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Family Storytime Week of the Family San Carlos CA

Family Storytime: Fun family adventures begin with books!

January 22 @ 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Family Storytime brings children’s books to life with the family!

Target Audience: Preschoolers (0-5 years old)

Hey there, families of all sizes and story enthusiasts! Are you ready for a magical journey filled with laughter, new tales, and a whole lot of wiggles? Buckle up, because we’re inviting you to join us for an active, playful family storytime that promises to be a delightful blend of storytelling, play, and shared learning. Get ready to embark on a storytelling adventure where the whole family can unleash their creativity, get those wiggles out, and create lasting memories.

The Magic of Family Storytime

Imagine a space where stories come alive, and imagination takes flight. Family storytime is not just about reading tales; it’s a vibrant experience that engages every member of the family. From the tiniest tots to the grown-ups, everyone is invited to be a part of the storytime magic.

New Stories, Fresh Adventures

Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of new stories. Whether it’s a whimsical journey to far-off lands, a tale of courage and friendship, or a laugh-out-loud escapade, the stories are carefully selected to captivate the hearts of both young and old. Each story becomes a stepping stone into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Wiggle, Giggle, Playtime Bliss

But here’s the twist – it’s not just about sitting still and listening. We’re throwing in a generous dose of wiggles, giggles, and playtime bliss. The storyteller becomes a guide on this interactive journey, encouraging the whole family to move, play, and actively participate in the unfolding adventure. It’s a perfect recipe for releasing pent-up energy and turning storytime into a dynamic, whole-body experience.

Why Active Storytime?

The idea behind an active storytime is simple – to engage not just the mind but the entire body. Children, in particular, learn through movement and play. By incorporating physical activity into storytelling, we create an environment that caters to different learning styles. It’s not just about hearing the story; it’s about living it, feeling it, and making it a part of the family’s collective experience.

Play and Learn Together

The beauty of active family storytime lies in its ability to seamlessly weave play and learning into the fabric of the narrative. Through play, children grasp concepts, develop motor skills, and enhance their creativity. Whether it’s acting out characters, dancing to the rhythm of the story, or engaging in hands-on activities inspired by the tales, every moment is a chance to play and learn together.

What to Expect during Active Family Storytime:

  1. Movement and Expression: Say goodbye to the notion of sitting still. Active storytime encourages movement and expression, allowing children to physically engage with the story. From hopping like bunnies to soaring like birds, every story unfolds in a dynamic, movement-filled space.
  2. Interactive Storytelling: The storyteller isn’t the only one with a voice. Active family storytime invites the whole family to actively participate in the storytelling process. Whether it’s answering questions, completing sentences, or contributing to the narrative, everyone gets a chance to be part of the story.
  3. Hands-On Activities: Prepare for some hands-on fun! Each storytime session might include simple, age-appropriate activities that bring the story to life. It could be crafting, drawing, or even a mini science experiment inspired by the tales.
  4. Music and Rhymes: Get ready for a musical journey intertwined with the stories. Rhymes, songs, and rhythmic beats add another layer of engagement, making storytime a multisensory experience.
  5. Group Games: Sometimes, the best way to learn is through play. Active family storytime might involve group games that reinforce the story’s themes or characters, turning the session into a collective adventure.

How to Prepare for Active Family Storytime:

  1. Comfortable Clothing: Dress for the occasion. Comfortable clothing allows for unrestricted movement and ensures everyone can fully participate in the active elements of storytime.
  2. Bring Your Imagination: Storytime is a magical realm where imagination reigns supreme. Encourage the whole family to bring their imaginations to life as they envision the worlds and characters introduced in the stories.
  3. Open Minds and Hearts: Storytime is a collaborative experience. Keep hearts and minds open to the joy of shared storytelling. Embrace the unexpected, and let the adventure unfold.

Join the Playful Family Storytime Adventure!

So, are you ready to bring the whole family on this playful, active storytime adventure? It’s a chance to step into the pages of enchanting tales, move to the rhythm of storytelling, and create a shared space where stories become a dynamic, living experience. The joy of wiggles, giggles, and the magic of storytelling await. Let’s play and learn together! 📚🎉🕺

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January 22
10:30 am - 11:00 am
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