Taurus Steakhouse

Tue-Sun, 5PM-9PM | Monday, Closed
727 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States
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Taurus Steakhouse is the Best Steakhouse in the Bay Area

Taurus Steakhouse offers premium steak and fresh seafood, in a comfortably casual yet elegant atmosphere.

We serve gourmet and finest domestic wagyu carefully selected by our chef from producers in the U.S & Japan & Australia. Taurus Steakhouse offers premium steaks and fresh seafood, in a comfortably casual yet elegant atmosphere.

Choose from a selection of carefully selected Domestic & Imported Wagyu. Fresh oysters and seafood dishes are presented by the chef, creative flair, while classic and hand-crafted cocktails are served up in the lounge.

An extensive wine cellar is managed by our knowledgable staff, with labels that span the globe – carefully selected to complement the chef’s creative menu.

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Top Reviews

Whitney H | Google
Best steakhouse in the Bay Area hands down. You will not find a better menu or cut of meat in the whole state. Tylor is an amazing chef and the staff is always so sweet and knowledgeable. It feels like you’re right at home when you come in.


Sijia Chen | Google
It’s such a surprise to find this great restaurant! We came there around 9:30PM for night food, and it turned out we made a wise choice.

The chef’s special (Japanese wagyu combo) is soooooooo wonderful, with soft and juicy wagyu in perfect seasonings!!

The grilled mushroom and Shishido peppers are also very very tasty! I would like to give it 10/10! Highly recommend!!


Maki O. | Yelp
I had amazing dinner at Taurus. We tried a few Wagyu last time and we came back for Tomahawk steak to celebrate my birthday. Steak was just sooo perfect!!! Very juicy tender, perfectly grilled, taste so good impressed me who is from Kobe!!

We got also squash, oyster, truffle potatoes and they all went well with steak. Amazing staff, friendly, very knowledgeable. We had our favorite wine and tried many Whiskey samples. Ian, Sommelier treated us with class and expert care!!!

Then I got engaged over the dinner!!! Thank you Taurus made my best special moment of my life. I recommend Taurus to your date night!!!


Lauren L. | Yelp
The best steakhouse in San Carlos, or even the entire Bay Area. Their steaks are cooked perfectly to medium rare and never over cooked.

All of their sides and appetizers complement the steak options. My absolute favorite are the Brussels Sprouts.

They also put in the effort to switch around their menu often to go with the season. They also have a sommelier on site and he will recommend the best drinks you can imagine! Ask for Ian! We will definitely be back.


Julie B. | Yelp
First time here. Don’t know where to start. Ian, our server and sommelier was very knowledgeable. Started with the Wagyu carpaccio with delicious cocktails.

We decided to order steaks which were perfectly seasoned and prepared. Some of our favorite pinots come from SLH and he recommended a Rosellas 2017 vineyard Pinot.

It was an excellent choice for the steaks. Dessert included an ice cream sandwich with mint and bananas soaked in whiskey complimented with a banana whiskey. Fantastic dining experience.


Francisca C. | Yelp
My husband brought me here for my birthday and this place is beyond delicious. The meat is tender and the side dishes are to die for. We had the Wagyu, truffle mac and cheese, corn, veggies, fries, and salad.

Next time I go I will capture pics and upload them. Lastly we had a black sesame ice cream sandwich so goooooooooood !!!!!!!!!


Mandi W. | Yelp
Been here twice now and both times were phenomenal. My latest visit was a larger party of 6, and we had a nice room off the bar that was private.

This space has open windows that they open for lunch and early dinner but when we were there, they were closed as they had live music right outside. This room was a bit on the louder side too since it was off the street and the bar. Decor was modern, minimal, clean. Staff were knowledgeable and friendly.

Food was heaven. If you’re a steak lover, this is your place. We ordered two zabutan rib eyes, medium rare. I’d say they were cooked more medium but the black salt gave it great smoky flavor. Truffle mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy. Squash cooked perfectly. Pickled veggies had a nice bite to them without being too overpowering.

Wagyu cooked perfectly. The marbling was impressive. Swordfish and scallops were perfectly cooked as well. Overall, this is a great place for celebrations or even a fancy night out. Just be prepared to pay a larger tab.


Tiffany V. | Yelp
On a whim booked this restaurant for my wedding anniversary as I wanted to try something new… This meal was so amazing! Seriously up there and even surpasses some Michelin star restaurants I have been to.

The service was fantastic, friendly and super knowledgeable of food and drinks (thanks Ian!) And the food was absolutely amazing, everything was perfect!

We got oysters, the carpaccio, the Spinalis cut domestic wagyu, summer beans, charred tomato with burrata, the steak skewers, fries and corn. To finish we got the caramelized banana ice cream sandwich as well as the Yuzu ice cream sandwich- holy moly, it was all so amazing!

To drink I had the “Rock you like a hurricane”, and the “She blinded me with science” both were excellent!

Every bite of the meal was incredible and my must haves are: Oysters Spinalis steak Summer beans Charred tomato with burrata Caramelized banana ice cream sandwich.

I cannot wait to come back and am seriously telling everyone I see to go here!! Thank you Taurus Steakhouse for the amazing night!


Spencer Alexander | Google
Best service, food, and the absolute best cocktails I’ve had on Laurel and on the peninsula. The manager and bartenders were so gracious and offered us complimentary drinks and food, and it all tasted INCREDIBLE! 5 star service and drink/food. Would recommend to EVERYONE!


L Worden | Google
Had the absolute best night and experience here. The GM Derek was such a dream to talk to, the service was impeccable and the food and drinks were the best I’ve had. Such an experience, between drinks food and customer service I could not recommend this place more! Thank you to Derek and the team, made my experience unforgettable!


Sabrina L. | Yelp
Came here for the first time with my best friends for some drinks and after seeing the appetizers we had to try some of those too.

All of the food and drinks were amazing, but the service was the cherry on top. Ian the bartender was such a delight. He made the best drinks, including some incredible mock-tails, and was fun to hang with too!

We’ll definitely be coming back regularly and I recommend that you do too!


Veronica Ogunniyi | Google
My friends took me here for my birthday and oh my goodness, it was the best gift!! This place is about 1hr and 45 mins from where I live, but I would gladly come out here again and would recommend anyone too. It’s worth the drive!

The service we received was amazing. I can’t say enough good things about all the staff we encountered that night. They were so attentive, kind, helpful and made me feel incredibly special! Our waiter, who unfortunately I cannot remember his name, was an older gentleman who I believe had GM on his shirt too.. was he the general manager and also our waiter?? I’m not sure.. but I would be even more impressed if that was the case lol.

Anyhow at one point he even surprised us with a couple of his favorite cocktail drinks. Seriously, I’ve never had that kind of service. Oh! And when I first sat down they gave me a glass of champagne and told me happy birthday. I am not a fan of champagne, but this glass was soooo yummy. I had to ask what the bottle it was because for once I could get behind that taste!! Also my friends were able to have them store a cake for me in their fridge and they brought it out for us at the end of our night.

I’m so thankful for their service and how amazing they made my night. My friends want to come for their birthdays too now, I definitely will be taking all the special people in my life here!! Thank you for a great birthday, to all the staff at Taurus steakhouse on the night of May 8th, you will always be in my great memory of that night!!


Lavern C. | Yelp
This place is Beyond amazing!! the servers and general manager Brandon and Derek were awesome!! They made our evening enjoyable, fun and The food was over the top amazing! A must try can’t wait to go back..too much fun! Drinks that light up!! We will go back for dinner soon


Paul T. | Yelp
Finally found a great place for Local and Japanese Wagyu. Celebrated our birthday.

Had the Octopus salad. Was great and had a blend of great taste with the herbs/salad with the grilled sliced octopus.

For Entrée we had the Japanese wagyu snowbeef and the domestic wagyu spinalis. All cuts explained well by the waiter. Both of them great. Obviously you can clearly tell the quality with the wagyu snowbeef and the almost $30 per oz you’re paying for.

Got a 6oz. Cooked to perfection. Wine selection was great. We had a Portuguese blend and a Napa Cab. Finished of with their decadence chocolate and port wine. All in all great experience, will go back again.


Cat C. | Yelp
My husband and I had a date night at Taurus back in December.

It was cute how the streets were lined with Christmas lighting and parts of Laurel blocked off for outdoor dining.

It was around 5:20, while Town was bustling, we were the first customers of the night at Taurus. While Taurus had a parklet, we chose to sit under the overhang of the restaurant so I felt a bit safer away from pedestrians and other diners that would come later on.

Our waiter was friendly and gave us a description and advice on each of the domestic wagyu cuts. I went with the Zabuton, and he went with the Spinalis. While his was enjoyable, I thought my meat was a little more tender and a little more flavorful. It was cooked perfectly medium rare (like steak should be), and I was so sad when I was up on my last piece.

We also enjoyed the truffled mashed potatoes which wasn’t faint on the truffle flavor and they were so creamy. We didn’t order an appetizer so we could indulge in dessert.

Last but not least, our waiter described the dessert we ordered as tasting like a Ferrero Rocher. It was sort of like a a thick creamy ice cream, and was the perfect sweet ending to a fabulous meal.

While I love Town across the street, my husband and I enjoyed a dinner there several weeks ago. While my husband enjoyed his steak there, he noted that Taurus was better in quality and taste. Taurus is definitely a splurge but a great one.

The area was in need of a nice, unstuffy dedicated steakhouse. There’s no need anymore to make a trek to SF or Cupertino for a steak with ambiance! We will be back for a special occasion, though, I see that they have brunch now, and am curious to know what they serve for that.


Laura M. | Yelp
Wow. What a great addition to San Carlos!

We went here for our first dinner out since Covid and it was a treat. We had the Taurus appetizer which was the best thing on the menu. We had the Zabutan and the Spinalis for our mains – The Spinalis was definitely my favorite.

The service by our waiter Erick was great and he did a great job of explaining the menu.

Also, a special shout out to Ian who helped us discover a new Peanut Butter and Chocolate Whiskey for dessert – it’s not something I ever would have tried on my own, but Ian got my taste exactly right.


Jennifer H. | Yelp
Absolutely love this restaurant! One of the most amazing meals I have ever had. Waiters Ian and Derek could not have been more attentive, or more charming.

Our table had a good mix of vegans and carnivores, and this restaurant was able to accommodate both. We even had two small children with us, and the waiters gave them such personal attention that they both had a wonderful time.

We will definitely be back!


Garrett P. | Yelp
If you want to dine in the best steakhouse in the peninsula you’ve come to the right place.

The steaks are prepared to your exact temperature and the smoothness as well as the juiciest is so good. With any steak you order please pair it with the truffle mash potatoes and the mushrooms. You will not be displeased.

Now the drinks are prepared by a great bartender named Brandon. Not only are their house cocktails are balanced but his knowledge exceeds the average restaurant bartender. Enjoy as I have.

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