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Maker Mingle San Carlos Library

Maker Mingle 2024: Exciting Innovations at Your Library!

January 26 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Join Maker Mingle where you can try the latest technology today!

At the intersection of technology and creativity lies a space where innovation thrives – welcome to our library’s Maker Mingle! Dive into a world of limitless possibilities, where 3D printing, Virtual Reality, sewing, button making, and a plethora of other cutting-edge technologies converge to ignite your imagination. This isn’t just a gathering; it’s an opportunity to explore, create, and connect in the realm of innovation.

This event is part of the Power Up Series by SMCL.

Unleashing Creativity

Picture a space buzzing with energy, where makers of all ages come together to explore the latest in technology. From the curious minds to the seasoned inventors, Maker Mingle is a haven for those seeking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

four person playing virtual reality goggles

A Glimpse into the Maker’s Wonderland:

  1. 3D Printing Extravaganza: Ever wondered what it’s like to turn your digital designs into tangible objects? Our 3D printing station is here to make that dream a reality. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, the Maker Mingle is your chance to bring your creations to life.
  2. Virtual Reality Adventures: Immerse yourself in virtual worlds that transcend reality. With our Virtual Reality setup, you can explore landscapes, play games, or even engage in educational experiences. It’s a journey beyond the ordinary – all within the walls of your library.
  3. Sew, Stitch, Create: Unleash your inner fashion designer or craft enthusiast at our sewing station. From fabric to thread, the Maker Mingle provides all the tools you need to turn your textile visions into tangible masterpieces.
  4. Button Making Extravaganza: Express yourself through the art of button making. Whether you’re creating custom accessories or making a statement, our button-making station lets you add a personalized touch to your creations.
  5. Tech Talks and Workshops: Maker Mingle isn’t just about doing; it’s also about learning. Engage in tech talks and hands-on workshops led by experts in the field. From coding basics to advanced design techniques, there’s always something new to discover.

a woman is working on a piece of cloth

Why It Matters:

  1. Community Connection: Maker Mingle isn’t just an event; it’s a community of innovators coming together. Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and build lasting relationships with those who share your passion for creation.
  2. Inspiration Station: Witnessing the creativity of others can be a powerful source of inspiration. Maker Mingle exposes you to a variety of projects, sparking ideas that you might not have considered before.
  3. Hands-On Learning: The best way to learn is by doing. Maker Mingle offers a hands-on learning experience, allowing you to experiment with technology and gain practical skills that extend beyond the event.
  4. Accessible Innovation: Technology can sometimes feel out of reach, but Maker Mingle brings innovation directly to your community. Access cutting-edge tools and technologies in a familiar and welcoming environment – your local library.

How to Join:

  1. Event Schedule: Mark your calendar and get ready for an immersive experience.
  2. Bring Your Ideas: Come with an open mind and your creative ideas. Maker Mingle is a space for exploration, so don’t be afraid to bring your unique perspective to the table.
  3. Open to All Ages: Maker Mingle is for everyone, regardless of age or experience level. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a beginner, there’s something for you at the event.


Maker Mingle is not just an event; it’s a doorway to a world of innovation waiting to be explored. From cutting-edge technologies to hands-on workshops, this gathering is a celebration of creativity, community, and the boundless possibilities that emerge when we come together. Join us at your library’s Maker Mingle, where inspiration meets creation, and discover the transformative power of innovation right at your fingertips!

This event is part of the San Carlos Week of the Family. For more events, please visit their website.

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January 26
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
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San Carlos Library


San Carlos Library