composition /design. Color / Value being composition /designs main component.

His painting method is to do a realistic representation yet be painterly by allowing the brush or palette knife strokes to show. This way there’s the most connection to nature and to the artist.

Website: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-john-barrows


Zdenka Bleile

“I like to share with others, how I see places that have a special meaning to me, or with which I have a connection. I invite my audience to look at ocean beach, where I would love to spend afternoon or go to places I visited and love. I connect to subjects that talk to me. To communicate their stories I use drip under-paint, color and brush strokes. Recently I embraced new direction on my creative journey. I discovered cold wax and oil technique and plunged into abstract painting. Sometimes it is pure abstraction, sometimes the painting dictates more recognizable elements. But either way it is pure creativity.

Majority of my paintings are created in series. I immerse myself to painting water, ocean, impressions from my travels, memories from Prague, where I grew up or in pursuit of beauty of abstraction. Each series allows me to formulate intent and work out problems it presents.”

Website: https://www.zdenkasart.com/


Liz Broekhuyse

Liz Broekhuyse was born in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in San Carlos, California. Since graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication in 2012, Liz has worked as a professional graphic designer. Meanwhile, she has been developing a growing body of work in art, illustration and fashion. Her work carries the influence of her graphic design training – reflecting an interest in simplified, flat planes of color and strong compositions. The rebellion to her graphic design training results in an interest in absurd surrealism, touchable texture and expressive brushwork celebrating the hand of the artist.

Website: https://www.lizbroekhuyse.com/index.php


Ellen Brook

“Art meets fashion in my original designs. What we wear can be one of the most vital art forms of daily soulful expression. Clothes can convey our creative spirit, and allow us to shine our light in a way that reflects our mood, enhances our groove or declares our philosophy of living. Until the age of 40, I didn’t see myself as creative. Then something took hold. After a lifetime love of style, I began exploring painting. Passionate about color, fabrics, and clothing as a means of self-expression, I painted artwork and my own surface designs on silk. I then began transforming the fabrics into clothing and accessories.

To determine its visual impact, I spend time layering the fabric with itself, other fabrics and over garments and entire outfits. My goal is for my designs to connect with — and light up — the wearer with joy and a sense of individuality and vibrancy. As if I’ve created the piece for just that woman. My work has been called “visual poetry”. Whether the sunniest orange or the most muted neutrals, my hope is to create a feeling of delight and delicious surprise. Once on the body, the designs truly come to life as art.”

Website: https://ellen-brook.com/


Shari Bryant

My portrait and narrative work is all about capturing the beauty of expression and form. I love getting my hands dirty with charcoal, pastel, and other dry mediums. My current series “Meladies: The Fantastic Black Woman” is an exploration of Black women in fantasy.

Fantasy is about escapism – imagining ourselves not as ourselves, or indifferent settings, beholden to different rules outside the confines of our normal realities. For too long, Black people and people of color were excluded from this sort of storytelling in spite of our dreams of better worlds. Black fans of escapism were sold stories about futures where they didn’t exist. Or worse – where their skin represented all that was terrifying or evil in the land.

Meladies – a portmanteau of Melanated Ladies — examines these popular tropes, reimagining Black women fantastically in roles of beauty, power, and brilliance.


Natalie Ciccoricco

My art practice is a means to experiment with fiber in combination with different materials, such as paper, ephemera, ink, sticks and rocks. In my work, I have an intuitive approach to use these materials in unexpected new ways. With Mother Nature as my muse, I challenge myself to play with the juxtaposition between organic and geometrical shapes and compositions. My artworks are deeply personal meditations on impermanence and allow me to express myself beyond words.
Email: info@mrsciccoricco.com
Website: www.mrsciccoricco.com
Instagram: mrsciccoricco
Facebook: mrsciccoricco


Karen Cox

“Be bold and fearless in your art” is my motto.

I love playing with design and color. My goal is that the viewer marvels over these in my paintings but doesn’t quite know why. I want the viewer to make their own journey, discovering areas that move them across the board and excite them along the way.

It is that thrill of the dance between light, color, and shape that excites me to create in many media—encaustic, oil, acrylic, collage and mixed being my favorites, imagination being the catalyst.

Take Risks. Paint with soul.

Bio: Karen Cox was a successful interior designer for over 35 years. Her love of color and design led her to pursue her passion of painting contemporary, abstract and imaginative art.

Email: kcoxbox@gmail.com
Website: www.karencoxart.com/
Instagram: kcoxart


Michael Endicott

Michael Endicott is an Urban Nature Impressionist photographer. Raised in the Caribbean and educated in biology and environmental law, his photography crystalizes our entwinements with our surroundings.
– As a fine art photographer, Michael is always searching for objects, shapes and shadows that have intrigue. His artistic perspective is an outgrowth of his experience in political and biological sciences.
– The click of the shutter ignites his artistic process. The photograph itself then becomes the object of his attention.
– His process in the digital darkroom is sculptural in nature, bending wavelengths of light, and molding multiple shots into one. His cellular tapestries and abstract realism leaves room for the viewer to create their own stories. Indeed, his pieces are meditative spaces to inspire stronger connection to planet and community.
– Recently he has been exhibited in the DeYoung Museum (2020 &2023), (San Francisco, Ca), Gallery House (Palo Alto, Ca) Mid-Peninsula Media Center (Palo Alto, Ca). His work is also installed in commercial spaces in San Francisco.
His studio is at Art Bias in San Carlos and is open for visits by appointment. Art Bias, Studio 104, 1700 Industrial Ave., San Carlos, CA (off Whipple Ave. Exit from 101). Email or call him for an Appointment.

Follow his daily postings on Instagram @michaelbendicott or
Connect with him on FB by “Liking” michaelbendicottphoto.
Web site: www.michaelbendicott.com
Commissions are welcome.
Contact: michaelbendicott@gmail.com (415) 971-1652

Email: michaelbendicott@gmail.com
Website: www.michaelbendicott.com/
Instagram: michaelbendicott
Facebook: michaelbendicottphoto


Alan Hart

After many years of film photography, digital photography has accelerated my image quality and artistic expression. Focused on natural light image capture of our environment and nature, my pictures attempt to provide the viewer new experiences they may not have seen yet or familiar images from a new perspective. In a world of chaos and fabricated realities, finding the true wonders of nature and joys of humanity may require some hunting . . . and when found I hope they cause you to pause and enjoy them as they do me. Above all, the images of our world are shaped by the impact we have upon them and we should take the time and energy to celebrate them and ask how we can positively influence these same experiences for future generations. The power of photography is still its ability to capture the truth of the moment.
Email: alanhartphotography@gmail.com
Website: alan-hart.pixels.com/
Instagram: alanhartphotography


Doriane Heyman

Dutch artist Doriane Heyman, now living in the Bay Area, will be presenting a series of acrylic paintings. Heyman’s pieces combine a passion for bold colors and attention to drawing and composition. Besides Cityscapes, Snow Scenes and Compositions of People in various settings, Water and Reflections are a favorite subject matter of hers.
Much of her work deals with the interplay of dark and light, both in technique and in mood.
Over the years she has been represented by galleries in Carmel, throughout the Bay Area and presently in Reno as well as by Saatchi Art. London. Her paintings have been exhibited in One Woman Shows at Stanford University and in Palo Alto. She has lectured about her art at UC Berkeley and her work can be found in collections in the US, England, France, Holland, and Mexico.
Email: dorianex@heymanonline.net
Website: www.dorianeart.com


Lindsay Hogue

I have been an “artist at heart” all my life, but really started to paint 10 years ago, when life with grown kids allowed. Born in British Columbia, Canada, I grew up loving the out-of-doors, and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. My paintings reflect that influence, as I love to paint landscapes and seascapes and experiment with mixed media. Each year I try to do a series of paintings based on a theme. This summer it has been painting figures. I have a studio at Art Bias at 1700 Industrial Rd. in San Carlos, which is open to the public when artists are there. Hope you enjoy seeing them on my web-site, or can come by and see my work.
Email: hoguelindsay68@gmail.com
Website: www.lindsayhogue.com
Instagram: lindsayhogue


Yelena Joy


Annette Legallet

Color and texture dominate my abstract mixed media works. I have a background in design that influences my nature-inspired paintings. I now have an experimental approach and select final stage and orientation
Email: annettelegallet@gmail.com
Website: ArtbyAnnetteLegallet.com


June Levin

June’s paintings often explore the world that lies beyond the reach of her vision. Primarily a representational oil painter, she also enjoys experimenting in a more contemporary genre, using varied mixed media to create harmony, texture, and excitement. June expresses her passion of the California landscapes with bold colors and freedom of brushstroke.
Email: junelevin@gmail.com
Website: www.junelevin.com
Instagram: junelevin
Facebook: Junelevin


Linda Manes Goodwin

The women I portray are grounded and confidant, while feminine and graceful. And although I do love dresses, like pears in a still life they are a vehicle for creating an opulent, luminous surface.

My figurative paintings are more poetry than realism. Oil on canvas, they are composed using an array of thickly layered color, texture, and pattern to form a rich, harmonious tableau – evocative of the varied musical voices I was immersed in as a classical pianist.

I attended The Art Students League in NYC, earned a BFA from Washington University and studied in Florence, Italy. While living in NY I had several shows, including a piece at the Museo Del Barrio on Fifth Avenue.

When I moved to California many years ago, I took a hiatus from art to raise my family. In 2019 I started painting again. I have a studio at Art Bias in San Carlos and joined Gallery House in Palo Alto in January 2021. I have shown at many venues throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area and am a mentor for Art Bias’ Youth Mentorship program.

Many years ago when I moved to California, got married and started a family, I took a hiatus from art. In 2019 I started painting again. I have a studio at Art Bias in San Carlos and joined Gallery House in Palo Alto in January 2021 where I show regularly. I have also exhibited at the Pacific Art League, The Caldwell and Community Galleries, Midpen Media Center and have participated in SVOS since 2020.

Email: manesgoodwinart@gmail.com
Website: manesgoodwinart.com
Instagram: manesgoodwinart
Facebook: manesgoodwin


Coleen Mirassou


Neil Murphy

Strong colors and illumination. Yup! My Hawaiian Island upbringing makes certain of that. Shapes from nature, themes from neurobiology and science, add some abstraction and the geometries of Asian color fields — and you’ve got what energizes my work.

I start an artwork with a flood of water and pigment across a horizontal unprimed canvas. Then come shapes and lines with paint and ink, layer upon layer. Often the imagery takes a mixed media detour into the digital domain. Those ventures yield embellished prints, collages, and illuminated transparent multilayered glowing images.

The final art may be realistic representations of animals or scientifically accurate molecular structures. Perhaps you’ll see imaginary beings inhabiting fanciful abstracted landscapes. “Curious Maps of Impossible Places” is a series with its trails leading to both dead ends — and unexpected wonders. Who knows what will appear in the end? Not me!

I’m involved in efforts to help those with mental health challenges. Unsurprisingly, these topics are reflected in many of my artworks, My own family has been deeply affected by these issues — not surprising as 1 in of 4 of us face these difficulties at some point in our lives.

Studio visits are most welcome. Let me know when you’d like to stop by. My studio is located at Art Bias in San Carlos. Roughly 40 artists onsite who create all imaginable kinds of art.

Email: neilart7@gmail.com
Website: www.neilmurphystudio.com
Instagram: neil_murphy_art
Facebook: neil.murphy.984


Amy Rattner

Painting is both a stepping off point into my imagination and a way to center my thoughts and feelings. Animals of all shapes and sizes have always been my passion. Each piece begins with a deep admiration of the unique beauty and character of the creature I am painting. Other sources of inspiration include an animal’s spiritual role in different tribal societies; the visual language associated with animals, cultures or places; a creature’s role in the larger ecosystem; and a desire to experiment with different compositional elements. My primary goal is to capture the unique spirit and personality of an animal using a combination of abstract expressionism, color, line, patterns, symbols and texture. I began my career as a graphic designer and I still often use an iPad or Photoshop to compose preliminary sketches or play with color and compositional elements before implementing them in a painting. However, my best work emerges organically, in the midst of the physical act of painting when I find my animal subject guiding my thoughts and decisions. My finished pieces reflect my own interpretations of an animal’s spirit as well as cultural and artistic styles that inspire me.

My work is available at Viewpoints Gallery in Los Altos, California and belongs to private collections across the United States, France and Norway. It has appeared in Southwest Art Magazine, Palette Magazine, the Palo Alto Weekly and the Salinas Californian newspaper. In addition, my work has earned awards in Fusion Art’s “5th Anniversary Art Exhibition” (Best in Show),” “5th Annual Artists’ Choice Exhibition,” and “Into the Wild International Art Exhibition”; the Pacific Art League’s national juried “Fur, Fins and Feathers” exhibition and “95th Anniversary Exhibition”; as well as Redwood City’s Spring and Fall Art Shows.
Email: amyrattnerart@gmail.com
Website: www.amyrattnerart.com
Facebook: AmyRattnerArt


Teresa Ruzzo

Landscape, particularly the California landscape is my muse. I use soft pastels to convey my love of nature on location, immersed in all that is happening around me and in my studio, where my imagination can roam more freely. Painting for me is always about exploring the natural world and the interior world. Pastel is the perfect medium – spontaneous, tactile and intuitive.

My landscapes are in private collections in the US and Europe. I am a signature member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast and maintain a studio at Art Bias in San Carlos. More of my work may be viewed at QD Gallery, Stanford Mall, Palo Alto, STUDIO Gallery, SF (studiogallerysf.com) and on my website (teresaruzzo.com.)

Email: teresa.ruzzo@gmail.com
Website: www.teresaruzzo.com
Instagram: teresa.ruzzo


Terry Sand

My mission is to share through my playful art the fun and energy of the creative process. I use improvisational theater and modern dance techniques to encourage my mind to explore and bring to life characters in imaginative locations having random experiences. There is a particular figure with a stylistic face that energizes my work. As I explore this lady’s adventures, she guides me through paint, mixed media, pen and ink into her world. I love being with her, as she is a metaphor for myself as a comedian, and I think from a past life as a traveling circus performer. As I experiment with a variety of techniques the lady reappears in the ever changing ebbs and flows of color. The diversity of playful scenarios keeps me engaged and entertained.
Creating art provides me with more than a glimpse into the magic of the artistic process. In my art, I seek to integrate a diversity of techniques from painting to mixed media, and pen and ink. A driving force behind my art is my decades of experience in improvisational theater and comedy. My improvisational mind encourages me to bring to life imaginary characters in random situations.
My muse is a particular lady with a stylized face who appears throughout my work. Through her adventures my stylized lady guides me to improvise new and tantalizing ideas. I love being with her as she is a metaphor for myself as a comedian and I think from a past life as a traveling circus performer.
It is my mission to share this fun and magic through the sharing of my art.

Email: Mahimahi1902@gmail.com
Website: Terrysand.com
Instagram: Terrysand6565


Yucali Seki

I find ways to visualize and capture the essence of moments/experiences in life that are precious to me through the practice of art making. I’m deeply inspired by Nature and by Buddhist teaching, and by Japanese and World Literature, by Music, and by the beautiful yet strong and balanced movements/practice of Wushu. Each painting takes me through a journey of its own and helps me to explore, experience (both joy and frustration…much like life itself) and understand what it means to keep going beyond one’s expectation or intentions.

The fluidity of calligraphy works well to capture the movements I find in Nature and the energy I feel when I watch and train Wushu (as a martial artist). I also use Japanese writing (Zen words and teaching) as a medium in my work, for their flow-full shapes and the negative spaces to help create multiple spacial depths in my paintings. On my canvas paintings, I build up layers of bold or at times subtle colors on various painting mediums so that viewers will experience the physicality and presence of the painting. I hope to trigger an emotional bond between my art and its viewers.

Email: yucalisart@gmail.com
Website: www.yucalis.com


Deborah Shea

Pastels are Deborah Shea’s favorite medium. She feels the beautiful color range of pastels could not be more expressive. Their fluidity and ability to layer is ideal to render all the beauty in florals; exploring the abstract shapes, finding the path of light, creating transparency and building the luminous color of the flower centers and petals. She prefers to work in large scale paintings, drawing the viewer in to experience her art.

Growing up in San Francisco, CA, Deborah developed a lifelong love of art from her parents, grandparents and uncle. She has been drawing and painting since she was a young girl. At the age of 14, she participated in an arts summer program with Ruth Asawa.

Deborah received her degree in Art Studio and Design from UC Davis, studying with Wayne Thiebaud, Roland Petersen and Frances Butler. She had a long career as a designer and illustrator before devoting herself to her fine art full time in 2017. She has won numerous awards in juried and solo exhibitions, and recently was chosen to exhibit in the 2023 CZI Community Space in Redwood City. Deborah teaches pastel workshops at Filoli, Pacific Art League, and her studio at Art Bias in San Carlos. Deborah will be teaching pastel courses and workshops with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe this spring and summer. She is represented at Viewpoints Gallery in Los Altos and is pursuing her MFA at Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently resides in Redwood City.

Commissions are available.
Email: deb@deborahsheastudios.com
Website: deborahsheastudios.com
Instagram: debdsheastudios


Amber Smith

Passionate about the environment and those that live in it; Amber J Smith has created the Endangered Collection, which uses recycled materials to explore the condition of being on the verge of extinction from different perspectives. In our contemporary society danger can come from multiple sources and people can be at the same time victims and perpetrators. I began my research reflecting on the ecological impact of plastic use, using my art practice to show how our planet, and those living on it, are facing a great danger. I then move my attention to social injustice, addressing the wealth gap and highlighting how some people, in this case homeless people, are marginalized, forgotten and discarded. Lastly, I dove deep into the personal sphere showing the impact of contemporary life on one’s mental health. All this different stages of exploration aims to raise awareness towards the threats that our contemporary lifestyle poses to our environment, our social fabric and our personal wellbeing at the point that the whole humankind is becoming an endangered species. The endangered collection wants to inspire the audience in taking action against those threats, acting as a community to preserve vulnerable people and protect the environment.

Email: as.meraki.art@gmail.com
Website: Www.asmerakiartstudio.com
Instagram: As.meraki.art


Greta Waterman

My medium is oil on canvas. I like to weave my colors throughout the canvas to give balance and composition. My themes are women and nature. I have been described as a fauvist with cubist tendencies reminiscent of stained glass. Since landing in California, plein aire has influenced me. The Pacific is so inspiring with its rugged landscapes and the sea’s relentless energy. I think my recent experimentation with oil and resin captures that!

Greta Stapf Waterman

Email: gsw222@gmail.com
Website: www.artbygreta.org
Instagram: Gretathepaintingrealtor


Danielle Weber

Equestrian portraits and paintings in oils and charcoal . Additional dabbling in other topics

Email: daniweberdvm@icloud.com


Nanette Wylde

I am a reflective thinker and maker whose studio work is a response to specific phenomena which are generally external to myself. The resultant work is interdisciplinary with a strong focus on narrative and storytelling.

My process often begins from an obsessive thought, as in trying to understand/make sense of a given phenomena; a string of words, perhaps similar to an ear worm; a concept, or concern which I attempt to satisfy with both research and making.

My most recent works reflect on issues of sustainability, the history and practice of natural resource extraction, global mass extinctions, finding meaning, and discerning truth in today’s world. Although I work in the media best suited for a given project, I think of myself as a printmaker, and my process often results in artist books which include original text.

My interests include: language, personality, difference, beliefs, systems, ideas, movement, reflection, identity, perceptions, structures, stories, socialization, definitions, context, memory, experience, change, the natural world, and residue.

Recent exhibitions include the de Young Open 2023 which featured one from my series “Milagros for Times Like These.”

Email: nanwylde@preneo.org
Website: preneo.org
Instagram: nanwylde


Inna Zatulovsky

My name is Inna Zatulovsky. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
By education I am a Mechanical Engineer. I am retired now after working at the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in Silicon Valley for the last 23 years.
What can I tell you about myself? I love life and can’t get enough of it. My many hobbies include Photography, Alternative Medicine and Crafts, but my main hobby is to change hobbies.
The latest one is a floral collage – the modern interpretation of Japanese Oshibana Art.

I always wanted to paint but never had time to obtain required skills. I was introduced to this are more than six years ago and realized that Nature is the best artist of all and my job is to take its masterpieces and arrange them on paper.

Every time when I go for a walk in the neighborhood I am looking around to gather materials for my art. The treasured finds are unusual twigs, fallen leaves, faded flowers that normally nobody will look at. I am looking for a hidden beauty in the afterlife of the plants.
For me the process of creating this art is also means of self-expression – it shows my fantasies, thoughts and emotional state. It helps to calm my mind and have time to myself.
During COVID I spend my time by venturing into paper collages, paper quilling and paintings made from wool. I also collaborate with photographer Michael Endicott to create unusual work of art using his photographs and wool. Come and check it out.
I taught in person craft classes for kids and volunteered at www.FabMo.org. This organisation is a treasure house for mixed media artists.

I hope my work will inspire you to create something beautiful.
Email: inna1@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.oshibana.weebly.com


Sophie Zhu

Breathe new life into traditional Chinese brush painting

Email: sophieca001@gmail.com
Website: songzistudio.com/

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