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Bocce Ball League San Carlos CA

Fun Bocce Ball League Games in San Carlos

April 18 @ 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm

Spring Bocce Ball League Games in San Carlos, CA at Highlands Park

Important Dates:

  • Deadline of Registration: March 10, 2024

Season Starts at March 26: Eight Games Guaranteed

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 6:00 PM & 6:50 PM (+7:40 if needed)

League Fees & Registration

  • $160 per team
  • Returning teams have priority registration

Register at San Carlos CA at quickscore.com

Games will be held at Burton Park Bocce Ball Courts. Teams can register by filling out the Summer Bocce Registration Packet. Please submit your team registration form, payment (checks can be written out to the City of San Carlos), and roster to Athletics@cityofsancarlos.org or drop off/mail to the San Carlos Youth Center (1001 Chestnut Street).

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As the warm rays of the sun blanket San Carlos, California, there’s no better way to embrace the summer season than by participating in the lively and engaging summer bocce league. So gather your friends, head to the courts, and prepare to soak up the sun while enjoying the timeless game of bocce in the heart of this vibrant community.

The Allure of Bocce

Bocce, a game with origins dating back to ancient Rome, has captivated people for centuries. Its simple yet strategic nature, combined with the relaxed atmosphere it creates, makes it a perfect choice for summer entertainment. The game involves tossing or rolling balls toward a smaller target ball, aiming for precision and control. Bocce offers a balance of friendly competition, skill development, and opportunities for socializing, making it an ideal summer activity for people of all ages.

The Summer Bocce League Experience

The summer bocce league in San Carlos offers a unique opportunity to combine the love for the game with the joys of the season. The league brings together individuals and teams, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Whether you’re a seasoned bocce player or new to the game, the league welcomes all skill levels and provides a supportive environment for learning and improvement.

Socializing and Community Bonding

The league games create a space for friends, families, and neighbors to come together, enjoying the friendly rivalry on the courts while building lasting connections off the field. Spectators can gather around the courts, cheering for their favorite teams, and engaging in conversations with fellow bocce enthusiasts. The league fosters a sense of belonging and creates opportunities to forge new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

The Refreshing Outdoor Setting

Playing bocce in the summer adds an extra layer of enjoyment as you soak up the sun and revel in the great outdoors. The warm weather and blue skies set the stage for an unforgettable experience, where players can feel the soft grass under their feet, hear the sound of rolling balls, and appreciate the natural beauty around them.

Building Memories

The summer bocce league in San Carlos is not just about the game; it’s about creating lasting memories. From the laughter and friendly banter during matches to the post-game celebrations and social events, the league offers a chance to make unforgettable summer moments. Whether it’s a thrilling comeback victory or a lighthearted moment of camaraderie, the summer bocce league cultivates an atmosphere that will leave participants with cherished memories for years to come.

So grab your bocce balls, gather your friends, and embark on a summer adventure that will create lasting memories and ignite a love for the game.



San Carlos Athletics by San Carlos Parks and Recreation Department

As our community is spending more time on the computer working from home and distance learning, Parks and Recreation wants to provide the community open field space for kids and adults to get out of their homes and be able to have space to exercise and play. For more info on available games, leagues, schedules, fees, please visit San Carlos CA at quickscore.com

From San Carlos Parks and Recreations Department – Athletics

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