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Community Paint Day

Community Paint Day “~Blossoms~ International Friendship” Mural

June 8 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Come join the Community Paint Day this June!

The San Carlos Sister Cities Association is thrilled to present ~Blossoms~ International Friendship, a collaborative public mural project gracing Sister City Lane.

We invite you to join us in bringing this mural to life on Saturday, June 8th, from 9 to 11 AM. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

This vibrant mural is a joint effort between Bay Area artist Yucali Seki, who works out of her studio at ArtBias in San Carlos, and renowned calligrapher Mr. Housui Sato from Omura, Japan. Their combined artistic talents merge beautifully to create a piece that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.


~Blossoms~ celebrates the enduring sister city relationship between San Carlos, CA, and Omura in Nagasaki, Japan. Over the years, this partnership has fostered peaceful friendships that transcend borders and cultures. The mural is a testament to these bonds, radiating hope, unity, and the blossoming of global friendship and growth. It stands as a colorful beacon of our shared commitment to fostering international understanding and collaboration.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a project that embodies the spirit of community and international friendship. Join us for a morning of art, culture, and connection.

Calligraphy Bridging Cultures

Mr. Sato’s exquisite calligraphy, featured in the mural, echoes the theme of international friendship. From left to right on the wall, the calligraphy gracefully spells out しまいとし “sister city” (woven into the far left blossoms), 空のみなと街 “sky’s port town” (a nickname used and loved by Omura people), おおむら桜 “Omura cherry blossom,” 玖島城 “Kushima castle,” 大村 “Omura” (center top), 大村市 “Omura City”, サンカルロス市 “City of San Carlos”, 歴史と技術の街 “Cities of History and Technology”. Continued in English to the right are “SAN CARLOS,” “City of Good Living”, “OMURA Japan” and “Sister City Lane.”

This mural invites viewers to pause, experience, and re-see the beauty of both cities while highlighting the human relationships that transcend borders. Artistic elements of the native flora from both sister cities converge harmoniously within the mural, mirroring the peaceful friendship.

  • Cherry Blossoms and Iris Flowers (Omura): Omura’s cherry blossoms symbolize grace and resilience. Omura Park features an impressive collection of around 2,000 cherry trees and about 300,000 Japanese iris flowers, creating a serene and enchanting landscape. The Omura cherry blossoms are renowned for their large number of petals, ranging from 60 to 200 per blossom
  • Coast Live Oaks, Poppies, and Golden Hills (San Carlos): The majestic coast live oaks, some over 250 years old, represent San Carlos’s strength and endurance. The vibrant California poppies add splashes of color, inviting everyone to explore the trails and experience the natural beauty of the area.

A growing tree intertwines with blossoming flowers and calligraphy. These distinct elements represent the unique qualities of each city, yet the heart of the mural lies in its theme of “growing harmoniously together,” symbolizing the importance of nurturing international exchanges and friendships.

The mural also weaves in historical landmarks from both cities.

  • Kushima Castle (Omura):Representing Omura’s rich history, the castle stands as a testament to resilience and heritage.
  • The Drake Building (San Carlos): This iconic structure symbolizes San Carlos’s modernity and progress.

These elements together create a vibrant and meaningful tribute to the lasting friendship between San Carlos and Omura, celebrating their shared history, culture, and commitment to a harmonious future.

This event is done in partnership with the Community Foundation of San Carlos

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