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1960s SF Music Posters Stanley Mouse

1960s SF Music Posters : Reliving the Magical Folk-Rock Era

January 23 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Psychedelic Symphony: Rediscovering the Folk-Rock Era Through 1960s SF Music Posters

Close your eyes and imagine the mid-60s in San Francisco – a time when the air was thick with the revolutionary sounds of folk-rock music. But in this kaleidoscopic world of melodies and rhythms, there was more than just music; there were vibrant, trippy designs that adorned posters, inviting the city into a visual journey as mesmerizing as the tunes. Join us for an extraordinary presentation by Russ Bertetta and Rodney Paul as they unravel the captivating tales behind the Big Five, taking us on a stroll down the musical and artistic memory lanes that defined an era.

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The Birth of a Sonic Revolution: Mid-60s San Francisco Folk-Rock Scene

The mid-60s marked a period of profound cultural transformation, and San Francisco was at the forefront of a sonic revolution. Folk music, woven with the electrifying pulse of rock, gave birth to a genre that resonated with the spirit of the times. This fusion not only sparked a musical renaissance but also laid the groundwork for a visual revolution that would become synonymous with the era.

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Psychedelic Posters: Where Art and Music Collide

As folk-rock bands set the stage ablaze in local venues, there emerged a parallel art form that would become an indelible part of the experience – psychedelic posters. These weren’t mere announcements; they were portals to otherworldly experiences, visual manifestations of the kaleidoscopic sounds that echoed through the city. The posters became an integral part of the counterculture movement, a canvas for artistic expression that mirrored the free-spirited ethos of the time.

The Big Five: Architects of Psychedelic Art

Russ Bertetta and Rodney Paul, our guides on this enchanting journey, will delve into the realm of the “Big Five” – the visionary artists who shaped the visual landscape of the San Francisco folk-rock era:

  1. Rick Griffin: Known for his surreal and intricate illustrations, Griffin’s posters often featured mythical creatures and intricate lettering.
  2. Alton Kelley: Collaborating with Stanley Mouse, Kelley’s bold lettering and vibrant use of color made him a legend in the world of poster art.
  3. Victor Moscoso: A master of color and optical effects, Moscoso’s posters were kaleidoscopic journeys that captivated the eyes.
  4. Stanley Mouse: Renowned for his vibrant, surreal imagery, Mouse’s contributions to poster art were iconic and timeless.
  5. Wes Wilson: A pioneer in the psychedelic poster movement, Wilson’s flowing, intricate lettering became a hallmark of the era.

The Big Five San Francisco Poster Artists

A Stroll Through Memory Lanes: The Presentation Unveiled

Russ Bertetta and Rodney Paul invite you to join them in a presentation that goes beyond words, weaving together the threads of music and art that defined an era. Picture a stroll through the memory lanes where every step resonates with the strumming of guitars and the vibrant hues of psychedelic posters.

The Sonic-Visual Synthesis: Why It Matters

The presentation isn’t just a nostalgia trip; it’s a journey into the heart of a cultural revolution that transcended artistic boundaries. The fusion of folk-rock music and psychedelic art created a sensory experience where sounds and colors danced in harmony. The presenters will delve into the profound impact of this synthesis, exploring how the Big Five’s art became a mirror reflecting the soul of the folk-rock movement.

The Enduring Legacy: From Then to Now

As we traverse through the past, Bertetta and Paul will bridge the gap between then and now, highlighting the enduring legacy of the folk-rock era. The influence of the Big Five’s art is not confined to a specific time; it reverberates through the works of contemporary artists, ensuring that the psychedelic aesthetic remains a timeless source of inspiration.

Why Attend?

  1. Cultural Time Travel: Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of the mid-60s San Francisco folk-rock scene, where music and art collided to create an iconic movement.
  2. Art Appreciation: Gain insights into the intricate artistry of the Big Five and the profound influence they had on poster art as an expressive medium.
  3. Historical Perspective: Travel back in time to a pivotal era in music history and understand how visual aesthetics played a role in shaping the folk-rock experience.
  4. Legacy Exploration: Discover how the echoes of the folk-rock era persist in the works of modern artists, proving that the influence of the Big Five is timeless.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Journey:

As the presentation unfolds, envision an evening where the past comes alive, and the vibrant spirit of the folk-rock era is resurrected. It’s not just a discussion; it’s a living, breathing experience that transcends time and invites you to be part of a cultural phenomenon. So, join us for an unforgettable evening where the vibrant sounds of folk-rock meet the kaleidoscopic

Source: San Carlos Week of the Family Official Website

Big 5 Photo from San Francisco Art Exchange

Stanley Mouse poster from ClassicPosters.com

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