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San Carlos Lions Crab Feed

The Delicious 26th Annual San Carlos Lions Crab Feed

February 3 @ 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Get ready to indulge in a feast for a cause – the San Carlos Lions Crab Feed is back! It’s more than just a dinner; it’s an annual tradition that brings the community together for a night of delectable delights and meaningful contributions. Join us as we crack open succulent crab, savor pasta, enjoy crisp salads, garlic bread, and cap it all off with a delightful dessert. For just $65 per meal, you not only treat your taste buds but also support numerous community projects spearheaded by the San Carlos Lions Club.

Purpose of the San Carlos Lions Crab Feed:

  1. Community Bonds and Beyond: The Crab Feed is a celebration of community spirit. It goes beyond the joy of a shared meal; it fosters connections, strengthens bonds, and builds a sense of belonging. In the heart of San Carlos, this event is a testament to the power of coming together for a common cause.
  2. Supporting Community Projects: Your participation in the Crab Feed directly contributes to a range of community projects initiated by the San Carlos Lions Club. From supporting local charities to funding educational initiatives, your delicious meal plays a part in making a positive impact right in your own community.
  3. Feasting for a Cause: Indulging in a sumptuous Crab Feed isn’t just about treating yourself to a delightful evening; it’s about feasting for a cause. Every crab cracked and pasta twirled represents a contribution to initiatives that uplift and enhance the lives of those in San Carlos.
  4. Annual Tradition, Lasting Impact: The Crab Feed isn’t just an event; it’s an annual tradition with a lasting impact. As you make it a part of your calendar, you become a participant in a legacy of community support and shared joy. It’s a tradition that transcends generations, bringing families and friends together year after year.


cooked crab 3

The Culinary Extravaganza:

1. Succulent Crab: The star of the show – succulent, freshly caught crab. Indulge in the sweet, tender meat as you master the art of cracking crab shells. It’s a messy, delicious affair that promises to leave your taste buds craving for more.

2. Pasta Delights: The feast continues with perfectly cooked pasta, a versatile canvas that complements the flavors of the crab. Whether you prefer it tossed in a garlic-infused olive oil or adorned with a rich marinara sauce, the pasta options are as diverse as the community it serves.

3. Crisp Salads: Refresh your palate with crisp, vibrant salads. From garden greens to inventive combinations, the salads add a burst of freshness to the meal, creating a harmonious balance with the richness of the crab and pasta.

4. Garlic Bread Goodness: What’s a feast without the comforting warmth of garlic bread? Savor the irresistible combination of crunchy exteriors and soft, garlic-infused interiors. It’s the perfect accompaniment to soak up the delicious flavors of the meal.

5. Dessert Delights: Conclude your culinary journey with a delightful dessert. From decadent cakes to sweet pastries, the dessert selection promises to satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you with a sweet memory of the evening.

Crab Feed Fundraiser Dinner San Carlos CA


How to Make the Most of the Crab Feed:

1. Secure Your Spot: The Crab Feed is a popular event, so ensure you secure your spot early. Check the San Carlos Lions Club website or contact local representatives to reserve your tickets. This ensures you don’t miss out on the culinary and community experience.

2. Bring Friends and Family: The more, the merrier! Invite friends and family to join you at the Crab Feed. It’s an opportunity to share the joy of good food and community support with your loved ones. Create lasting memories over crab shells and pasta plates.

3. Embrace the Mess: Cracking crab can be a messy affair, and that’s part of the charm! Embrace the mess, don the provided bibs, and let the communal experience unfold. It’s not just about the pristine presentation; it’s about the shared joy of the feast.

4. Learn about Community Projects: Take a moment to learn about the community projects supported by the San Carlos Lions Club. Your participation in the Crab Feed directly contributes to these initiatives. Understanding the impact of your meal adds an extra layer of fulfillment to the experience.

5. Connect with Fellow Diners: The Crab Feed is a social gathering as much as it is a culinary one. Take the opportunity to connect with fellow diners. Share stories, swap recommendations for the best crab-cracking techniques, and revel in the camaraderie of the evening.



The San Carlos Lions Crab Feed is more than a culinary event; it’s a celebration of community, compassion, and shared joy. As you savor the flavors of succulent crab, pasta, salads, garlic bread, and dessert, remember that your meal extends beyond the table – it’s a contribution to the betterment of San Carlos. Join us for an evening of feasting and community spirit, and let the annual tradition of the Crab Feed continue to make a lasting impact on the hearts and lives of those it serves.

This event is part of the San Carlos Week of the Family. For more events, please visit their website.

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