Cuisinett Bistro and Market

Tue-Thu, 11AM-8PM | Fri-Sat, 11AM-8:30PM | Sun-Mon, Closed
1105 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070
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SANDWICH --- FRENCH BAGUETTE Served with choice of Salad or Fries (add Truffle oil +$2) Parisien Emmental, Butter $16 Dijonnais Organic Pulled Chicken, Mayo, Whole Grain Mustard, Lettuce, Radishes, Celery, Herbs $17 Poulet Organic Pulled Chicken, Shallot Confit, Brie, Herbs $17 Saumon Salmon Rillettes, Mayo, Capers, Herbs, Radishes, Lettuce $18 Merguez Spicy Lamb Sausage, Shallot Confit, Harissa Aioli $19 --- PAIN DE MIE Served with choice of Salad or Fries (add Truffle Oil +$2) Croque Monsieur French Ham, Cheesy Sauce $18 Croque Madame French Ham, Cheesy Sauce, Egg $19 French Grilled Cheese Brie, Figs $16 --- KIDS Served with Fries (add Truffle Oil +$2) Grilled Cheese Swiss Cheese, Butter $14 Kids Burger 1/3 lb, Swiss Cheese, Brioche Bun $15 --- SALADE Niçoise Seared Tuna, Mixed Greens, Green Beans, Egg, Black Olives, Potatoes, Capers, Red Bell Peppers, Herbs, Lemon Vinaigrette $19.50 gluten free Bressoise Organic Pulled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Fennel, Figs, Tomatoes, Celery, Radishes, Herbs, Red Wine Vinaigrette $19 gluten free Perigourdine Smoked Duck, Mixed Greens, Bacon, Herbs, Egg, Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinaigrette $19.50 gluten free Epinard Baby Spinach, Goat Cheese, Walnuts, Cranberries, Herbs, Red Wine Vinaigrette $14 gluten free French Lentils French Lentils, Mixed Greens, Radishes, Carrots, Tomatoes, Herbs, Red Wine Vinaigrette $15 gluten free Mixed Salade Verte Mixed Greens, Celery, Fennel, Radishes, Herbs, Tomatoes, Lemon Vinaigrette $12 gluten free Add Pulled Chicken + $4 Smoked Duck + $5 Seared Tuna + $5 --- QUICHE Served with choice of Salad or Fries (add Truffle oil +$2) Lorraine Bacon, Onions, Emmental $19 Forestière Mushroom, Goat Cheese, Onions, Spinach $19 Provençale Zucchini, Goat Cheese, Onions, Herbs $19 So French Burger 1/3 lb, Brie or Emmental, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce, Shallot Confit, Brioche Bun $18 So French Bowl Sautéed Salmon, French Peas, Carrots, Mustard Sauce over Rice $18 Ratatouille Vegetarian Butternut Squash, Red Bell Peppers, Onions, Zucchini, Tomatoes, Herb Oil, Parmigiano Crumble $18 Soup of the Day Cup $7 Bowl $9 French Fries $8 Add Truffle Oil + $2 --- DESSERT Crème Brulée $8 Chocolate Lava Cake $8 Lemon Tart $8 Chocolate Mousse $8
APPETIZER - STARTER Cheese Board Brie, Emmental, Goat w/ Honey, Walnuts, Dry Cranberries, Radishes, Reduced Figs, Baguette $18 Pate Board Pork Pate, Whole Grain Mustard, Cornichons, Radishes, Baguette $20 Charcuterie Board Jambon Sec, Chorizo, Rillettes of the Day, Cornichons, Baguette $20 Escargots 6 French Escargots, Garlic Butter, Baguette $16 Salmon Rillettes Poached & Smoked Salmon, Mayo, Capers, Lemon, Herbs, Baguette $15 Toast Provençale Toasted Sliced Baguette, Green Tapenade, Butter $6 Soup of the Day Cup $7 Bowl $9 dairy, vegetarian --- QUICHE /SANDWICH Served with choice of Salad or Fries (add Truffle oil +$2) Quiche Lorraine Bacon, Onions, Emmental $19 Quiche Forestière Mushroom, Goat Cheese, Spinach, Onions $19 Sandwich Parisien French Baguette, French Ham, Emmental, Butter $16 Sandwich Merguez Spicy Lamb Sausage, Shallot Confit, Harissa Aioli $19 French Burger 1/3 lb, Brie or Emmental, Dijon Mustard, Lettuce, Shallot Confit, Brioche Bun $18 --- MAIN COURSE Half Organic Roasted Chicken Rotisserie Chicken with a Choice of One Sauce and One Side $26 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Pan Seared with a Choice of One Sauce and One Side $28 New York Steak Creekstone 10 oz Black Angus with a Choice of One Sauce and One Side $36 Pork Chop 12 oz Center Cut Chop with a Choice of One Sauce and One Side $28 Crevettes Baby Prawns with a Choice of One Sauce and One Side $28 Moules Frites Mussels, Shallot Confit, White Wine, Lemon, Herbs Small $20 Large $28 Beef Bourguignon Slowly Braised Wagyu Short Ribs with French Peas, Carrots, Potatoes $32 Ratatouille Butternut Squash, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Zucchini, Tomato, Herb Oil, Parmigiano Crumble $18 --- SAUCE Coq Au Vin Secret Red Wine Sauce dairy Moutarde Mustard Cream Sauce dairy Provençale Green Olives, Capers, Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon dairy free, gluten free Poivre Creamy Black Peppercorn Sauce dairy Champignons Mushroom, Shallots, Bacon gluten free --- SALAD DINNER SIZE Perigourdine Smoked Duck, Mixed Greens, Bacon, Herbs, Egg, Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinaigrette $20 gluten free Bressoise Organic Pulled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Fennel, Figs, Herbs, Tomatoes, Celery, Radishes, Red Wine Vinaigrette $19 gluten free Niçoise Seared Tuna, Green Beans, Egg, Black Olives, Potatoes, Capers, Red Bell Peppers, Lemon Vinaigrette $20 gluten free --- SIDE DISH French Fries $8 gluten free Add Truffle Oil + $2 Roasted Potatoes Yukon Gold, Garlic, Paprika, Herbs $8 gluten free Mixed Salad Verte Mixed Greens, Celery, Fennel, Tomatoes, Radishes, Herbs, Lemon Vinaigrette $8 gluten free Roasted Veggies Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Curry Oil $10 gluten free Peas & Carrots French Peas and Carrots, Butter, Herbs $10 gluten free --- KIDS Grilled Cheese Pain de Mie, Emmental, Side of Fries $14 Burger 1/3 lb, Swiss Cheese, Brioche Bun, Side of Fries $15 --- DESSERT Creme Brulée $8 Chocolate Lava Cake $8 Lemon Tart $8 Chocolate Mousse $8
Wine & Beverage
WINES NV Champagne (FR Sparkling) Glass $15 Bottle $50 2019 Pinot Noir Burgundy (FR Red) Glass $15 Carafe $40 Bottle $50 2018 Cotes Du Rhône (FR Red) Glass $12 Carafe $34 Bottle $42 2017 Bordeaux (FR Red) Glass $12 Carafe $34 Bottle $42 2021 Sauvignon Blanc Sancerre (FR White) Glass $15 Carafe $40 Bottle $50 2018 Chardonnay Burgundy (FR White) Glass $12 Carafe $34 Bottle $42 2018 Chardonnay California (US White) Glass $15 Carafe $40 Bottle $50 2020 Rose Provence (FR Rose) Glass $12 Carafe $34 Bottle $42 2020 House Wine (FR Red, White or Rose) Glass $10 Carafe $30 --- WINE LIST Simply visit our Wine Retail inside the Restaurant and add $20 to the retail price and you can enjoy the wine at your table --- BEERS Kronenbourg 1664 French, Lager $5 Galipette French, Organic Apple Cider $7 Foret Belgium, Organic Saison/Farmhouse Ale $9 Delirium Tremens Belgium, Ale $9 Duchesse de Bourguogne Belgium, Flanders Red Ale $9 Chimay Premiere Red Belgium, Dubbel $8 Kwak Belgium, Strong Pale Ale $8 Einstök White Ale Iceland, Wheat Ale $5 Paulaner HefeWeizen Germany, Wheat Ale $6 Non-Alcoholic Clausthaler Germany, Lager $5 IPA Eel River Domestic, Organic India Pale Ale $5 Western Addition Domestic, Pale Ale $9 gluten free IFLS Domestic, India Pale Ale $9 gluten free --- LOW PROOF COCKTAIL St Hildie's Spiked Tincture Tonics Elderberry Hibiscus // Lemon Turmeric // Guava Ginger. $5 gluten free --- BEVERAGES Perrier $3.75 Perrier Menthe $4.50 Sirop a L'eau (Ask server for flavors) $3.75 Orangina $4.25 Mexican Coke $3.50 French Lorina Sparkling (Ask server for flavors) $4.25 Iced Tea $3.75 Apple Juice $3.50 Fountain Soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi) $3.25
Happy Hour
FOOD French Bread Spread Provençale Sauce, Salmon Rillettes, Butter, Baguette $10 Warm Olive Olive Medley, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Rosemary $6 Charcuterie Board Jambon Sec, Chorizo, Rillette of the Day, Baguette $18 --- DRINKS House French Wine Red, White, Rosé $7 Selected Beer Kronenbourg 1664 (French) // IPA Eel River (Domestic) $3
HOT BEVERAGES Café $4 Espresso $4 Double Espresso $5.25 Americano $4 Hot Tea English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Mint, Chamomile $4.50 --- DESSERTS Crème Brulée $8 Chocolate Lava Cake $8 French Bread Pudding $10 Chocolate Mousse $8 Lemon Tart $8 --- DESSERT WINES 2018 Bordeaux Sauternes Château Grand-Jauga Glass $12 Bottle $38 2019 Languedoc-Roussillon Muscat Domaine Barroubio Glass $10 Bottle $35 NV Fine Tawny Port Douro Valley Portugal Glass $8 NV Fine Ruby Port Douro Valley Portugal Glass $8
Online Presence

Cuisinett brings you on a Delicious Journey of French Comfort Food - #1 in the Bay Area

Cuisinett Bistro & Market

Looking for an escape? Enjoy a French experience by visiting Cuisinett Bistro & Market at Laurel Street in San Carlos. Come to shop, stay to eat. We have a unique offer to combine a Retail store with a cute Bistro. Visit us now or reserve a table on our website.

The Cuisinett Story

Back in 2008, Geoffroy Raby had the vision to bring a new style of French Restaurant. Forget about your typical stereotype about French Restaurant, Geoffroy wanted to bring back the neighborhood café that he grew up with. A place where you can enjoy great food (and wine) in a casual atmosphere.

Fast forward to 2011 and Cuisinett was born. Our team‘s goal is to make you discover France through its Regional Cuisine and bring you on a delicious journey of French Comfort Food.

2021, 10 years later Cuisinett is still around and survived Covid-19. The restaurant evolved from a Fast Casual Café to a beautiful Bistro & Market. The Market (Épicerie) brought a new experience for our guests and they are able to buy Wine, Cheese, Charcuterie, Sweets and other products from France. Visit us and be transported to a delightful experience to France.

A bientôt, Geoffroy and the Cuisinett Team

Geoffroy Raby – Restaurateur

Founder of Cuisinett Bistro & Market, Geoffroy Raby, was born in Lille, France. Since the age of 15, he has dreamt about coming to the USA to fulfill his “American Dream”. Raby arrived in San Francisco in 1999 and decided to do his studies in the US. He holds a BS in Marketing and Finance from San Francisco States University.

To sustain his life in the US, Raby started to work in restaurants while going full time to school. Holding multiple roles in the FOH (Front Of the House), Raby discovered that the Hospitality business is his real passion.

After graduating, Raby worked for a year and half as an insurance agent, mostly insuring restaurants. He learned how to insure businesses and the importance of being properly insured.

Next experience was a year and half as a Salesperson leasing kitchen equipment to restaurant. This experience taught Raby about kitchen’s layout, code, and efficiency. In 2011, Raby was ready to launch his first restaurant in San Carlos, CA. over the past 11 years, the restaurant has become a great success in the San Francisco Peninsula.

Raby is now ready to grow Cuisinett Bistro & Market to the next level. When Raby does not focus on the restaurant, he loves to play squash, riding his bike and peloton, read or enjoy fantastic meals with his wife of 20 years and their 11 years old twin boys.

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Top Reviews

Carmen C | Yelp

Stopped by on a Friday for dinner. Looked for parking and found a spot in a parking lot. Walked over to the restaurant, it was pretty busy already. They have both indoor and outdoor dining. We chose indoor, staff was friendly.

Ordered the Duck Salad, Beef Bougernon, Mussels and Chips. Wow the duck was delicious, I just wish I could order a dish with just the duck. Mussels and chips were delicious as well, crispy fries. Overall good experience would come back.


Jennifer G. | Yelp

Cuisinett has truly authentic French Cuisine. I am kind of boring because I always order the same thing, Quiche Lorraine with their salad, which is a mixture of spring greens and the most delicate lemon viniagrette I have ever tasted.

I have tried to duplicate it at home, but to know avail, so I just go back to Cuisinett. Highly recommend!


Travis M. | Yelp

I returned back to Cuisinett last night after 3 months and was pleasantly met with kind and friendly staff which were always one step ahead of me in terms of guessing my potential side orders and questions.

Overall, I really appreciated the meal(the beef+soup+wine) and service during my short visit and I will definitely return again and try to have their tasty desserts like I usually do too. Also, a shout out to the energetic and excellent owner for making my recent experience a lot more warming.


Jamie M. | Yelp

Delicious food- quality ingredients, perfectly cooked, great textures all around. And the service was impeccable! Granted, we were the only ones in the restaurant at the time for lunch, but the owner was on top of it and so friendly and clearly cares so much about his restaurant, the menu, and that his customers are having a great experience.

He would share tidbits about the food (I ordered the French bowl and learned his mother would make it on Sundays, he told us a little about the process of how they get the soup texture to be so smooth and divine) but it wasn’t too much chatting or interrupting our meal. If we come into town again, we will come back!

My husband ordered the French grilled cheese with fries, I had The French Bowl.


Tim M. | Yelp

Great food and really nice atmosphere for a quick delicious meal. A pillar of the community. Great place and people. Authentic French food and wine and market. Also now with a market of fun foods.


Joshua L. | Yelp

A rain is coming to the Bay Area and was debating on cooking a Beef bourguignon. Yet laziness kicked in and it’s always a bit of fun to taste another cooks beef bourguignon.

Upon arriving into the space you’ll notice a wide selection of French wines, candies, cheeses and an assortment of beverages. Which personally is always nice to window shop after a nice filling meal at Cuisinett..

The staff immediately greeted me with a warm hello and I requested to be sat away from the crowd. As I wanted to focus on my reading, yet ease drop into others people conversations.

As I was having a solo date night and wanted to live vicariously through other patriots and dig into my book ….. I order a nice half bottle of Chateau Veux Potana and escargot as my appetizer and settled into my book. The waiters all the while delivered my food so quietly that at times I didn’t even realize the food arrived until I look up from my reading!

As I continued with my reading and more patriots started to arrive.

I couldn’t help but overhearing a very sweet comment made to guest from a waiter ‘Why welcome Madame President and don’t your look stunning tonight and thank you for coming in for dinner with us tonight!’ Which of course made me look up and notice a woman sitting alone next to me and dressed in a emerald green dress with bell bottom sleeves.

Being the observant and naturally curious person, I sat back and admired the person. Yet I’m assuming she was out to spoil herself for the night and have a bit of self care day like myself, and I’m sure she appreciated the warm welcome….as she chuckle at the comment and thank the waiter.

Which for me I saw my mother walk into the door and I’m sure she or anyone would enjoy such a warm welcome. it made me smile to see such a nice interaction between two people and felt genuine….sorry, sorry an old man moment…on to the food….

The wine was fantastic and complimented each dish:

Appetizer: Escargot – Prepared traditionally and still in the shells. If this is challenge for some the proper utensils are provided, comes with a side of a baguette and truly was yumyum. Be sure to use the bread to soak up the olive oil and garlic.

Main course: Beef bourguignon can be a delicate dance when it comes to the broth. Some like their broth thick others prefer a thin a broth. I personally make my broth thicker, yet the broth here coated the spoon and wasn’t overly thin. The first tasting the flavors are diffidently on point.

Which I finished before actually digging into the beef and veggies Ratatouille – Tomatoes create enough liquid but the parsley and basil rounded the dish nicely.. veggies were with a light tenderness, yet the color of veggies was bright and tasty.

Over all, I’m a happy camper and was very nice experience, will totally be returning and can’t wait to try more of the menu.


Laurie G. | Yelp

Oh my , I haven’t been to the wonderful Cuisinett for quite some time and I was thrilled to return. Such a variety of French items for lunch and dinner.

I decided to circumvent meat this time for lunch (not something I regularly do) and had the Ratatouille. This was a potpourri of cooked vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, Butternut Squash, etc) served hot with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Absolutely yummy! I didn’t miss not being a carnivore at all!

My friend went for the Bressoise salad with chicken, fennel, figs, tomatoes, celery, etc. I love this friend but she is quite selective as to what she thinks is food well done and as a frequent traveler to Europe that includes attempts to bring cafe favorites from various locales outside of the U.S to our backyard.

Well, except for the need for more dressing on the salad (which was quickly retrieved by our very gracious server), she was very pleased.

We concluded our meal with cups of delicious coffee. Can’t wait to return!


Kristine N. | Yelp

Perfect chicken salad. I ate every piece of it, my plate was totally empty. Service was impeccable, top quality. I’d totally come back and eat more salad. Perfectly dressed (salads are so often drenched and hard to eat).

I forgot to ask to put it on the side but so delightfully glad I didn’t ask that in this case. Highly recommended eatery.


Juliana P. | Yelp

I forgot to take pictures bc my friend and I were having a pretty serious discussion. Given my mood, I wasn’t expecting to even taste the food much but honestly the flavors just popped and I couldn’t disregard them. We started off with the mushroom soup with truffle oil. Loved how creamy it was, just wish it also came with some bread.

We also shared the duck salad and the quiche Lorraine. The duck breasts were SO tender and good. Usually I find that duck can taste a bit too salty for me, but not the case here and not too fatty or dripping oil. I definitely will be back to have it again.

The quiche Lorraine was also good. I’m generally not the biggest fan of it because it’s a bit too sweet but didn’t mind it here. Super soft, it came out warm and the crust was so buttery and delicious.

The space is nice and cozy. It wasn’t too crowded on a Monday night. There’s nice outdoor seating too. Service was great and overall loved my experience. Look forward to visiting again!


Serena C. | Yelp

This is one of my favorite spots, I don’t go often and that is only my own time management. But none the less this is by far one of my moms and I favorite restaurant From their prefect fries to the best Quiches I’ve ever had, not to mention ratatouille? This is a must if your visiting or need a nice causal spot with a friend. The snacks they have important we are great too!


M S C L. | Yelp
Decided go to this Restaurant based on We Love San Carlos… It was an Excellent time at Cuisinett Bistro. One of the Best French Meals We’ve had here in Peninsula. Very Welcoming Staff, Service is Typically Great. I Definitely recommend. You Won’t be Disappointed I Promise!! Thank you”


Sophie C. | Yelp
Oh!! Such a cute spot and caring owner who will come swing by to thank you for coming and genuinely care if you had a good meal. Came here for lunch and I miss it already, would want to come back for dinner menu.

In the front is a little shop of French food/goodies. There’s some outside and indoor seating, clean and simple setting.

I like that the sandwich is a properly toasted baguette. Not some sad frozen one just heated up for a couple seconds and slap on the filling. No, you can taste the care that went into this. It was hard deciding between this and the quiche selection but that’s just an excuse for me to come back again.

Very glad you’re still around and just having the heart to see smiles on your customers!


Sarah T. | Yelp
Reasonably priced yummy roasted chicken. Even if it’s your first time at Cusinett he will treat you and welcome you like family. This place legitimately makes San Carlos better. Go-tos are the burger, kids grilled cheese, anything with fries, quiche, half chicken, and salads. They are also introducing a mini market concept full with French favorites and wine!


Duncan H. | Yelp
Cuisinett is back in action and we couldn’t be happier! Came in today for a nice birthday lunch and had soups, salads, sandwiches and a bit of dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious and the service was on point an unobtrusive.

Oh and don’t miss out on the new retail shelves at the front, really great selections of authentic French products and wines at reasonable prices. This place legitimately makes San Carlos better. Can’t wait to come back!


Zoe S. | Yelp
5 stars, 10/10, new lifetime member, whatever phrase you want, I’ll give you because I would recommend Cuisinett to anyone! Cuisinett is such charming and excellent restaurant for many reasons:

1.) The Food! Wow, everything we ate was absolutely superb and well priced. We had the tapenade, mussels, duck, and lava cake. I would seriously eat these for every meal for the rest of my life.

2.) Easy going environment – Everything at Cuisinett is inviting, warm, and “comfort” just like their name states.

3.) The small market. Cuisinett offers a variety of purchasable grocery items from salad dressings to wine to imported desserts, you name it, they’ve got it. We browsed the area after dinner and found so many wonderful items to purchase.

4.) The owner is a true delight! He spoke to everyone at the restaurant, gave incredible service, and shared pieces of information about his life. I love when we can have a personal connection with the staff.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed! Check out Cuisinett.


Madeline C. | Yelp
This place is amazing. If I can give it a 10 or more, hands down.

First off the food, you cannot find authentic homemade French style food like this place. This place cares and puts love in each dish they make. It is absolutely amazing and you cannot go wrong with this place.

Second the hospitality and service by Geoffry and his team. Geoffry is absolutely amazing and checks on each table making a connection with everyone. Other people don’t have that connection anymore with customers. He is so welcoming and very warming, he shares his family’s stories and you see how hard working he is. You see how appreciative and he cares about his customers. Even if it’s your first time at Cusinett he will treat you and welcome you like family.

My boyfriend and I had our first date here 4 years ago and he tried to impress me with this restaurant and man was I impressed with this food. But we have come to Cuisinett for all occasions within the last few years. Waiting in excitement we were able to book a table at Cuisinett for our early anniversary Friday night during this crazy time.

We savored every minute at Cusinett. If you go, our personal favorites, the cheese board, duck leg confitt, beef bourginuon, legummes de moment, moules pom frites, the steak poivre. You can’t go wrong with what you choose! PreCovid and during Covid it’s like nothing has changed.


Jonathan F. | Yelp
We had a lovely dinner al fresco with another couple. We each sat at our own table with a planter in between and some nice patio heaters keeping us cozy and warm. The meal was fantastic and the staff was very very attentive. My wife and I split a dinner salad and each had roast chicken with different sauces. The other couple had the duck and the quiche. Everyone happy. We were too stuffed for dessert – next time.




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