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Cupid Crew 2023

Join the Cupid Crew for Fun Valentine’s Card-Making 2024!

January 27 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join the Cupid Crew in making Valentine’s Cards for the whole community!

Target Audience: All ages are welcome to participate! Ideal for toddlers, teens and seniors!

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Spreading Love and Smiles: Join the Cupid Crew at Arbor Bay School for a Valentine’s Card Extravaganza!

Love is in the air, and the Cupid Crew at Arbor Bay School is gearing up for a heartwarming event that promises to spread joy far and wide. Join us in creating personalized valentines for members of local groups, including the Sequoia Villagers and residents of the San Carlos Elms.

And if you want to shower your family and friends with a little extra love, there’s room for that too! With an abundance of art supplies at your disposal, or the option to bring your own, this Valentine’s Card Extravaganza is a fantastic way to brighten the day of community members and your loved ones. Each card is a small canvas of care, ready to deliver a BIG smile because you care!

Arbor Bay School: The Heartbeat of Compassion

Nestled in the heart of our community, Arbor Bay School isn’t just a place of education; it’s a hub of compassion, creativity, and connection. The Cupid Crew, a dedicated group of individuals within the Arbor Bay community, is on a mission to bring smiles to the faces of neighbors, friends, and community members this Valentine’s Day.

The goal is simple: to harness the power of creativity and caring to make a positive impact.

Who Are the Recipients?

  1. Sequoia Villagers:
    • Members of the Sequoia Villagers, an integral part of our community, will be the recipients of these handcrafted valentines. These individuals, often the unsung heroes of our neighborhoods, will be reminded that they are cherished and appreciated.
  2. San Carlos Elms Residents:
    • Residents of the San Carlos Elms, a community that holds a special place in our hearts, will also be recipients of these tokens of love. The valentines aim to brighten their day and let them know they are valued members of our extended family.
  3. Family and Friends:
    • The warmth of this event extends beyond the community at large. Participants are encouraged to create valentines for their own family and friends, fostering a ripple effect of love that transcends physical boundaries.

Why Join the Cupid Crew?

  1. Spread Love Locally:
    • This event provides a unique opportunity to spread love within our local community. By creating personalized valentines, participants contribute to the creation of a tight-knit, caring environment.
  2. Brighten Someone’s Day:
    • A handmade valentine has the power to brighten someone’s day in ways words alone cannot express. The effort and thought put into each card make it a meaningful gesture that resonates with recipients.
  3. Connect Across Generations:
    • The Cupid Crew is a diverse group that includes students, parents, and community members. This intergenerational connection is a beautiful way to bridge gaps and foster a sense of unity within the Arbor Bay community.
  4. Express Creativity:
    • Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a first-time crafter, this event invites everyone to express their creativity. From glitter to glue, each valentine is a canvas waiting for your personal touch.
  5. Share a Smile:
    • The simple act of creating and sharing valentines has the power to share smiles. It’s a reminder that kindness, expressed through creativity, has a ripple effect that can touch hearts and lift spirits.

What to Expect at the Valentine’s Card Extravaganza:

  1. Abundance of Art Supplies:
    • Arbor Bay School is ready with an array of art supplies, ensuring that every participant has access to the materials needed to craft the perfect valentine.
  2. Guidance from the Cupid Crew:
    • The Cupid Crew members will be on hand to offer guidance, inspiration, and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a first-timer, there’s support for everyone.
  3. Space for Personalization:
    • Each valentine is a blank canvas waiting for your personal touch. From heartfelt messages to creative designs, participants have the freedom to infuse their personality into each card.
  4. Opportunity to Connect:
    • Beyond the crafting tables, this event provides an opportunity to connect with fellow community members. Share stories, exchange ideas, and revel in the collective spirit of love and creativity.

How to Make the Most of Your Valentine’s Card Crafting Experience:

  1. Bring Your Imagination:
    • Let your imagination run wild! Whether you’re designing for the Sequoia Villagers, the San Carlos Elms residents, or your family and friends, the more creative, the better.
  2. Connect with Others:
    • Take a moment to connect with fellow participants. Share stories, tips, and perhaps even collaborate on a few valentines. The shared experience is part of what makes this event special.
  3. Craft with Care:
    • Each valentine is a gesture of care and kindness. Craft with the intention to bring joy and warmth to the recipients, and let your creativity shine.
  4. Enjoy the Process:
    • Crafting valentines is not just about the end result; it’s about enjoying the creative process. Embrace the joy of crafting, and relish in the positive energy that radiates from each handmade card.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Heartfelt Extravaganza

As the Cupid Crew invites you to join this Valentine’s Card Extravaganza, consider it an invitation to be part of something special. Beyond the art supplies and crafting tables, this event is an opportunity to be a bearer of joy, a creator of smiles, and a weaver of community connections.

Join us at Arbor Bay School for an afternoon where creativity and care come together to create valentines that speak the universal language of love. See you there, ready to craft a little piece of happiness! 🌟💖🎨


This event is part of the San Carlos Week of the Family. Official Website


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January 27
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Arbor Bay School
1017 Cedar Street
San Carlos, CA 94070 United States
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San Carlos Week of the Family Committee 2023