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Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger: Uniting Families to Fight Hunger

January 27 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In the spirit of community and compassion, join us for an extraordinary event – Rise Against Hunger. In the span of just two hours, families will come together to assemble over 15,000 meals, making a tangible impact on the fight against food insecurity. This collaborative effort is not only an opportunity to contribute to a global cause but also a meaningful way for adults and school-age children to engage in a shared mission of compassion and service.

The Heart of Rise Against Hunger:

Imagine a room filled with bustling energy, laughter, and a shared purpose. That’s the essence of Rise Against Hunger. In a short span of two hours, families will join forces to assemble nutritious meals that will be distributed to areas grappling with food insecurity. It’s a chance to turn empathy into action, one meal at a time.

The Impact: Over 15,000 Meals Assembled:

The numbers speak volumes – over 15,000 meals assembled in just two hours. This isn’t merely a statistic; it’s a testament to the collective power of a community coming together to make a difference. Each meal is a beacon of hope, providing sustenance to those facing the harsh reality of hunger.

Why Rise Against Hunger Matters:

  1. Direct Impact on Food Insecurity: Rise Against Hunger is not a symbolic gesture; it’s a direct response to the pressing issue of food insecurity. The meals assembled during this event will reach the hands of those in need, offering nourishment and hope.
  2. Community Collaboration: The event fosters a sense of community collaboration. Families, friends, and neighbors unite for a common cause, creating bonds that extend beyond the assembly line. Rise Against Hunger is a reminder that we are stronger together.
  3. Teaching Compassion Through Action: For school-age children, Rise Against Hunger is a hands-on lesson in compassion. It goes beyond textbooks, allowing them to actively participate in making a positive impact on the lives of others. It’s an invaluable lesson that resonates far beyond the event itself.
  4. Empowering Families to Make a Difference: Rise Against Hunger is an opportunity for families to be part of something larger than themselves. It empowers participants to take an active role in addressing global issues, showing that small actions can lead to significant change.


How the Event Works:

  1. Assembly Line Efficiency: Rise Against Hunger operates on a well-organized assembly line. Each participant has a specific role, whether it’s measuring ingredients, sealing bags, or packing boxes. The efficiency of the process ensures that a large number of meals can be assembled in a short timeframe.
  2. Nutrient-Packed Meals: The meals assembled are designed to be nutrient-packed, providing essential vitamins and minerals. These meals are crafted to address the nutritional needs of those facing hunger, making them a vital source of sustenance.
  3. Inclusive for All Ages: Rise Against Hunger is an inclusive event, suitable for adults and school-age children. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or attending for the first time, there’s a role for everyone. It’s a family-friendly environment where all hands, big and small, make a meaningful contribution.
  4. Global Reach, Local Impact: While the meals assembled have a global reach, the impact is also deeply local. Rise Against Hunger emphasizes the connection between local communities and the broader global effort to eradicate hunger. It’s a reminder that change starts at home.


How to Participate in Rise Against Hunger:

  1. Event Registration: Check for Rise Against Hunger events in your community and register in advance. Spaces may be limited, so securing your spot early ensures you can be part of this impactful experience.
  2. Bring the Family: Rise Against Hunger is a family affair. Bring your loved ones, including school-age children, for a shared experience of compassion and service. It’s a wonderful way to bond while making a positive impact.
  3. Spread the Word: Share information about the Rise Against Hunger event with your friends, family, and neighbors. Encourage others to join in, amplifying the collective effort to fight hunger.
  4. Come with an Open Heart: Approach the event with an open heart and a willingness to contribute. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned volunteer, every pair of hands makes a difference. Embrace the opportunity to be part of a community-driven movement for change.


Rise Against Hunger is more than a charitable event; it’s a call to action, a testament to the power of community, and a beacon of hope for those facing the harsh reality of hunger. In just two hours, families will create a ripple effect of compassion, assembling over 15,000 meals that carry the promise of nourishment and a brighter future. Join us in this transformative experience, and together, let’s rise against hunger.

Partners and Sponsors

  • San Carlos Lions Club
  • Community Foundation of San Carlos
  • San Carlos Rotary
  • San Carlos Kiwanis Club
  • San Carlos First Baptist Church
  • San Carlos Together
  • San Carlos Week of the Family Committee
  • JM Social and Service Club
  • Private individuals

This event is part of the San Carlos Week of the Family. For more events, please visit their website.

For more info about Rise Against Hunger, please visit their Official Website

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